Yes, you are that powerful

June 13, 2024

Yes, you are that powerful. Four years ago, we sent you a message asking if you believed you were powerful, and we even answered the question for you.

But we went further today, and we will repeat that message along with a conversation we had our messenger record today. All of it will be meaningful today.

June 13, 2020

Could I be that powerful? That is the fundamental question each of you carries throughout your lifetimes. Now the next question we will ask is, are you curious enough to find out? Last night Roger and his roommate returned home, and upon entering his home, Roger remarked, “I’m hot.” At that instant, the air conditioning came on. The look of shock appeared on both their faces. The incident passed, but we did not let it leave Roger’s consciousness. We did that because this concept is an important one for you to consider, especially during this current time in your world, and your life personally. You each are questioning the amount of power you hold. 

Recently, Roger noticed his irritation when receiving information from others who believe a grand conspiracy is occurring, of which none of you are aware. Now that line of thinking, as well as its reasoning, is in opposition to our mission, and the intent of this very message. We have one final question for each of you, and again we are using that term collectively. If you question whether you could be that powerful and don’t know the answer, why would you not choose you?

We do love it when we leave with queries of this nature, for as you understand it after study, your world will evolve with your help. 

Oh, wait. The answer to the first question is yes. 


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Here’s the video.

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Today could be your day

June 12, 2024

Today could be your day. We are speaking of your ongoing effort to expand and evolve.

We offered you something more today. Our messenger recorded a video to explain what we provided on this date last year. You will thrive when you become willing to accept more of your inherent potential.

June 12, 2023

You fear your potential. You might have heard that you had this potential most of your life, and you keep attempting to fulfill it. The difficulty that you have is not trusting who you are.

You all are born into the world with unlimited potential to do, be, and become anything you desire. But because of your fear of the unknown, you can hold yourself back from experiencing that life that you want, and your world does precisely the same thing by fearing the world it could become.

This process is why you have a restructuring. When you connect to your authentic self, you are connected to God and all that is. Your potential is held there, but you must be the one to allow it to unfold for you. Please study the message we gave you in 2012.

June 12, 2012

The outcome of anything you attempt to do, be, have, or accomplish, is none of your business. In other words, if you hold a specific outcome in mind as you move forward with your efforts, you may also inadvertently block the greater good the Universe has in store for you.

It is always the process itself that is more important; for it is only during the process that you experience any manner of expansion that you desire.

Remember that you are continually operating from a limited awareness, for it is only in this way that you can experience more significant expansion and know that is what you have accomplished. 


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Here’s the video.

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You are more now

June 11, 2024

You are more now. We are speaking of your process of evolution and the message we provided last year on this date.

You will be surprised by its accuracy today, but that is also the perfection of the universe and you. The recording will be far more impactful today.

June 11, 2023

You are more than enough. That underlying feeling you have had most of your life that told you something different was incorrect. You are meant to evolve and expand while you are in physical form, so when you feel the old programming and thoughts that gave you an imprint of inferiority in any way, that is what you want to uncover to change.

You chose the perfect time to do so. It is your restructuring and also your planetary ascension. We provided a message on this date ten years ago.

Please do your best to absorb the following information now, for it will aid your understanding and acceptance later.

June 11, 2013

You always have an underlying feeling that somehow you are not enough. This belief is the feeling you knew you would have before you came into physical form, and you also knew the feeling itself would be purposeful, for it would motivate you to become more or to expand.

You experience difficulty when you attempt to pretend the feeling does not exist or you attempt to hide it. When you try to hide it, you give the feeling more energy, cause it to grow, and begin to think this is who you are. How you change this is to embrace that feeling fully and use it for your benefit.

You can then acknowledge that you have the feeling because you are about to experience, own, and know your magnificence. Anything less than this causes you to fear your physical life experience. The irony is that you can become more when you can own not being enough.


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Here’s the session.

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Your life will change the world

June 10, 2024

Your life will change the world. That was why you were born and that change will occur when you can accept and embody the message we provided last year. You can receive it today.

