Your energy is more powerful

February 26, 2022

Your energy is more powerful. While we rarely use terms that would cause humans to make further comparisons and divisions, we are speaking of power available to all. However, the quality of that energy does carry different properties that hold creative abilities.  

You have developed your science enough now to know that your emotions are activators of your thoughts which have electromagnetic properties. The heavier the emotion, the heavier you feel. The lighter the emotion, the happier you become. You have the power to use those abilities now, and we told you this in our program “Your Life Operating Instructions.” We are using it again for two reasons.  

The first reason is that Roger had difficulty believing that he had received this product, which could help you all now. We told him to look for the message on power, which he was initially reluctant to do. That was the second reason. We wanted to point out your lack of belief in yourself or what you are in the world to accomplish because the quality of the energy you hold is of light and love, and even your within physical laws, those things are lighter and therefore more powerful. You will understand this later, and you will be fine. 

Please pay attention today to the restructuring occurring all over your world, for we want you to see it so you can focus on the part you wanted to have manifest.

September 5, 2012

There is a difference between the power of your thinking and doing, and they can either work together or against you in terms of what you desire to achieve or accomplish. At times, the power of your thinking will be much greater than anything you are doing, simply because your thinking activates energy which is the essence of all things physical.

There are other times that you may be physically doing something while simultaneously holding thoughts in the opposite direction, and therefore defeating all your efforts. The key here is to decide to become consciously aware of what you are thinking while you are doing.


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