You are even more valuable today

January 31, 2024

You are even more valuable today. You would have to be because of the journey you have taken. You will recognize more of that now when you view the message we provided on this day a year ago. 

But to further instill your belief in your worth and value, we will give you a live session we held almost three years ago that will resonate with you today. You are needed. 

January 31, 2023

You must accept your worth and value. We mean both words and how you might interpret them in your life. Every soul is born with an abundance of both, but you decide when you will recognize them within you and allow yourself to live the physical life experience you desire.

We gave you a message ten years ago that you could not have fully understood then, and it might take some time to decipher it now. You stand at a time of great change in your world, and your part was to offer the light and love within you to allow the ascension of your planet to be one that would serve the greater whole. That can only occur when you change your old programming and accept who you have become. 

January 31, 2013

There is nothing that you desire in your physical life experience that you have to go out and get; instead, you merely need to allow it to come to you. This concept is to help you understand that your mental approach and attitude in anything you attempt are most important.

When you understand this more deeply, you will seek to know how you have blocked what you desire from coming to you.

Everything is already available to you in the Universe, whether it be wisdom, knowledge, awareness, or any other physical thing. Your “job,” is to align your mentality with receiving it. It requires practice on your part.

Here is the session:
Watch the Session on YouTube

– Wilhelm

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You deserve more

January 30, 2024

You deserve more. You exist during a time of restructuring yourself and the world so that you might shift the imbalance that has existed within you and existed in your world.

The message we provided on this date in 2012, along with a live conversation our messenger unveiled, which we will leave for you to hear now, for it will make more sense as your awareness has expanded.

January 30, 2012

You are entitled to all your emotions. The word entitled is used here so that you might grasp the idea that all your emotions are purposeful and show up to lead you somewhere. The place where they lead is always a place of greater awareness when you do not attempt to deny or ignore those emotions.

Many times, you also judge yourself for experiencing the emotions in the first place, which then causes you to attempt to displace them. Typically, they are then relegated to your physical body, which will, in turn, cause a physical disturbance.

Whenever you make your emotions “wrong,” you become “wrong.” 


Here’s that recording
Watch the Recording Here on YouTube

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You can accomplish more now

January 29, 2024

You can accomplish more now. We are speaking of your current evolutionary process, which we have called your restructuring.

The message we provided on this date several years ago will give you focus and greater awareness now.

January 29, 2019

You are in the best place of your life right now. We have often given you this message, but you mostly thought of it as lip service. Now, it makes sense to you, and your explanation will help all others.

You create your life experience through the thoughts you choose to hold. Those thoughts take root and then germinate so they can then bloom. Here is the problem that you and others have. You look at the old stuff you created, which you can see in your life now, and you think something must be wrong. You only forgot the process momentarily.

But then comes a time when what you see now doesn’t matter because you can internally feel who you have become. Your instruction is this. Harness that feeling and project it into your future, and it will manifest. There is no other choice. 


Our full moon live session will aid you now.

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A gift for your ascension

January 28, 2024

A gift for your ascension. You have been moving through a massive restructuring in your life and world and might have felt alone. You were not as we’ve been guiding you all along. 

We have used dates in your linear time to impress upon you the process of individual and mass ascension, which is the current planetary ascension. We have only missed one year, 2022 because our messenger was too overwhelmed to communicate with us, just as many might have experienced heightened anxiety then. 

Think of the last time Pluto moved, and you will better understand the current movement on your planet and in your life. You came to make a difference, and our guidance has been to move you to love yourself and beyond all previous limitations you have acquired in this lifetime and your generational wounds.

Please allow yourself enough time to absorb each message, for we have taken advantage of neuroscience to guide you on your ascension journey. 

January 28, 2008

One of the greatest tools you have at your disposal for creating the life you desire is your faith. When your faith is thwarted, waning, or lacking, it is because you are operating from your past and not your optimistic future.

In other words, when you make decisions and take actions based on your past experiences, you stop all flow and connection to your true Source. When you fully understand that your point of power is in the present moment, you instantly eliminate any effects of your past and change your past in your moment of now.

Become aware of your thoughts around this and

instantly bring yourself back to what you truly desire to “see” in your future.

January 28, 2009

The only difficulties you experience are through your own judgment.