June 10, 2023

Self-acceptance is evolution. Please give this message some consideration to absorb its wisdom before our live conversation with you tomorrow. The self of which we speak is your authentic self and the part you accepted from all that is or God to bring to the physical plane during this restructuring to aid your planet’s ascension.

We are speaking to you; otherwise, you would not be reading our words, for you have never been in an accidental place, and your existence at this time was not random. What you hold inside will allow you to evolve when you accept your worth and value, and we have given you the messages to spur your memory of your importance.

While you might have judged yourself, your life, and your world until now, you will begin to gain a greater understanding of our message from 2012. Your essence and value were necessary for your world to evolve.

June 10, 2012

The process of evolving will always contain some reflection on your part. During those periods of reflection, it is inevitable that you will also experience self-judgment. When you can take that self-judgment and turn it into gratitude, you have also accelerated your evolvement.

This process means that you understand what you think of as your mistakes, even the ones you repeat or what you would term poor choices; all of them are part of the process, and it would not be possible for you to truly evolve or expand without them.

It is also far easier to recognize this when you are out of those particular periods and can identify your new and greater awareness.


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Here’s the session.

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You will experience more comfort today

June 9, 2024

You will experience more comfort today. We have always been with you, but you require linear time to hear us and your guides.

The message we provided on this date last year will make sense today. You have always been loved.

June 9, 2023

Nothing has ever gone wrong in your life or world. We know that statement might be challenging for many of you to accept, but that is the reason you are having a restructuring. And your world took another step yesterday, and the results will be seen by all of you soon.

However, we want you to understand the message we provided in 2012 because that was the beginning of the guidance we wanted you to have so that you could live your best life.

Choose to love who you are and offer your essence to the world. Our only desire was for you to understand your importance, but your planet needs you to realize that now so that the energies might be shifted and you all create the world you desire.

June 9, 2012

You never intended to attempt to be all things to all people, even yourself. In other words, when you decided to have a physical life journey, you knew that focusing on the internal knowledge of what you were destined to do would offer you the most excellent opportunity to accomplish your desired expansion.

It would help if you merely examined past attempts in your life experience where you attempted to wander from that path with disappointing results and a lack of fulfillment. When you become more aware of the area that provides you with the greatest satisfaction in your life, you also know that is where you desire to focus.


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You could believe more today

June 8, 2024

You could believe more today. There is a divine order in your life and the universe. The message we provided last year will give you more of your self-belief today. That is the only thing you lack and continually seek.

June 8, 2023

Nothing is too good to be true. That belief has held you back in your life and also your planet. It is the reason you are having a restructuring. You have something within you awaiting to emerge in your life so that you might offer your essence to yourself and your world.

We gave you a message on this date in 2012 as we wanted you to consider it now as your world takes another turn in its ascension, which means you are doing the same, for you are not separate from your world or all that is. The only difficulty you have is accepting your importance in this process, and much of that has to do with your doubt that good can come to you and your world.

The word good can have many interpretations, but the one we mean is where you feel good, own who you are, and acknowledge your worth and value, for then you are emitting the energies of light, love, and change. But you are the one who must change.

June 8, 2012

One of the most limiting beliefs that you can hold is the one that tells you certain things are “too good to be true.” This particular adage has been unknowingly implanted into your thinking and therefore causes an effect on your physical life experience that can only yield limitations in some manner.

You will literally halt your expansion in some direction when something comes to you that causes that belief to operate. You would do much better to attempt to reverse that belief and accept that anything that is good is true. In fact, that is indeed the reality of your experience.


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You could not have seen this coming

June 7, 2024

You could not have seen this coming. We are speaking of both your life and world and the message we provided last you. Today, you are more able to accept it.

June 7, 2023

Here is the best advice you will ever receive. And we gave it to you on this date in 2012 as we knew it would aid you now as you’re moving through your restructuring.

