Self-acceptance is your only goal

February 22, 202

Self-acceptance is your only goal. We have given you many messages of this nature, and we are doing so again because the process is continuous. 

Yesterday we held a live conversation and said your new life was ready to begin. The person who was surprised the most was Roger, for he felt the truth of our words when he listened to the recording of our session yesterday, which we advised you all to do. He does not remember everything that comes through in a live session. You don’t always remember what was given to you. 

Every time he allows us to come through, it is surprising to him, for we continually reveal more information. Then he will question how he could not have known what was within, and that is the goal you each have in your life and especially now during the restructuring of your world.

In “Your Life Operating Instructions,” we told you the best way to come to accept yourself now, for you are new if you embody the expanded being you have become. We asked Roger to find two paragraphs and add them to this message, and the more of you who remember it during the coming days, you will not be as fearful and accomplish more of your self-acceptance. 

“Progression occurs in increments. It is important for you to remember this fact so that you might allow that process to happen as you intended. In other words, your intention was always to evolve or progress while you were on the physical plane. You agreed to be involved in the linear time sequence so that you might literally have the “time” to experience, feel, notice, and most importantly, acknowledge that progression.

You often place a particular amount of judgment on your life experience because you think that time should move much faster, or you should be in a different place. You never intended for it to be a race.”


Here is the replay of yesterday’s session.

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