You could choose to save your world

February 25, 2022

You could choose to save your world. Any difficulty you might have felt with accepting our words will indicate the difficulty you have experienced in your life, and the results of your actions are reflected in your world today.

That paragraph holds so much wisdom that it will require some time for you to recognize it and claim it for yourself. In our live conversations, we have said that you each will use fear and doubt to navigate your way through your life, so you end up at love which is loving yourself.

We provided all that information to help you understand why you are alive now to experience this restructuring of your world. You did that because you want to know and experience more of your power. There is no human born who holds more power than another. Still, you have distorted that way of life since the beginning of human existence. You continually correct your mistakes, which revolve around believing one soul is more important than another.

We will not give you too much today, for we would like you to absorb this over the next few days, and your way will be easier. Yesterday we told Roger to search our messages for the word head. He had no idea why we did that. But he found messages that we provided over the years meant to point out how much and how often he discounted who he was, what he had to offer, and possibly if he had made a different choice, maybe the current conditions in the world would not have occurred. But that is why they occurred.

If we could convince more of you of the ability you held to save your world, you would do so, and now we’re almost convincing Roger he could do so through you, and you all will be fine. Please reread and contemplate. 


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