You intended to live a life of fresh, new experience in every moment of now. Even the physical body, all of its cells, are in a constant state of renewal and rebirth.

 When you judge anything that shows up in your life experience, it can only be from past perceptions and perspectives. You continually use labels of good, bad, right, and wrong. These only exist in your own thinking.

It would be much more beneficial for you to think that everything that appears before you is something you “needed” to continue on your path of renewal and rebirth. With this approach, you will readily see the value of all of it. You may not know at this moment. However, you will.

Judge nothing today, and experience your own freedom.

January 28, 2010

You are new in every moment of now. If you continually apply that concept to your thinking, you will begin to experience the physical life journey you always intended.

All things occur in your moment of now; therefore, everything is created new in your moment of now, even your very own thinking. Your past is only lived in your thinking, and it only exists in your moment of now. Now, with this information, you may consciously “feel,” so to speak, your renewal in every moment.

The freedom, joy, and pleasure gained from this process is immeasurable.

January 28, 2011

Nothing physical holds any intrinsic value on its own. Value, then, is only perceived by you on anything at all because you have decided that a thing is valuable. You also have free will and can determine what you deem valuable.

You would do well then to decide to place that value on those things you know add to your evolvement and expansion as you always intended. You will observe things others find valuable and find no value in them for yourself. This observation should give you the added information that you always make these choices. 

There is no right or wrong in this process. Only you can decide what is valuable for you; making those choices will always feel good.

January 28, 2012

During your physical life experience, you will have moments where you feel completely alone. Those very moments are purposeful, desired by you, and provide you with the opportunity to know your own ability and strength. And discover that you are never alone.

You have unlimited access to any resource and ability, and it merely takes your moment of contemplation to come to know this on an experiential level. You never intended to be dependent on anything.

 January 28, 2013

 You would do well to attempt to become far more specific in what you desire to do, become, or achieve during your physical life experience. 

You are continually in the process of creating something in your life, for you do it through the thoughts you hold, imagining, and envisioning. The more time you spend becoming more specific about those things, the less time you have to entertain thoughts or ideas about things you do not wish to experience, for when you spend time with those thoughts, you are still in the process of creating. 

When you choose to become more specific, you are also focused on your moment of now, and it all becomes more fun.

January 28, 2014

As you continually expand and evolve, you will notice that you become more willing to speak your truth, not only to others but, more importantly, to yourself. While any truth, as you know it now, is selective, arbitrary, and subjective, the truth about you that you do hold will guide your life experience.

You will even notice that you were unwilling to speak your truth to yourself in the past because of the fear you held of it not somehow being real or not being able to achieve whatever that truth or vision of yourself that you desired was.

The more willing you become to change that behavior, the more your desires will manifest. Not being willing to speak the truth you know now never serves you or anyone else. You expand and realize more value in yourself, and then you speak that truth and find even more.

January 28, 2015

Precipice. Look that word up, study its meaning, and come to know that is where you stand now in your physical life experience. In actuality, you could feel that every day; however, there are certain times when you experience it more than others, which is purposeful.

If you did not know you were at this particular place, the impact of the actions you take now would not carry the weight, if you will, of the choices and decisions you make now. 

Now, with any particular choices you make or actions you take, you come to experience the power you hold, which is the case and ability you have at any moment of now in your life.

Expansion or evolving is the process of you continually discovering your inherent power.

January 28, 2016

You are always your own worst critic. This feeling has permeated your life for quite a while and is not likely to change, so you would do well to embrace that fact and use it for your benefit.

You could adapt the concept that you are this way because you desire to become more. When you feel that criticism, it allows you to examine whatever area of your life or you that you are criticizing and seek ways to improve.

You often fear judgment or criticism from others, so it prevents you from moving forward in your life, but you fear your own criticism most. This knowledge will also explain why others often accept you before you do. 

January 28, 2017

Your experience of anxiety is always self-created, as well as helpful. Anxiety, as it is used here, is not the same as fear. 

You will experience fear for several different reasons that might be to protect you. Anxiety, on the other hand, is not there to protect you from anything but to alert you to something else. Now, this is where it becomes helpful.

You can think back to your own experience of many years ago. You placed yourself in a situation that caused you to experience a great deal of anxiety, and you would question why you would do such a thing. You did it because you desired to move to a different or higher level, if you will, in your own life. Then, after you took that step, a new aspect of your life appeared. That is what you are doing now.

