You will love yourself more

May 31, 2022

You will love yourself more. You are born to evolve, expand, and add your essence to the world to cause evolution. Your authentic self is what you seek to discover, and it is the gift you bring to the world. 

You and the world are moving through a restructuring. And you are changing and being urged to embrace your new self. When you resist the coming changes in your life and world, you may encounter more difficulty than necessary. Now you understand what Roger has done, and again we use him as an example.

We have said we gave you everything in 2012, but that was challenging for him and many of you to accept. Then we said we knew your resistance might be strong, so we would continue to provide our help in 2013. We gave you numerous messages with references to specific dates to invite you to go beyond your limited thinking to aid you all in the coming year. 
Yesterday we provided a message on ascension, and today we said there would be a new you if you become willing to accept and move through the change occurring in your world. The awareness of this was so strong within Roger that we had him send a broadcast and record a video, for if he had waited until today, he might have talked himself out of it, as many of you have talked yourself out of your self-belief.

After he completed that task, we had him see a documentary called “The Deep End” by Teal Swan. Roger had discovered her years ago but did not watch much, and now he knows why. Teal had a life with similarities, and in the film, she is sitting after a large event and stating that she never wanted to be there.  

Roger has avoided this, and he has suffered financially by holding himself back due to his resistance. And he also knows that is the same behavior others inhabit, and he cannot help them if he does not help himself, and that is the sentiment we want each of you to remember as we leave the message about your new self. 

May 31, 2013

While you have often thought of change as having the ability to bring up a certain amount of fear because it causes you to move into some unknown territory, so to speak, you have thought of that change as external. In other words, you have equated that change as something in your physical world that changes.

The change that causes you to experience the most fear is your internal change or becoming more you. It is more you because you are in the process of evolving. This, too, then, is unknown territory. When you begin to accept and allow that change to occur, as it always does, your journey to that expansion you sought is less fearful and more pleasurable for you. You are constantly becoming a new you.


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Shared grief

May 30, 2022

Shared grief. We gave you this in 2012, and we are doing it again for two reasons. The first is so you might appreciate experiencing your suffering, for it allows you to release your guilt, shame, and embarrassment, which often occurs in your tears. 

The second reason is to foster your belief in yourself and your world and encourage you to envision beyond what you can see now as you examine your life and world. 

We also wanted this to lead to our live conversation with you later today. We will answer your questions and lessen your fears. 

February 15, 2012
Shared grief is always valuable and causes healing in some manner. Healing means that you come to know more of the true nature of your being.

When you experience grief shared by many, you recognize your own humanity and feel tremendous gratitude for your life experience. When you share that grief with others, you realize your oneness, which causes you to experience more of your expansion in the form of more extraordinary abilities, wisdom, and awareness.

Shared grief also causes you to stir your motivation to get something done; precisely as you intended.


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You exist to make a difference

May 29,2022

You exist to make a difference. You are born into the world to evolve and become more, and you do so at a time where you could be the most helpful to your world’s evolution, and you chose the time of the restructuring of your world. 

You did that because if you come to recognize and understand the importance of your existence, you will create the world you desire to experience. You will accomplish the goal you set for yourself and the world by deciding to believe in yourself and offer the gifts and talents you possess, and release more of your fear and doubt. 

We provide information that will be explained further in our live talk tomorrow, but we are giving you the needed preparation. We will leave you with a message we offered on this date two years ago. We use dates to stretch your imagination as the events of your world might have caused you to lose some of that belief in yourself. 

Everything we have given you since 2012 and our live conversations have led to this moment. All of it has been to help you foster more belief in yourself and live the life you want. 

May 29, 2020

You were afraid to love. Today, this message took a while to be received by Roger because he was fighting with us. Many of you may do the same. Roger was convinced there were exceptions to what we are about to say, but you will find it challenging to locate them. 

First of all, we are speaking to each person individually and your world collectively. Primarily due to the current world conditions and the events in the United States. We have given you several messages on this subject, but we will summarize them here. Love is the most powerful force that exists. It is powerful because it does not restrict its energy. It does not limit its energy and continues to expand because love is the absence of all judgment. If each of you comes to understand and accept this concept, you and your world will evolve exponentially.

