Genius was within you

February 28, 2022

Genius was within you. Those are the words that will make so much sense to you after you decide to leave your physical body, or die, as is the human term. 

You chose to be alive at this time to come to accept more of our words so youmight complete the task you accepted before you were born. You decided to be born so you might evolve or experience new aspects of yourself, for in doing so, you aid the evolution of your world, for you have brought something new.

But too many of you have thought genius was not within you, and that is where you were mistaken. You were given a task, and it was quite specific, and it was to be fully yourself. When you doubt who you are, it becomes challenging for you to complete your task, so you listen to us and others. We had Roger do the same.

Several days ago, we led him to a YouTube channel of many lightworkers where he heard similar information we have given you, which affirms his belief in himself to pass to you as you will do for others. You intended to do more of that now, for if you were to add your authentic self to mass consciousness now, you would see more of the changes in your world that you desired to experience in your life.

Every soul has a valuable role to play, and if you don’t consider yours to possess the quality of a genius, you are still in the process of self-discovery. 

We led Roger to a paragraph we delivered in 2019, which is similar to what we have given for decades, but now due to the restructuring of your world, he is more willing to perform his role as you will be.  

“Now, we will give you your life mission, even though you have sensed it. You came to teach humanity. You may think you know the definition of that word, but we will give you the one to use. Humanity is a blending, acceptance, and utilization of humanness and spirituality. Go for it.”  

You all will be fine. 


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Your Life Was Not Accidental

February 27, 2022 Part Two

This message will be a treat for some of you today, for you might have thought you were in the world accidentally. We’ve been attempting to tell you that you intended to be here now, but you might have forgotten your mission. We even put the messages in chronological order to indicate how you come to understand yourself. You each uncover who you are as you live, which is evolution. You sometimes need reminders, so we had Roger hide this away years ago to bring it to you today. You will be surprised by how much it helps you now. 

We also asked Roger to send this broadcast to his entire list, for he has kept his superpower hidden from many and separate from himself, as each of you has. That is the process of evolving. 

March 2, 2008

Everything you desire to be, do and have in this life is available for you when you first believe that it is true and then open yourself to receive it. Your impatience in any situation will halt its production, for, at that moment, your doubt and fear have taken over. If you believe you already consciously have the information you desire, again, you effectively cut off whatever may be coming your way in the same way you do when your particular expectations are not met. Your very own expectations could be quite limiting. Think bigger and allow the way and the form of the manifestation to come to you. This is truly giving up the struggle.

March 3, 2008

You may look back at past events in your life that at the time you judged as difficult, challenging, or hard, and later see the value and what you gained from those experiences. At times, you will quickly allow that awareness into your consciousness, and sometimes it takes a while. However, they always show up. It would be much more beneficial for you in the midst of your current experiences to accept that reality, knowing you are in the process of gaining something that you desired. Allow yourself to open to the awarenesses “now,” and they show up much quicker.

March 4, 2008

You are always in a state of becoming more; or expanding, and even though certain life situations may feel to you at the moment that you have experienced them prior, there is much more for you to gain now as your awareness grows. This explains why you may read a book you’ve previously read and receive more information or watch a movie and become aware of things you had missed in the previous viewing. This should indicate that your life is an ongoing, never-ending process of unfoldment. You never “get it all,” for there is always so much more, and in this, you should rejoice and welcome more. It is always for your benefit.


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You have only ever had one problem

February 27, 2022

You have only ever had one problem. We would like you to stay with this message as for some of you; it will be life-changing when you choose to accept the information we are delivering now. It is always a personal choice.

The only problem you and your world at large have had is the belief in inferiority. That belief has existed as long as humans have inhabited your planet. Some discovered they could gain perceived power by manipulating others due to their belief in inferiority and lack of understanding of their innate importance in the evolution of the world. 

Then you carry those beliefs and ideas forward and pass them off to your offspring, and the distortions grow in immensity. You and your world become out of balance and require some restructuring as the one you are experiencing currently. Everything we are giving you now we have provided before. But you might understand it today as you examine your world. 

We told you that you each would choose who you desired to be during this restructuring, and your choice would affect all others, for you are all one. Every message we have given in the last ten years has led you to this point which is why we gave you our program in 2012. Again, we are speaking of our program because you have done the same as Roger: not understand or accept your worth and value.

Yesterday we had Roger visit another coach who does similar work. The most significant difference was that they accepted their work’s value and told a Zoom audience of almost 350 attendees that their idea was to save the world by helping others know who they are. That act further dispels the long-held human belief in inferiority. Our program holds the same intent. The funny thing is that Roger and the other coach have similar life experiences, but the only difference was money.

We bring up money again, for that is the cause of the current dilemma in your world, and you might understand your role in this restructuring. We have said for decades that money in and of itself holds no intrinsic value. You are the one who places that value, and you do so depending on the value and worth you have placed on yourself. None of you will do this the same, for some of you will do the opposite, and that result produces wars. 