January 28, 2018

You had to trick yourself into discovering who you truly are and what you want to do in your life. That sentence best describes the experience you had yesterday, and please share it as sequentially as possible, as it will help all others.

You could notice specific events, situations, and people who had shown up in your life, and you began to understand why they existed in your life. Now, you needed to trick yourself, so to speak, because you have been covering up your desires and wishes in your life with fears, doubts, and, more importantly, disbelief. 

When you accept this awareness, you will also let go of all that resistance. 

January 28, 2019

Any moment of shame you might experience indicates that you are seeking understanding of some action you have taken or a circumstance you don’t yet comprehend. In other words, nothing has ever gone wrong.

Explain your story, and those who are meant to receive meaning will do so. You made decisions two days ago that at first, you questioned and even felt a bit of regret for those decisions. Then you saw those decisions turn into what felt to be a mistake, which resulted in your experience of shame. Then, an awareness came to you that you knew would not have occurred without your action of making those decisions. Because you were focused on the shame, you almost missed receiving the gift of that awareness. But now you have the understanding, and the shame has served its purpose. This process is accurate for every moment of shame you have ever experienced. 

January 28, 2020

You can only change now again. We do love it when we use riddle-like phrases, and we do so intentionally. As you continually study them, your consciousness will expand, as it does for all. 

Recently, a friend commented to Roger that they noticed we were repeating previous messages. We do so to make a point. As you consciously strive to grow or expand in your lives, you will uncover limiting thoughts and behaviors and notice that you continue many of them even though you have become aware that they are indeed limiting. 

Judging yourself or anyone else never aids your progress.

January 28, 2021

You could never have been another person, for who you chose to be was perfect. We meant all those words, and now we will help you understand them. 

We began this conversation with Roger by reminding him of the study he did more than forty years ago that spoke of probable realities. That concept made no sense to him then but is becoming more apparent now as many things in your life will be brought to light during this restructuring.

Roger cannot explain how he arrived at that material, but he does know that it helped inform his life even though most times he ran from it as so many of you do because you are not sure where you’re going and believe you don’t have the power to get there. Those are all beliefs and always ones you want to change.

We said the last sentence to stay on track with our story of your evolutionary journey. You are doing it alone and together, and your part is essential. 

We will keep the end short, for you will need time to contemplate. You are eternal beings and energetically connected to all that is. In each evolutionary cycle, you assume a particular role on Earth to aid the whole evolutionary journey. While we never want to use examples that would cause judgment, we will use the idea of hot and cold as an analogy. You are continually choosing one or the other in your life and the world to achieve balance.

You wanted to accomplish something in this lifetime, and it is before you now, and you can achieve it, so you decided to be born the person you are. When Roger was younger, he would joke with his family and say he thought he might be adopted. Roger might have been joking, but he truly felt that way. Many of you have felt that, and you were meant to find your own way. You merely used your family to help you. 

Each of you has an evolutionary journey that is ultimately rewarding, and you are on your way there now, and you will be fine. 

January 28, 2023

You hold systematic hatred and eternal love. That is the duality that exists within you and your world. But you live now to shift that balance to everlasting love. That will be what remains as you move through your physical life experience. 

We have said you were moving through a restructuring of your world, which is occurring through you. The recent events in the United States are the ones we alerted you to, but you only sometimes hear us, just as you do not always listen to your guides.

When you attempt to shift blame for the conditions in your life and world to something outside yourself, you have momentarily lost your way and caused yourself to feel disempowered erroneously.

You help move through duality when you let go of your self-hatred or judgment, develop more belief in yourself, and love who you are. When you experience disruptions in your physical world, you often look for others to blame.

You found that challenging to do with the recent events, for they were not caused by racial hatred but internalized hatred, which many of you inherited. You came to move through those generational biases and prejudices.

Unless you do your part of loving yourself and what you came to offer, you continue that form of duality. 

Here is a portion of our message from three years ago, but you might accept it now.

June 22, 2020

What you are witnessing personally in the world and your life is a collective expression of repressed, residual anger at the belief in separateness and inadequacy. You have done this in your life. Naturally, your world would follow suit. We will also say it is not all your fault. You carry a generational belief of which you are unaware.