The next thing to understand is you are all born benevolent beings, and when you stray from that understanding, you have conflicts because you have chosen not to be loving. You may get the sense this message will require study, but it will be worth it. If love is the most powerful energy, and you are not feeling powerful, you have been afraid to love yourself. If you think others have more than you, you have been afraid to love yourself. When you judge your life or experiences as bad, you believe yourself bad, so there is no love experience. 

There is so much to give you, but we will leave you with this. Every experience you have in your life, whether or not you label them to be good, bad, right, or wrong, all have the same purpose: to cause you to love yourself and, in turn, all others as you are all one. You and your world are coming to understand this. 


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Another mile marker is before you

May 28, 2022

Another mile marker is before you. You each come into the world at specific times to fulfill your evolutionary journey. You do so when you also choose to aid your world’s evolution. You are here now at the right time.

We first mentioned the United States and its importance in restructuring your world precisely two years ago on tomorrow’s date. We did so to show you they would be the model for you to follow. We recognize many did not understand that; however, you will on Monday in our live conversation. 

The United States will celebrate its Memorial Day, and we gave you a paragraph in 2013. We will leave here for, as we said, we knew where you would be in your life and world, and releasing your past will be beneficial for you and the world. 

We entitled the message we gave you then as “progression” because that is what you do on your evolutionary journey, as does your world. We wanted you to be prepared, and the mass shootings in the United States are a part of that preparation. 

May 28, 2013“You can experience your progression on your road to expansion by looking back at things you have done, recognizing your motivation for doing them, and then deciding if that is a quality you desire to keep and help you expand continually. So that this process is the most effective, it becomes important that you do not judge whatever it was but use it as a tool to make choices in your moment of now.”

Yesterday you witnessed mass demonstrations around guns, and it was led mainly by the young who will help usher in your new world as some of you hold on to old ideas and believe nothing changes and that only occurs when you refuse to change.

You have gifts within you that have been withheld by your fear and doubt, which is why we give you everything we do, and again we will use Roger as the example. 

Last night while on a Zoom call with his brothers, he admitted that he had not released several recordings of our live sessions from a year ago, and they all heard things that gave them greater understanding and comfort, and Roger’s regret set in by thinking he might have done more.

Then his associate shows up to provide two products that Roger created years ago. Sometimes others recognize what you possess before you do. Roger knows now they were in preparation for this time in your world. And the meditation course even his brothers did not know he had done. He made the course to demystify our process. You each have done something similar, but now it is time for you to honor what you have been given, which will aid your restructuring.

We will leave both links here: Finding Answers Within

Overcoming Fear.

If more of you believe, you will all be fine. 


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The Reason I Keep Talking About Money

I received an email questioning why I kept talking about money and the price of my course. Now I will explain. It has been challenging for me as that was never my focus with anything I’ve done in my life as I cared more about helping others. All of that information was in my mini-biography and story.

I know where the world is moving, and I know I can make a difference if I work with more people and help them achieve their dreams and manifest the life they were meant to live. That will never happen if I don’t portray the value of my course in human terms, even though I think spiritually.

I have gone bankrupt twice in my life and might do it again if I don’t change. I see the same pattern in others who want to do good in the world, but the world is also changing, as must we all.  

I know other coaches and mentors are charging thousands more for the same work I offer. Still, I have continuously operated from needing to see the value of whatever I have to provide beforehand, and now I know that value. I want to help others understand their importance which happens to us all as we live our lives. 

When I reviewed my life and the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained, it became apparent the value I have. The change in our world will be continuing for at least another year, and I know people will want guidance and support, and they will never have it from me if I maintain a price that others think, “it must not be worth very much if it’s this price.”

If you listened to the Wilhelm recordings, you would hear how much information I received a year ago that could help more now as we move through this restructuring of our world. 

I charge $300 for an hour of vocal training, and many happily pay that. But then I asked for $249 to aid you in transforming your life for a month, and I realize that doesn’t compute, so I’m changing after today.

