Resisting change always produces conflict

February 23, 202

Resisting change always produces conflict. We are speaking to you because you are at a different place in your life now, and you might believe your current level of fear and uncertainty is due to world events, but we will say it is due to the conflict that has existed within you.

None of you know the life experiences you will have, but they were within you when you were born, and your conflict has been accepting and owning your value. We know that it appears our reference is to current world events, but we would like you to place the focus on yourself.

We gave you this information in Your Life Operating Instructions, and we will place it here to help you understand this time in your life and your world. You didn’t fully believe you had everything you needed to create the life of your dreams, but that was due to your internal conflict, and due to the current restructuring, you can now make a new choice about yourself, and if you do, you will be fine. 

Please study this message in earnest. 

August 25, 2012

You may experience conflict in your physical life when you think in one way and then act in another. The conflict only occurs because you have difficulty making certain choices. Those choices, at times, can be confusing simply because you have yet to decide on the person you desire to be.

Often, that lack of decision is due to your lack of belief that you can indeed become that person. When you first consciously decide who you desire to be and know that you have all the resources available to do so, your choices become clear, and your conflict ceases.


Here is the replay of Monday’s session.

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