Many of your questions will be answered today

April 30, 2022

Many of your questions will be answered today. We know that the last several years of your lives have been challenging, and the fear in your world has been immense recently, so we decided to reveal much more to Roger last night. 

In our conversation later today, we will reveal more that will cause each of you to have more trust and belief in yourself and your world at this time. As we’ve said, you’re moving through a massive restructuring, and we know that is challenging, but we’ve also told you that it is for your highest good.  

While you may not have understood that, you will understand more of it today as it is time for you to acknowledge who you are and give your essence to the world, and we have always been here to aid and help you. We will do so much more today. 

You will understand why we have always said you will be fine.

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There is a reason that you are perfect

April 29, 2022

There is a reason that you are perfect. We will not make this long today as we have given Roger so much information, and we will give you a bit more tomorrow morning and then in our live conversation. You don’t want to miss that.  

Whatever your definition of perfect might be, ours is that you are needed in the world now. You each come to the world with something valuable to offer that would cause your world to evolve, and if you did that, you would not have a war in Ukraine as you do now. The challenge for Roger is that he has known this, but he could not explain it to you because he, like you, could not believe himself. 

Well, we worked on that so hard, and we must say that that has stopped, and we have finally convinced him even though it took so much effort. We have done this for decades, but the time of the restructuring of your world and him, caused him to release his resistance and move forward. 

When we gave you “Your Life Operating Instructions” in 2012, which many of you still find challenging to believe, especially Roger, we said on January 1st, 2012, that you all possess infinite intelligence. And all you have to do is open your belief to accept that.  Everything that has existed before is within you, and you were meant to use it now to cause your world to become better.

We even told you who we used in the program, but Roger held back and didn’t look until we had him see the Adlerian theory last night. We will leave one message that we gave you in our program, and you can put that meaning with your understanding of Adlerian theory and understand the progression of you and your world.  

There is a splitting apart, as we have said in your world. Roger feels, and he knows the urgency of him getting on with delivering our work to all of you. That is why we had him bring someone else in to make this more valuable in a monetary sense so that it reaches more people. Roger would not charge you more until he knew, and now he does.

He went so far, which he has done many times, as to borrow money from his brother rather than ask anyone else to pay more unless he knew the value. You live in a world where you base worth on the amount of money you have or pay for something, and that is the split and the difficulty that your world is experiencing now, which is why we said you need a shift in your wealth and income inequality.  

You each form beliefs about yourself for various reasons. Roger created his restrictions because he received information differently than others that he knew. That caused him to hold back and think something was wrong. Yesterday to break that spell, we had him in a meeting with a medium and also a shaman. They read one of our messages and said this is pure wisdom. Roger could never have seen that, just as you have not seen what is within you. You will be fine.  

Your Life Operating Instructions

Your uniqueness, or individuality, is what you desire to celebrate, own, and contribute when you come onto the physical plane. However, you have often sought conformity or what you think is normal, which is in stark contrast to your original intention. 

You knew that contributing your uniqueness would make the greatest impact on your expansion and all that is. You would do well then to seek to understand fully, own, accept, and celebrate every element of you that is different and unique. There is no greater gift you can offer, and it is your most assured path to happiness and joy while on your journey.


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There are no accidents

April 28, 2022

There are no accidents.You are in the world now to help your world evolve and yourself through the current restructuring. We understand that you have difficulty believing in your importance and why you would be in the world now to facilitate this restructuring, but we are saying that you are.  

Roger has had difficulty accepting this, so today, we are doing something a bit different that will aid you all. And we will continue until our live conversation on Saturday, which is far more critical than he or you knew.  

You do not know who you will become when you are born. It happens as you evolve. But it also requires your acceptance. All the events we have given you have been orchestrated in a Divine way, and we will explain more.  

Last night while doing his laundry, we had Roger listen to a video of The Hermetica. He’s never studied that, but he heard the familiarity. You each will have glimpses or clues as to why you are here, but you must accept them also. He is beginning to understand this now because we’ve been doing this for more than 34 years.  

When we told Roger to take our program and make it a higher price, he had difficulty. So then we had him meet someone who could help him with his predicament, and this person knew they were in the correct place as well. They were so excited, and this weekend this person is assisting other entrepreneurs and taking our message a bit further.

Your world will not be the one you want unless you decide to become the person you were meant to be. That is why we created our program. 

Roger could not understand why it was effective, and then when he heard a portion of The Hermetica, he could understand. He has never been able to find any contradictions in our words. When he heard that he had ancient memory, he pushed that away, but now we will make it more real.  

We will leave two videos that each of you will have the opportunity to study. We had mentioned these people before, but now you might be more willing to listen as Roger is.

We told him to change the program’s price because you live in the physical world, and you have adopted physical and human ways of evaluating worth, typically through your money. There will be more, but you will be fine.  


Number 1.
Number 2.

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We are still forging your belief

April 27, 2022

We are still forging your belief. As you examine your world today and reflect on your life, what we gave you in 2020 might resonate. We told you how you might change the conditions of them both, but your lack of belief was substantial, just like Roger. But he has changed. We will leave just a portion. 