We led Roger to a photo this morning of the removal of a statue of one of the former presidents of the United States as it depicted the president on a horse with subservient images beside and below him of a Native American and African American. You were taught inadequacy, and that is why you are angry.


Our full moon live session will aid you now.
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You can achieve life mastery now

January 27, 2024

You can achieve life mastery now. It is always your choice but typically something you accomplish using your linear time. We are not restricted and love using specific dates to refresh your memory. The mastery you sought was within you. 

January 27, 2015

There is indeed a litany of things that never occur while you are in the process of becoming the master of your physical life experience.

One is blame. You can never use blame or shift responsibility to another or anything outside of yourself and gain mastery over your life.

The next one is using excuses. When you use an excuse to attempt to explain something you have done or failed to do, you have taken yourself back to shifting responsibility and giving up mastery.

Another one is shame. When you are ashamed about who you are, it is impossible to own your life or feel mastery in any way.

Another one to consider is regret. When you experience regret, you either think you are a victim or, more importantly, you fail to gain the wisdom that the things you regret are there to provide.

This path is now your curriculum.


Our full moon live session will aid you now.
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No one else could have been you

January 26, 2024

No one else could have been you. We would like you to hold that thought as you view the message we provided on this date one year ago. You were needed.

January 26, 2023

You were supposed to be unique. There could be no better statement that could describe the nature of the information we have provided over the years, and our intention was for more of you to accept that premise today.

Our message today was prompted by Roger listening to a video about how you should be or what the best way to ascend or expand is, as each of you and your planet is doing now. If the rules given to you offer any form of judgment, you will lose your way.

You exist at a particular time in your world and your evolutionary journey where you are meant to transcend whatever limitations have been in your way. They will not be the same as others but typically carry some form of shame and embarrassment you inherited from others.

You were supposed to move beyond it by becoming your unique self and honoring your individuality in all its greatness.

The following message will help you understand what we have just given you. 

January 26, 2013

Beliefs are ideas you have accepted as true and produce certain results in your physical life experience. Your beliefs are unique, and no other soul has precisely the same beliefs.

While in physical form, no soul knows if their beliefs are valid in terms of Ultimate Reality; therefore, the only measure of your particular beliefs is the results they produce for you and if they please you. You have also been granted free will of choice, meaning that whenever you are not pleased with your beliefs because of the results they produce in your life, you can change them at any time. Now, these new beliefs become true for you as well.  

– Wilhelm

Our full moon live session will aid you now.
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You always receive what you ask for

January 25, 2024

You always receive what you ask for. Yesterday, we said you would understand more today, and that meant the message we had our messenger create several days ago, which will also be the theme of our live conversation today.

January 25, 2024 – You and your world will change this year – from Wilhelm

“Imagine time as a spiral staircase, each January 25 like a landing where Wilhelm helps us refine our footing. What initially felt repetitive transformed into a dance of ascension, using the familiar rhythm of dates to reach new heights of awareness.”

Roger Burnley

January 25, 2024

You and your world will change this year. We have provided guidance over decades to allow you to accept and embody your importance while restructuring your life and world.

You each come to the world with unique gifts you uncover as you move through your lives. We are not limited by linear time and have used certain days over the years to impress upon you the ascension process.

We have called this period restructuring, for it is different than any other time on your planet, but that means you have something to offer that will aid your evolution and the planetary ascension.

While many in your world are bringing more awareness and tools to aid your journey, our messager dutifully transcribed our words for you in advance.

We are now providing study material before the next planetary shift on your full moon on January 25, 2024.

Please study each message and provide yourself with enough time for integration. During our live conversation, you will be more than ready for the next step on your ascension journey.

You have always been guided and loved. 

January 25, 2008

Your most noble and productive goal at any moment would be peace.

When peace is your first objective, you affirm to the Universe that everything is in Divine Order and working out for you exactly as it should, which is always the case. This place, again, you will only find in your present

moments of serenity, and this is what you desire above all else. 

Your elders will always point this out to you when you consciously observe their behavior. There is much for you to learn and remember there.

January 25, 2009

Everything that shows up in your life experience is perfect.

When you accept this premise as true, you let go of your resistance to any of it while simultaneously availing yourself of your powers and abilities. It is only your particular judgments of what you observe that ever cause you any difficulty.