My heart has always been so big that it caused me to suffer. I have spent hours counseling others, posting messages, and recording inspirational videos to help more keep faith. But I need to make a more significant difference now. 

None of us can make a difference in our lives and the world unless we allow ourselves to become prosperous, which is the same as becoming ourselves. 

In love and light, 

– Roger

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“Doubt of what you are experiencing or perceiving is one of the most valuable tools you will use because as you continually question who you are, you will ultimately discover the real you.”

Thank you for being in my universe. The world will be better.I remain committed to your success!

Please do your job

May 27, 2022

Please do your job. Your job is to become yourself and expand and evolve. The only way you accomplish that is to become willing to walk through your fear and doubt, which plague most of you in human experience.  

This message will be lengthy as we want more of you to absorb its information to decide about our work so Roger might do his job.  

Due to this restructuring, you are now in a different place in your life and world, and you intended to aid your world by becoming yourself. We gave you a program to help, but due to Roger not being willing to do his job, he will again become an excellent example for you as he also knows he was meant to be a teacher. 

Roger has known what was occurring in your word but has resisted this information as you have. We will leave one message of many we have given him over the years, but now he knows he must accept his role, as will you.

We are offering you information that will be vital for you to absorb before our live conversation Monday. You will also understand why we insisted he changes the price of the program, for again, he has placed himself in challenging situations because he resisted his job as you have resisted becoming yourself.  

November 30, 2019

Please do your job. Some of you will find great comfort and solace in this message. You each were born with a job to do, and it was one that you provided for yourself.

You knew that your job, should you choose to fulfill it, would cause the evolution of the world. You have no conscious memory of this; many of your actions, inclinations, situations, and circumstances seem confusing. But rest assured, they were all a part of the plan you set forth.

Now for further understanding. The world you live in is born and continues to expand and evolve from contrast. Contrast means that you are provided with choices. Your choices throughout your life will tell you if you are fulfilling your job. If you are happy with your choice, then you are. If you are not happy, then you are not. You want to make it more complicated than this, yet it is not.  

We awakened Roger in the night to hear a video from Victor, who he admires. The subject was lightworkers. Now Roger has not used that term as he has an aversion to labels. But he did know we wanted him to speak on this. 

A lightworker is a term that humans created to understand and accept some inexplicable feelings and thoughts they hold, like Roger. We will show you how all of your experiences lead you to your job.  

Roger has never maintained a focus on money and knew that he withheld money from himself as a means of motivation so he might fulfill his job. This morning he was reminded of a story he has often told of his mother. Roger can still hear her saying, “don’t be so selfish.”  Roger took that to heart, so he lived a life where he would give to others, not to be seen as selfish. Now he finds others drawn to him with these inclinations, and they find their solace in his example. You all do this in your own ways.

We have told you that the worst public figures in your history provided you with contrast for your world to become its best. Those are subjective terms you will comprehend.  

Here is what we want you all to take away from this communication. Your job is to be yourself, which causes your world to evolve. You should now know how important you are.


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Please read! It will help with the uncertainty you feel now

Today while speaking with a client in South Africa, he mentioned he was feeling uncertainty in his life and the world. I think that is a pretty familiar feeling for so many.

I knew I had received information about that, so I decided to search for the word uncertainty in my writings and discovered this one that I had no memory of its contents. I often do that, and I know that it is challenging for many to believe as it was for those I told of my program.

I hope this message helps you as it did both of us when I found it and read it to him. You will understand my optimism more and why I guarantee the results even stated in this message I received after many years of this work. 

November 29, 2021

Your opportunity is now. You decided to be alive at this time in your world’s history because you knew it would be a dynamic time of change. 

You knew it would be filled with uncertainty that could cause fear and doubt. 

You knew there would be heightened displays of contrast and differences that could turn into conflict and violence. 

You knew that you would experience all manner of personal loss and hardship that would lead you to this moment in your life. 

Then you knew you would have the opportunity at this moment to utilize your gift of free will to determine the next portion of your life and that of the world, which would fulfill your life mission this time. 