You’re given something at birth to develop, own, and bring to your world that would cause your life to become magnificent, and you would make the contribution you intended.

You do not necessarily achieve your goal all at once. That is the process of living your life, expanding and evolving. Sometimes, you offer your essence, which means moving through your old limitations. It would be most helpful to your evolution and planet if you did that now.

Please study the message we left for you. You have a tremendous amount to offer now.

June 7, 2012

Today is the day you decide to begin again. It would help if you remembered that it is your decision and yours alone. While you possess this ability in every moment of now, it is easy to lose sight of this fact with the activities and distractions of your day-to-day, moment-to-moment physical life experience.

It becomes easier for you to refocus this attention at the beginning of each new day, including today. It would also be helpful for you to remind yourself of the goals you set forth and rededicate yourself to them. Physically writing these goals will be immensely helpful for you.


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Today is one of the most important days of your life

June 6, 2024

Today is one of the most important days of your life. It may not have felt that way to you due to what you might have experienced or witnessed in your world, but all of it was meant for you.

Please absorb the message we provided last year. We knew your new moon would be momentous when you take the next step into who you have become.

June 6, 2023

Eventually, you come to trust yourself. You were born to bring something of great value and worth to the world, and it is within you. It is within every soul who comes onto the physical plane, but who you were meant to become and evolve to is unique and new, which is what causes you to lack trust in yourself at times.

But we gave you guidance on this date in 2012 because we knew that it could be challenging to find your way because you exist to help usher in the new world, which is why you are restructuring within yourself and your planet.

As you study the message, please give yourself enough time to understand and absorb it.

June 6, 2012

Trust is all you ever need to live a happy and fulfilling physical life experience. If you were to focus on nothing else but developing this quality, you would experience evidence of this fact firsthand.

Fear and trust can’t coexist. In actuality, fear is merely a lack on your part of putting effort into developing trust. Trust in its truest form means that you know no matter what may be occurring in your life now or what particular emotions and judgments you may hold about that, it is all working together for your highest good which is expansion. Hold that thought continually.


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Your gifts are more apparent now

June 5, 2024

Your gifts are more apparent now. You each are born with innate abilities and talents that begin to become known to you as you move through your physical life experience.

There are also times, due to the evolution of your world, when the gifts you came to bring are ready for your recognition. It merely requires your acceptance and willingness to believe in yourself.

The message we provided in 2012 and a live conversation last year will cause you to recognize more of your value today.

June 5, 2012

One of the surest ways to accelerate and insure your continued expansion is to take one of your desires that you have labeled impossible and make it possible. Many times you are not aware that you have given it that particular label, however when you discover it, grab hold of it and turn it into possible, you have expanded.

While all things are indeed possible, you would do well to select one of your desires where you are assured it is possible because you have seen it done or have done portions of it yourself. In this manner, your resolve will be enhanced, and your success inevitable.


Here’s the recording.

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Today will make more sense

June 4, 2024

Today will make more sense. It will happen when you read our message a year ago on this date and examine your life and world. You are here to manifest brilliance, but you do so a bit at a time. We have never left you.

Whatever you may be experiencing in your life or world is for the greatest good of all, especially you.

June 4, 2023

You are expanding and ascending continuously. That means you are doing that, as is your planet and everyone who exists in physical form at this time of transition.

The next and most helpful part of your journey will be understood as you study our message on this date in 2012.

When you resist change within yourself, there is no possibility for you or your world to become more or better, which is a term you will interpret in your way. 

June 4, 2012

Flexibility is admirable and also indicates your willingness to trust the integrity of your physical life experience. Conversely, inflexibility is a sign that you believe you already know it all and are unwilling to expand or accept new information and wisdom.

Your goal is always to gain new experiences, for they bring you more awareness. You are always making choices as to whether or not it is more critical for you to be right in your own thinking or, more important, to evolve continually.

Conflicts with others are born in inflexibility, while cooperation brings momentum or forward progression, meaning expansion.


. . .

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