When Roger witnessed the meeting in Germany today where the United States orchestrated a meeting of forty nations, we told you in 2012“Conflict and unity always coexist in physical life experience and are necessary for expansion and evolvement. This is true in your personal experience and your world at large.”

He knew the truth of our words even though, at the time, his disbelief was rigid. But that was before he did our program. Most beliefs about who he thought he was have evolved as yours are meant to, for it is the only reason you are alive. 

July 2020 

“You each have held ideas about who you thought you were to be in this life, but now you are awakening to the truth of who you are. The conditions of the world are aiding you in your quest. Now we will explain our statement about the restructuring and the United States.

If you take time to study the history of your world over the centuries of which you possess records you might read, you will discover a pattern of evolution. Humans individually begin to awaken to who they are. Upon that realization, they begin to expect and even demand more for themselves. As we have said continually, you are all connected, so what you do individually adds to the collective.

We will not make this a book today, for we will continue this conversation for a while, as your world will remain in this manner until you see the outcome you desire. Please make no mistake; we are using the collective you here. Each global shift you have made, you uncover more of your goal, which is unconditional love. The United States proclaimed itself the leader of the free world, and you will restructure yourselves to achieve that goal. We told you; you would be fine.” 


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Free – 5 Steps to Liberation

Doubt is self-perpetuating

April 26, 2022

Doubt is self-perpetuating. Please take your time with this message as we are doing something new. Each of you is meant to do during this restructuring of yourself and your world.  

We have Roger dictating this message as it’s a further progression for him as each of you is finding yours. That is why you exist in the world today.

We sent you something yesterday to help you with your doubt, but many did not pay attention. That is uncomfortable for all of you, but now you meant to move beyond that, which is why we are attempting to aid you.  

We gave you “Your Life Operating Instructions” in 2012 to help you through this. But all of you doubted that especially Roger, and then we told him that we gave you more guidance on this date because we knew you would not be complete, yet he doubted. 

But we will leave that message here for each of you to contemplate, for it will be helpful before our live conversation this Saturday. 

We did not choose that title accidentally either. And if each of you fully accepts what we are giving you now, you will take advantage of that conversation and create a different life for yourself, and the restructuring of yourself and your world will be successful. You will be fine.  

April 26, 2013
Everything about you is completely normal. That statement is meant to grab your attention so that you may better understand this message.

Many subjective words are being used to help make it more clear. You decided to have a physical life experience so that you might expand or become more you in the process.

When you compare yourself to anyone else, you will thwart your own progress. The only comparison that is valuable for you to hold to accomplish your goal of expansion is acknowledging and owning who you are now and then deciding who you want to be or what you want to do or accomplish.

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Everyone will believe us now

April 25, 2022

Everyone will believe us now—possibly even Roger. We have said you and your world were moving through a massive shift, and that we had given you everything you needed to know in 2012. 

Roger was in disbelief as you might have been about specific goals or dreams you’ve held for your life. You are alive now to fulfill them, not in spite of the conditions of your world but because of them.

What is happening in your world isn’t random and what we have given Roger all these years was not fantasy.

We have been preparing you all for years. And some who have read us continuously have benefited, even if sometimes unknowingly. We didn’t leave you there when we gave you “Your Life Operating Instructions,” We knew your transition would not be complete. We asked Roger to find the message we gave you on this day in 2013.

Reluctantly he searched, and he was surprised at what he found. Then we told him we have been doing this for a while, so just for fun, go back to this date the previous four years and place those messages.  

You each are in the world to accomplish something of significance, but you have difficulty seeing beyond the chaos at times. And our work has always been to aid your vision and awakening.  

Roger has consistently underestimated his gift, which is why he is a wonderful teacher so you can become your leader. 

We asked him to create a PDF so you might read the messages together and gain the benefit and gradual enlightenment, which always occurs, but witnessing it is so much more fun.  

Here’s the PDF, and please attempt to read it when you can pay attention.!AiIQgRTWHF0O2mk6nmTzxn-S2K64
You will be fine.  


Wilhelm’s Patway to Success.

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Self-belief is your only challenge

April 24, 2022

Self-belief is your only challenge. Every person is born with what they need to manifest a life of their dreams, but not all of you believe that, especially Roger. We will make this message even more revealing, for it will be helpful for him, you, and your world.

We had a live conversation yesterday, and we had him intentionally title it the best time to move beyond your excuses. Roger did not know why we chose that title, which is essential for this message. None of you can “see” who you are meant to become, but you do have inclinations and aspirations, and that is where your self-belief comes in handy. 

Roger listened to the recording last night and was surprised at what he heard. His lack of self-belief seemed to have vanished. Then this morning, to further make the point for all of you, we told him to find the message we gave on this date the year after we provided you “Your Life Operating Instructions.” Hesitantly he looked, and we will place it here as we want him and you to take it seriously, for this is the time you intended to do so for you and your world.