Some of you recognize the feeling and energy in what we just gave you, and others felt a sense of optimism that maybe you could believe that story was true, and we assure you it is. There is energetic movement in your world that will have added effects then, and your understanding of the events will ease your fear and give you the ability to use the events for your benefit.

You have something you have wanted to do; you have something about you that you wanted to believe. You held an idea of a legacy you wanted to leave the world. You will do so if you use that free will to step into your life purpose, for that is why you are here now, and you have feard and doubted that for longer than you remember, but your memory of that now is not necessary, but your action now will be.

We have used Roger as an example in our conversations, and we will do so again, for it will aid his restructuring and yours. We told him to begin our work with you in a program in December, for if you accomplish the goal we offer, you will start to manifest the life and world you want. 

Roger doubted us when we said we had given him everything in 2012, just as you have questioned your talent, your creative abilities, and the gift you were meant to leave the world.

We would like you to embrace your dream and move forward in your life, and you will more likely accomplish that when you begin to feel more empowered, which is the guarantee of our short program. 

You each have things you have developed, learned, accomplished, overcome, moved through, or conquered. You have yet to comprehend the enormity of your accomplishments as Roger did not, so now you will discover more together.

Those of you who know Roger might wonder the following. 

How is he always in a good mood?

Why does he always see the other side of things? 

Why is he so optimistic? 

Why does he never seem to be ill? 

Why does he seem to see people as all the same? 

Why doesn’t he seem to be fearful? How does he seem so confident?

Everything we mentioned in that paragraph is the opposite of who he was before he did the work we will offer you. We told him to leave the link for those who would like us to guide them through the next month. Please take the plunge into your life as well, and you all will be fine. 


I did start in December and the results were received by all who attened, included me. 

The new-look I mentioned will be carried on to the new site. You can still enroll here until Friday.

I neglected to add my Five for Five Club for my private coaching as I will change the rates next week, but you can take as many as you like until Friday.

Please take care of yourself. As I have mentioned, we are moving through major changes in the world, and many of us do not enjoy change, but it will occur.

We will all need to move beyond our limited thinking to adjust to our new world. 

In love and light, 

– Roger

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You can contact me here: #rogerburnley #wilhelm #personaldevelopment #careerguidance

“Doubt of what you are experiencing or perceiving is one of the most valuable tools you will use because as you continually question who you are, you will ultimately discover the real you.”

Thank you for being in my universe. The world will be better.I remain committed to your success!

You might believe us more now

May 26, 2022

You might believe us more now. We have given you all the tools you might require to move through this restructuring, but you have more fear than belief. We gave you “Your Life Operating Instructions” in 2012.

We knew you would judge some of the events, so we gave you two messages on tragedy. Then we knew where you be today, so we gave you a message on this calendar date in 2013 to help.

We use examples such as these that seem unbelievable to alert you to your disbelief about yourself.  

You wanted to be in the world now to aid your world, and you do that by aiding yourself and deciding to believe in yourself. And we wanted you courageous.  

July 3, 2012

Benefit exists for you in all events. All events mean what occurs in your personal experience and all events of your world. You benefit from all of them just like all other souls because you are all one and therefore connected. What may happen to you that you would term a tragedy will provide hope and inspiration for another and vice versa.

What you observe as a tragedy in another part of your world that you believe does not affect you does cause you to experience some form of empathy or compassion, and therefore you benefit. You could do nothing better than seek to know, own, feel, and experience the benefits of all events. 

July 20, 2012

Any tragedy, as you might call it, that you experience personally or observe in your world can cause you to live more. All events that occur have meaning and also carry a duality if you will.

When you first remember that all events are of a physical nature and occur for you and in your world, as merely a tool for you to further your spiritual development or expansion, you gain a different perspective.  

Since tragedies are all physical, they are also illusions or not real. As you move to heightened states of awareness, when you experience or observe so-called tragedies, you will instantly look for your own value to be gained from them. The ultimate result is that you always choose love over fear. 

May 26, 2013

Some of your most unpleasant situations offer you the greatest opportunity for expansion. It is not that you need unpleasant situations to expand, but you can use them to your advantage when they do occur. 

Most likely, you find yourself in the situation because of a choice you made, but many times because of choices you failed to make.