It was always your intention to expand and evolve continually, and this may only be accomplished when you develop and actualize your belief and trust in this process itself. It is Divinely Planned and only takes your willingness to see it.

All that you observe currently was created from the past, and your desire is always to create from your moment of now. You can be, do, and have whatever you desire when you believe that is true. Let go of your preconceived expectations, for there is always more available.

January 25, 2010

You allow things to come into your life experience so that you might become better. These are all very subjective terms used here so that you might grasp the concept on a deeper level so that you understand.

If you apply this concept and way of thinking to everything that shows up for you, your emotional reaction becomes quite different. You open yourself to receive the valuable information, wisdom, and knowledge you will eventually gain from all your life experiences.

All things occur in a manner that allows you to evolve and expand; you need to trust this is true.

January 25, 2011

Take the next step, and that is the one right in front of you. Some certain concepts and ideas are worth repeating and reviewing, and this is indeed one of them.

In other words, with anything you desire to accomplish, there will always be specific actions and decisions you must make. When you spend much of your time worrying about the outcome or regretting the past, it is easy for you to become paralyzed, so to speak, and you end up taking no action and making no decisions.

This condition occurs when you have chosen to live outside of your moment of now. You can only take the next step now, and you would do well to have your focus there.

January 25, 2012

While anticipation and imagination are uses of the same ability you possess, they produce different results. You use your thinking to facilitate them both. However, many times, what you anticipate is filled with notions of dread and fear. 

Your imagination, however, can be used to visualize the very results you desire and will consistently deliver to you more than you expected simply because all of your thinking is limited.

It is limited because you intend to continually expand, which involves realms of your being that you have yet to experience. You would do well to grab hold of your imagination.

January 25, 2013

You fear your success more than failure. To better understand this condition, you might think of the rule you learned: “Do not touch that, for you might get burned.”

When you come into physical form, you are given many rules and regulations by those in authority designed to keep you safe. Unfortunately, you often apply that rule to many areas of your life. You begin to equate anything unknown to you as that area of experience where you might get burned.

Your “job” now is to understand that your success is in that very unknown, and you would do well to embrace it. 

January 25, 2014

You will receive what you consider to be the most success from what you desire to create when your focus is continually on what you can give and contribute rather than what you might receive.

The key to this process is your particular mindset when you begin. When your primary intention is what you might receive, you are enacting that law of attraction because you believe you do not have enough of whatever it is, which ends up being your experience and reality.

When you begin with the intention of what you might give and contribute, the same law is in place, and the result is you receive so much more because you have already affirmed that you have so much. It is that simple.

January 25, 2015

Everything is occurring in your physical experience precisely as you planned, and you merely need to allow yourself to recognize it. 

You may initially rail against that statement because you think certain things occurred that you did not desire; however, when you take that stance, you become a victim of your life instead of empowered in your life.

It is not that you consciously asked for all that occurs, but if you can accept the idea that the nonphysical part of you knew what would be for your highest good and expansion before you came to the physical plane, you will begin to embrace the perfection of it all.

There is nothing that was supposed to happen that has not happened, and there is nothing that will occur that is not for your highest good. Stay in this mindset, and you will discover the beauty of your journey.

January 25, 2016

Becoming honest is the first and most crucial step that you must take to manifest anything or create the life of your dreams

Becoming honest means acknowledging that you know exactly what to do to accomplish all your goals or achieve your dreams, but sometimes you are unwilling to do that.

Now, the reasons you are unwilling to do that may vary, but when you are honest, you always know you are capable. It is not that you fear you are incapable but that you fear doing what you know is required.

If your goal was to lose weight, you know everything that would be required, but what you fear is doing whatever that is. When you become honest, you will also become empowered because you know you are the only thing standing in your way.

January 25, 2017

The most powerful thing you can do in your life is to decide to start at the end. You have previously visited this subject; now is a good time to do so again. 

Starting at the end means envisioning your desired results, goals, or precisely what you desire to achieve by whatever you are doing, including your entire life.

You only get lost or do not know what to do when you have lost sight of your desired end. This process is also powerful because of your habit of looking at the beginning and seeing an arduous journey before you, which becomes daunting. Seeing the end and envisioning that always brings it closer to you and makes it all so much more fun.