We also want Roger to leave the replay recording of the session as we also advised him to change the program’s cost, which will change tomorrow. None of you know your value at first, but when you discover it as he did, it is only you who will hold yourself back from experiencing extreme happiness and abundance, and now he knows he can do so, and it will help your world as you will when you decide to believe in yourself. Belief in something unknown to you will always be before you. You will be fine.

April 24, 2013

All you ever need to do is become willing to put forth the effort. The word effort is incredibly powerful when you think of it as a verb that can move energy in your physical life experience and cause certain manifestations. 

When you put forth the effort to move in the direction of what you know will cause your expansion, you will begin to notice all manner of help, support, and guidance that shows up for you. Many times this will have a magical feel to it because it was quite unexpected by you. The surprising nature of what shows up is designed to motivate you to move in that direction and the energy that supports that increases.  


Yesterday’s replay:

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Nothing occurs accidentally

April 23, 2022

Nothing occurs accidentally. As you examine your world today, you might be tempted to think things are falling apart or that you are in the wrong place. You are not, and you wanted to be here now, but you have yet to complete what you intended on this life journey. 

While we have provided you with guidance along the way, we will reveal even more during our live conversation, and you will understand much more, and you might even get on with completing your next big thing, for that is why you are here now. We have given Roger so much information. You will be fine. 


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You are not in the world accidentally

April 22, 2022

You are not in the world accidentally. You each come to the world at a specific time to facilitate your expansion. You are born with restrictions and limitations that only exist in your thinking, but you use your experience in the world to aid you in moving through more limitations. 

We have said you and your world are moving through a significant transition, so you will be given new information to aid you in expanding, but you are the one who must accept your importance in your life as well as your significance in the world now.  

We said we gave you “Your Life Operating Instructions” to help you during this period, but that was challenging for many of you to believe, especially Roger. We will provide you with much more in our live conversation tomorrow, but we had Roger look at the hermetic principles he had not studied. He had questioned why our work produced such results. If you look up the term ultimate reality as related to the principles, the rest of this may make sense to you.  

None of you have a conscious memory of what you were meant to accomplish in the world, but it is before you now; you must accept it, which is why you wanted to experience a restructuring. 

We will give you a message from “Your Life Operating Instructions.” It is the essence of the program, Roger’s work, and what you may accept for yourself. We can only offer suggestions. You will be fine.  

“Your insecurities are never justified but always valuable. In other words, any particular area of your physical life experience where you feel what you consider to be insecure is an area that you desire to expand.

Those insecurities are not justified because it is merely a belief on your part and not a fact based in Ultimate Reality.You have the ability to develop anything at all and access to all the resources to do so.

So now the insecurities become valuable, for when you allow yourself to notice and acknowledge them, you can get on with the task of expansion as you intended. You only ever experience difficulty in this process when you attempt to ignore those insecurities or pretend they do not exist at times.”


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We have given you everything

April 21, 2022

We have given you everything. We have said you are in the world now to experience a restructuring. But many of you have had difficulty accepting this concept and the importance of your role. We will give you more today leading to our live conversation on Saturday, for you will need time to absorb the information.

Roger did not know why we titled the conversation to be moving beyond your excuses, but you each have used them to hold yourself back from experiencing the unlimited beings you are. You are in the world now because you wanted to change, but it has been challenging, and most of it has been due to your lack of acceptance of yourself which is why you might listen to us.

None of you are in the world accidentally, and you come in with memories of all those beings who came before in physical form. Still, you might not allow that information to be known until it serves your evolutionary journey and that of your world, which is why you are alive now. We have always said that if more of you were to actualize who you are, the world in which you live would manifest different results than many of you are having.

In 1978 we gave Roger a clue about his direction, and you each have had yours. Yesterday while working on a presentation, Roger was relating the story of how he began his communication with us, and he always said he didn’t know how he came up with the name Wilhelm. Still, he did know, but it wasn’t in his conscious memory. The clue we gave him was having him live on a street named Goethe. 

Roger always thought the name was strange and didn’t know how it was pronounced. In 1988 when Roger found himself again changing his life direction, he earnestly decided to seek some guidance, and that is where we came in and offered the name. 

We must do this in small portions; otherwise, it will overwhelm you and him. The spelling of the name we insisted on was purposeful. We said in a live conversation that Roger has ancient memory, as you each do, but he goes back further than he imagined. And more of you will begin to understand why our program produced its results. As we told him, it is far more than a program; it is a philosophy and lifestyle that, if adopted, would aid the restructuring of your world through each individual. 

Goethe wrote several things, but we will begin with this, Wilhelm Meister’s Apprenticeship. “The eponymous hero undergoes a journey of self-realization. The story centers upon Wilhelm’s attempt to escape what he views as the empty life of a bourgeois businessman. After a failed romance with the theater, Wilhelm commits himself to the mysterious Tower Society.” 

We shall speak of Faust at a later time. You will be fine. 


Conversations with Wilhelm”, April, 23, 2022