In our program, we said you are in the world now to use all things physical, including your money, to develop your soul further, for that is all that is eternal. You each have hidden parts of yourself away, so your value might not have been recognized by you. Because you have done that, and due to the manner money is woven into the human condition, you have made yourself inferior. You were all born equal. 

But here’s the good news if you decide to see it, and that has been our only intention, and why we had Roger hold the live conversations. We knew where you and your world were headed. We also said that chaos breeds unity, and you will see more today and in the coming weeks, but it will be enhanced by you deciding to own who you are, for as we have always said, your essence is what is needed in the world now to shift the balance. 

We advised Roger to hold a class and explain our work some time ago. He thought he arbitrarily planned it for March 2, but that was our influence. For many of you, the planetary shift that day will make more energy available to fulfill your dream. Last night we sent him more evidence of that. 

And then we also told him to double the price of our course otherwise it will not have its intended effect. We said some time ago that if we told you it costs thousands of dollars, more of you would have jumped at the chance to become more confident, less fearful, know your life purpose, and love yourself again. Then you would gladly pay thousands of dollars.

Here is the message for the one person who stayed with us until the end. You intended to be alive now to actualize your value, and you will do it more effectively when you decide to employ the gifts you’ve been given and show them to the world. You will have more abundance and the restructuring of your life, and your world will succeed. You will be fine. 


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Your energy is more powerful

February 26, 2022

Your energy is more powerful. While we rarely use terms that would cause humans to make further comparisons and divisions, we are speaking of power available to all. However, the quality of that energy does carry different properties that hold creative abilities.  

You have developed your science enough now to know that your emotions are activators of your thoughts which have electromagnetic properties. The heavier the emotion, the heavier you feel. The lighter the emotion, the happier you become. You have the power to use those abilities now, and we told you this in our program “Your Life Operating Instructions.” We are using it again for two reasons.  

The first reason is that Roger had difficulty believing that he had received this product, which could help you all now. We told him to look for the message on power, which he was initially reluctant to do. That was the second reason. We wanted to point out your lack of belief in yourself or what you are in the world to accomplish because the quality of the energy you hold is of light and love, and even your within physical laws, those things are lighter and therefore more powerful. You will understand this later, and you will be fine. 

Please pay attention today to the restructuring occurring all over your world, for we want you to see it so you can focus on the part you wanted to have manifest.

September 5, 2012

There is a difference between the power of your thinking and doing, and they can either work together or against you in terms of what you desire to achieve or accomplish. At times, the power of your thinking will be much greater than anything you are doing, simply because your thinking activates energy which is the essence of all things physical.

There are other times that you may be physically doing something while simultaneously holding thoughts in the opposite direction, and therefore defeating all your efforts. The key here is to decide to become consciously aware of what you are thinking while you are doing.


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You could choose to save your world

February 25, 2022

You could choose to save your world. Any difficulty you might have felt with accepting our words will indicate the difficulty you have experienced in your life, and the results of your actions are reflected in your world today.

That paragraph holds so much wisdom that it will require some time for you to recognize it and claim it for yourself. In our live conversations, we have said that you each will use fear and doubt to navigate your way through your life, so you end up at love which is loving yourself.

We provided all that information to help you understand why you are alive now to experience this restructuring of your world. You did that because you want to know and experience more of your power. There is no human born who holds more power than another. Still, you have distorted that way of life since the beginning of human existence. You continually correct your mistakes, which revolve around believing one soul is more important than another.

We will not give you too much today, for we would like you to absorb this over the next few days, and your way will be easier. Yesterday we told Roger to search our messages for the word head. He had no idea why we did that. But he found messages that we provided over the years meant to point out how much and how often he discounted who he was, what he had to offer, and possibly if he had made a different choice, maybe the current conditions in the world would not have occurred. But that is why they occurred.

If we could convince more of you of the ability you held to save your world, you would do so, and now we’re almost convincing Roger he could do so through you, and you all will be fine. Please reread and contemplate. 


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Your life was never accidental

February 24, 202
Your life was never accidental. We used every word intentionally, and as we leave this message, it would be advisable to stay with your discovery for a while, for you are in a new place in your life and world. It is one where you would say you would not want to experience it, but we also gave you comfort and continually attempted to lessen your fear and doubt. We had to accomplish that with Roger first to be the example he intended willingly. 

You were born to expand and evolve, and you might begin to think that due to the current conditions of your world, things are in a dangerous place when, in fact, they are here to aid each of you to believe in yourself more as we told you was the intention of our program. We will leave the message we asked Roger to find last night, and we lessened his disbelief as we hope the same occurs for you and you will be fine. 

November 7, 2012Conflict and unity always coexist in physical life experience and are necessary for expansion and evolvement. This is true in your personal experience and your world at large.

You cannot know unity within yourself without having experienced the questions that conflict brings to your awareness. You spend your entire physical life experience coming to know who you are, and that can only occur with the contrast that conflict offers you.

The end result then is always a period of unity. When you have sufficiently answered those questions about who you are, you experience unity; and through unity, you generate more energy and awareness to expand and evolve. This process is true for you and your world.


Here is the replay of Monday’s session.

