Genius was within you

February 28, 2022

Genius was within you. Those are the words that will make so much sense to you after you decide to leave your physical body, or die, as is the human term. 

You chose to be alive at this time to come to accept more of our words so youmight complete the task you accepted before you were born. You decided to be born so you might evolve or experience new aspects of yourself, for in doing so, you aid the evolution of your world, for you have brought something new.

But too many of you have thought genius was not within you, and that is where you were mistaken. You were given a task, and it was quite specific, and it was to be fully yourself. When you doubt who you are, it becomes challenging for you to complete your task, so you listen to us and others. We had Roger do the same.

Several days ago, we led him to a YouTube channel of many lightworkers where he heard similar information we have given you, which affirms his belief in himself to pass to you as you will do for others. You intended to do more of that now, for if you were to add your authentic self to mass consciousness now, you would see more of the changes in your world that you desired to experience in your life.

Every soul has a valuable role to play, and if you don’t consider yours to possess the quality of a genius, you are still in the process of self-discovery. 

We led Roger to a paragraph we delivered in 2019, which is similar to what we have given for decades, but now due to the restructuring of your world, he is more willing to perform his role as you will be.  

“Now, we will give you your life mission, even though you have sensed it. You came to teach humanity. You may think you know the definition of that word, but we will give you the one to use. Humanity is a blending, acceptance, and utilization of humanness and spirituality. Go for it.”  

You all will be fine. 


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