You will love yourself more

February 21, 202

You will love yourself more. We are giving you the intention of our live conversation later today, but we also provide you with the awareness you come to once you decide to leave your physical body.

We know many have been fearful due to the events in the world, but you will discover that your fear was necessary and unwarranted. You are here now to be a part of the restructuring of your world, so you might utilize the movement of your world to move energy within you.

You each come to the world with gifts to offer at the appropriate time to aid your evolution and that of the world. Currently, your world is at a seeming standstill, and it feels to many of you that someone is waiting to make a move which is why we had Roger create that message yesterday. We say that is you, and you will come to understand that soon and how vital you are in your world now. You will be fine.  


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 “Your New Life Is About To Begin”

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