Resisting change always produces conflict

February 23, 202

Resisting change always produces conflict. We are speaking to you because you are at a different place in your life now, and you might believe your current level of fear and uncertainty is due to world events, but we will say it is due to the conflict that has existed within you.

None of you know the life experiences you will have, but they were within you when you were born, and your conflict has been accepting and owning your value. We know that it appears our reference is to current world events, but we would like you to place the focus on yourself.

We gave you this information in Your Life Operating Instructions, and we will place it here to help you understand this time in your life and your world. You didn’t fully believe you had everything you needed to create the life of your dreams, but that was due to your internal conflict, and due to the current restructuring, you can now make a new choice about yourself, and if you do, you will be fine. 

Please study this message in earnest. 

August 25, 2012

You may experience conflict in your physical life when you think in one way and then act in another. The conflict only occurs because you have difficulty making certain choices. Those choices, at times, can be confusing simply because you have yet to decide on the person you desire to be.

Often, that lack of decision is due to your lack of belief that you can indeed become that person. When you first consciously decide who you desire to be and know that you have all the resources available to do so, your choices become clear, and your conflict ceases.


Here is the replay of Monday’s session.

Self-acceptance is your only goal

February 22, 202

Self-acceptance is your only goal. We have given you many messages of this nature, and we are doing so again because the process is continuous. 

Yesterday we held a live conversation and said your new life was ready to begin. The person who was surprised the most was Roger, for he felt the truth of our words when he listened to the recording of our session yesterday, which we advised you all to do. He does not remember everything that comes through in a live session. You don’t always remember what was given to you. 

Every time he allows us to come through, it is surprising to him, for we continually reveal more information. Then he will question how he could not have known what was within, and that is the goal you each have in your life and especially now during the restructuring of your world.

In “Your Life Operating Instructions,” we told you the best way to come to accept yourself now, for you are new if you embody the expanded being you have become. We asked Roger to find two paragraphs and add them to this message, and the more of you who remember it during the coming days, you will not be as fearful and accomplish more of your self-acceptance. 

“Progression occurs in increments. It is important for you to remember this fact so that you might allow that process to happen as you intended. In other words, your intention was always to evolve or progress while you were on the physical plane. You agreed to be involved in the linear time sequence so that you might literally have the “time” to experience, feel, notice, and most importantly, acknowledge that progression.

You often place a particular amount of judgment on your life experience because you think that time should move much faster, or you should be in a different place. You never intended for it to be a race.”


Here is the replay of yesterday’s session.

You will love yourself more

February 21, 202

You will love yourself more. We are giving you the intention of our live conversation later today, but we also provide you with the awareness you come to once you decide to leave your physical body.

We know many have been fearful due to the events in the world, but you will discover that your fear was necessary and unwarranted. You are here now to be a part of the restructuring of your world, so you might utilize the movement of your world to move energy within you.

You each come to the world with gifts to offer at the appropriate time to aid your evolution and that of the world. Currently, your world is at a seeming standstill, and it feels to many of you that someone is waiting to make a move which is why we had Roger create that message yesterday. We say that is you, and you will come to understand that soon and how vital you are in your world now. You will be fine.  


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No one else ever kept you from becoming successful

February 20, 2022

No one else ever kept you from becoming successful. You have done that, but that was also your intention. You have a physical life experience to aid the expansion of both you and your world. 
You are discovering more of what you have left behind in your life that you did not deem valuable. Every experience and circumstance in which you have ever found yourself has always been for your benefit. Still, you do not always understand the importance of those events, so you have not seen your value fully. But others might. 

You each are born with dreams of what you might accomplish, but you also carry distorted versions of yourself that your life experience is meant to have you resolve, so you evolve and aid your world. Yesterday during an event, Roger’s nephew commented he had a vision that he felt maybe he had made up or was an illusion. Still, Roger knew that wasn’t the case, for it is the same person who alerted Roger to his gift and communication with us, or you probably would not be reading us now. 

The vision his nephew had this time was Roger speaking to large audiences and making a difference, but that didn’t make sense to Roger, for he’s carried erroneous beliefs about what he might accomplish just as you have. We asked Roger to find one paragraph we gave him in 1989 that he has now resolved. We will explain more tomorrow in our live conversation, but in preparation, you each need to release your old self to accept the new one you will be manifesting. 

Feb. 19, 1989
“Yes, it is indeed wise for you to realize how powerful you are and also to acknowledge the innate benevolence of your being. You seem to consistently maintain a subtle fear that somehow you would use your power in an ego-oriented way to the detriment of others. The truth for you is exactly the opposite, for the more you gain, you give away. The anger you sense or hostility at times reflects your inner frustration of your intellectual knowledge of your power and your simultaneous restriction of that power, which causes friction. It is everyone’s power to do with as they please, and your unique way is becoming more clear and purposeful for you. Be careful of the instilled limitations that would not have you own your worth. Relax and enjoy.” 

Roger resolved the conflict, so now he can aid others. You are meant to do for this in your life for this restructuring to fulfill its purpose and yours. You will be fine.  

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