The contrast that you experience between what you desire and what you do not desire provides you with the wisdom and knowledge to make new choices and create future pleasant experiences. This process is only effective for you when you accept full responsibility for your current situation and resist the temptation to blame anyone else.


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Don’t give up now

May 25, 2022

Don’t give up now. We have said you are moving through a restructuring, which is to have you and your world become more. To accomplish your goal in this lifetime, it will be necessary for you to become honest and vulnerable.  

The person we will begin with is Roger. You each have things you are meant to fulfill in your life, and when you deny your path, you experience challenges, as does your world. Roger has always known his path and feared it at the same time. He believed that if he spoke of his abilities to see things in your world that most miss, he would be judged and ridiculed. Due to this behavior, he never valued what he had and could not allow others to see his value. 

This pattern has been repeated many times in his life, and usually, it shows up for him financially as he wants to take care of others rather than himself, and he is suffering for it now. He tried to help so many through this period with our work, but he couldn’t put a value on it that would compete with others in your world, and he knows he’s done that. His restructuring will be becoming honest and vulnerable.  

We had him find a mission statement last night he wrote in 2016. We will place it here so he can be an example for many as this period of transition is not done, and if he approaches those who desire his counsel, his financial troubles will end. He will no longer attempt to convince others and sell himself short, which many of you do.  

Sunday, January 31st, 2016, at 5:34 p.m. My Personal Mission Statement

“It has become apparent that the biggest gift that I can offer to myself and then to all others is to use my life and experiences as an example. It has always felt that I was given many challenges to heal or move through. But at the same time, I held a deep, albeit not always evident, conviction that all of these things serve a greater purpose I would eventually uncover, own, and then use purposefully.  Even the underlying shame I have experienced with having many of those challenges is also purposeful and might be the most important aspect of my entire journey.
If I can become honest with and authentic about every aspect of my life, it could provide a framework for others to follow. Over the years and with all of my studies and investigations, it has become apparent that my condition or the state of my life is not that solitary but more universal. It has also been revealed to me that venturing into the idea of a program or book entitled overcoming everything is indeed my personal mission, and how it becomes effective and meaningful for me and others is to examine my path chronologically, what I encountered, and what I discovered and used to reach any sense of normalcy or feeling of completeness. 

Now to accomplish that goal, it becomes important for me to own the shame, guilt, and insecurities about all of my experiences and bring as much wisdom and knowledge I have gained now to discuss it all openly. This now feels like the key to the success of my life. If that brings any other riches, all the better, but the main goal is coming to my own peace and understanding of it all.”



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Here’s more proof

May 24, 2022

Here’s more proof. We have said you are moving through a restructuring, and it is of you and your world. But for many of you to believe and have faith in the process can be challenging. Especially when you witness what you think is the world falling apart. You are building it new.

As we told you last week, you are here so that you can evolve and add to the mix as it were, and what you add is your energy or your essence. You each have vast histories with which you were born that you intended to call on now for guidance, and you hear your guides through us. Everything we have done enables you to remember your importance in the world now.

We had Roger write part of his story last night. He didn’t know why he was doing it then. Still, just before retiring, we had him look for the message we gave you on this date in 2013. We knew you might require a strengthening of your belief. We will place that message here and a link to Roger’s story. All of it is to enable you to believe in yourself more and accept your importance and the magnificence within you that you have not wholly owned. Also, your chronological age has little to do with your evolutionary progression. You will be fine. 

May 24, 2013

You can only live in your moment of now. It is not possible for you to look in two different directions at the same time. This is referring to your life direction. While you are in your moment of now, you can look back at your past or look to your future. It now becomes essential what you decide to see when you are looking in a particular direction.

It is always a choice of what you decide to see in your moment of now, and that will always direct your future. This will also help explain how often you will look to your past and become surprised that you did not notice what you accomplished or achieved. That is because you were busy looking to your future.

You can, however, also decide to look to your past and see what you think you did not do or achieve, and that will deplete, if you will, your energy moving into your future. The point here is that you always have a choice as to what you see, and you can do it consciously.

Here’s the story:


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