January 25, 2018

This message will take you far beyond what you imagined. You and so many others play the impossible game of attempting not to see what you see. 

You do this because if you acknowledged your acquired wisdom entirely, you would have no excuse not to operate from that place.

A perfect example is one you experienced. You attempted to notice the behavior of another, judge it as somehow being bad or wrong, and then tried not to see that behavior in yourself. Trying to deflect that judgment to the other does not prevent you from noticing how you have judged yourself. You’re welcome.

January 25, 2019

You can’t take it with you. We wanted you to use that title for the curiosity it sparks within you. That particular saying has lived on in your society for a good reason. 

You all become attached to physical things and possessions, which often block your awareness of who you are and how valuable you are.

Now, you and others have also gone through a process where, either deliberately or what feels like happenstance, you are stripped of all those things you thought provided you with your identity. Without those things, you are then faced with finding value elsewhere.

Hopefully, now you finally recognize how valuable you are without all that stuff you can’t take with you. 

January 25, 2020

Jealousy is inspiration misinterpreted. We needed to give Roger that sentence immediately upon awakening to assuage his discomfort and self-judgment. 

We will now tell you a story to help you understand what we have often said to be the integrity of your physical life experience. What that means is for every person, the events, circumstances, people, and the timing of all those things are perfectly aligned to allow each of you to evolve in a manner that contributes to the evolution of all humankind and consciousness. No person is excluded from this. 

Roger has never trusted his intuitive nature, and this has caused him great consternation. Yes, we used that word intentionally, so look it up. Roger has found that his life experience had him ignore or not become consciously aware of particular teachers, speakers, or new thought leaders. We did this hoping that when he came to discover these individuals, it would encourage him to accept and trust his intuition as a gift rather than a curse.

A perfect example of this is his recent discovery of Byron Katie. Last night, while watching a video of her, Roger became aware he had culled information similar to her from us. Roger felt jealousy and envy, which quickly turned to self-condemnation. Why hadn’t I accepted myself? 

You are to find those who inspire you so you create more, not condemn yourselves. You’ll remember we have hammered home the idea that there is no hierarchy of souls. Now, the title of this message will make sense and, for some, change your thinking.

January 25, 2021

Every decision you ever made was the correct one. We know you may find that sentence challenging to accept and possibly even more challenging due to the conditions of your outer world and how they may affect your inner world, but rest assured, they are all connected.

Yesterday, we threw in a line, which we called cryptic, that we will explain now. You have something you were born to do, achieve, move through, release, or any other human term you may find that signifies expansion or becoming more. You come into the world at the right time to facilitate your expansion. That will coincide with that of the world. Don’t worry; we will have this make sense. 

Your belief in linear time makes this challenging, but please know all is happening now. You will find that concept valuable and powerful. As you move through your current restructuring, you will uncover more of your evolutionary journey. Roger’s story will help you.

Yesterday, his associate had interviews with those who experienced Roger’s coaching or were enrolled in his program. Last night, Roger watched one of the talks, and at the end, he burst into tears. Roger misinterpreted the reason for the tears, and we are giving him and you that explanation now.

What Roger heard was the difference he made in the life of another, and he could never have done that unless he had lived his life, made every “wrong” decision, and suffered every imaginable failure. The tears were a sign of recognition, acceptance, and relief. The feeling of relief was coming to recognize that everything we had told him was correct. We have told Roger that he came to be love, but that didn’t make sense until this current restructuring because he saw the results in the interviews. 

Now, he feels more needed, and his life feels validated, as each of you will be in your way. And now, Roger will continue with his mission of helping others know all their decisions will yield the results they desire. The acceptance part is what you all will come to understand. You only resisted who you thought you could become.

You will make new decisions now, and you will be fine.

January 25, 2022

Your struggle is internal. We have said your world is moving through a massive restructuring, and we also mentioned it was occurring within you, for that is why you wanted to be alive at this time.

Some of the events in your world will seem confusing. Many of you might begin to believe your world is falling apart, but what is occurring is you are being aided in your healing. You will be the only one who will allow that to happen, which is why you struggle.

There is explosive energy in your world that is coming to a breaking point, but it will be different than most think, and this is where you come in. The balance of power in your world needs to be readjusted. Too many of you have forgotten your goal of oneness. It is not something that occurred suddenly, for it has been in the works for eons, which is why we also said this is the most consequential lifetime you will have.

