You have only ever had one problem

February 27, 2022

You have only ever had one problem. We would like you to stay with this message as for some of you; it will be life-changing when you choose to accept the information we are delivering now. It is always a personal choice.

The only problem you and your world at large have had is the belief in inferiority. That belief has existed as long as humans have inhabited your planet. Some discovered they could gain perceived power by manipulating others due to their belief in inferiority and lack of understanding of their innate importance in the evolution of the world. 

Then you carry those beliefs and ideas forward and pass them off to your offspring, and the distortions grow in immensity. You and your world become out of balance and require some restructuring as the one you are experiencing currently. Everything we are giving you now we have provided before. But you might understand it today as you examine your world. 

We told you that you each would choose who you desired to be during this restructuring, and your choice would affect all others, for you are all one. Every message we have given in the last ten years has led you to this point which is why we gave you our program in 2012. Again, we are speaking of our program because you have done the same as Roger: not understand or accept your worth and value.

Yesterday we had Roger visit another coach who does similar work. The most significant difference was that they accepted their work’s value and told a Zoom audience of almost 350 attendees that their idea was to save the world by helping others know who they are. That act further dispels the long-held human belief in inferiority. Our program holds the same intent. The funny thing is that Roger and the other coach have similar life experiences, but the only difference was money.

We bring up money again, for that is the cause of the current dilemma in your world, and you might understand your role in this restructuring. We have said for decades that money in and of itself holds no intrinsic value. You are the one who places that value, and you do so depending on the value and worth you have placed on yourself. None of you will do this the same, for some of you will do the opposite, and that result produces wars. 

In our program, we said you are in the world now to use all things physical, including your money, to develop your soul further, for that is all that is eternal. You each have hidden parts of yourself away, so your value might not have been recognized by you. Because you have done that, and due to the manner money is woven into the human condition, you have made yourself inferior. You were all born equal. 

But here’s the good news if you decide to see it, and that has been our only intention, and why we had Roger hold the live conversations. We knew where you and your world were headed. We also said that chaos breeds unity, and you will see more today and in the coming weeks, but it will be enhanced by you deciding to own who you are, for as we have always said, your essence is what is needed in the world now to shift the balance. 

We advised Roger to hold a class and explain our work some time ago. He thought he arbitrarily planned it for March 2, but that was our influence. For many of you, the planetary shift that day will make more energy available to fulfill your dream. Last night we sent him more evidence of that. 

And then we also told him to double the price of our course otherwise it will not have its intended effect. We said some time ago that if we told you it costs thousands of dollars, more of you would have jumped at the chance to become more confident, less fearful, know your life purpose, and love yourself again. Then you would gladly pay thousands of dollars.

Here is the message for the one person who stayed with us until the end. You intended to be alive now to actualize your value, and you will do it more effectively when you decide to employ the gifts you’ve been given and show them to the world. You will have more abundance and the restructuring of your life, and your world will succeed. You will be fine. 


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