We understand some of you will not understand that paragraph, so we have revealed more to Roger; he became more willing to believe himself. He has accomplished that because we kept showing him the efficacy of the program, we gave you all in 2012 because he carried that lack of belief as each of you has, which is why you wanted to be here now to evolve more, and that occurs when you own and love yourself.

We will give you one tip to use this week. When you examine the events of your world, you must separate yourself from any group thinking and then ask yourself what is true for you and decide to make and own that decision and live it this time. If you still have fear and doubt, that is what you want to heal. We have thrown in some cryptic words; some will understand, but you all will be fine.

January 25, 2023 

Self-love will change your life and world. We mean that statement figuratively and literally. There would be no other goal more critical in your life than to love yourself, but you often struggle with accomplishing that goal due to your self-judgment.

But you have yet to understand that accomplishing the goal of loving who you are in every aspect would change your world, but that is why we provided our work. You each have difficulty accepting the innate power with which you were born to manifest that extraordinary life you could have and the world you would create. We knew your potential and provided a message on this date in 2013 following our ten-year guidance cycle.

January 25, 2013

You fear your success more than failure. To better understand this condition, you might think of the rule you learned: “Do not touch that, for you might get burned.”

When you come into physical form, you are given many rules and regulations by those in authority designed to keep you safe. Unfortunately, you often apply that rule to many areas of your life. You begin to equate anything unknown to you as that area of experience where you might get burned.

Your “job” now is to understand that your success is in that very unknown, and you would do well to embrace it. 


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You will believe more tomorrow

January 24, 2024

You will believe more tomorrow. We are speaking of your process of evolving and your planetary ascension.

Please review the message we gave you a year ago on this date, and the synchronicity will further your awakening. 

January 24, 2023

Your only problem will be disbelief. The same challenge has followed you your entire life and will continue to do so as long as you cling to who you used to be.

We have said you are in a time of restructuring your life and world, for they are the same, and it was the purpose of your existence now. Your world is awaiting your emergence, as is your higher self. You came to be the love your world wanted, which can only occur when you love yourself.

We have given you all the tools you could need, and we have done it sequentially for you operate in linear time, and we can see beyond that, which is why the message we provided ten years ago you will understand now.

January 24, 2013

All you are ever up to on your physical life journey is discovering who you are. This process was your goal when you decided to have a physical life experience. You knew that being in physical form, possessing human emotions and characteristics, and holding human thought would help you accomplish that goal.

When you believe your goal is your success, wealth, possessions, or anything else of a physical nature, you temporarily block your true purpose. This concept is not one you will quickly understand or even accept entirely as long as you are in physical form, but you always come to know it eventually.

You come to know that self-actualization and expansion are the same. 

 – Wilhelm

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It is never too late

January 23, 2024

It is never too late. When you come to the physical plane, you have a life mission to fulfill that coincides with the evolution of your world.

We provided a message on this date in 2012 that will shift your life events and planetary ascension if you follow it now.

January 23, 2012

Decide before you begin that whatever you do will be for your highest good. In other words, your mental approach to whatever you undertake will greatly influence your experience and the particular results you receive.

You would do well to study the definition of the word decide so that you might absorb more of this message. You do indeed decide before you begin anything. However, many times, you decide blindly, if you will.

You can decide instead that whatever shows up, you have the ability and resources to complete your goal, and the results of that process will cause you to expand in some manner.


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Contemplation will be required

January 22, 2024

Contemplation will be required. Everything we have provided you was to aid you on your ascension journey.

We love using dates in your linear time, so you might accept the process of transitioning or ascending.

The message of several years ago on this date will aid you in this planetary ascension.

January 22, 2011

Mortality is not real, yet you allow it to control much of your physical life experience. While it does occur while you are in physical form, it is merely a system in which you agreed to participate. 

Real means that it does not exist in Ultimate Reality.

You merely use it as a means to make a transition or progression to another level, if you will.

The difficulty that you have with it is that you fear it. That very fear causes you to miss much of your now experience, which you intended to enjoy fully. 

While the entire concept is not possible for you to

fully grasp while you are in physical form, you would do well, however to attempt to unquestioningly accept it as fact so you might get back to loving your now experience.


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