No one else ever kept you from becoming successful

February 20, 2022

No one else ever kept you from becoming successful. You have done that, but that was also your intention. You have a physical life experience to aid the expansion of both you and your world. 
You are discovering more of what you have left behind in your life that you did not deem valuable. Every experience and circumstance in which you have ever found yourself has always been for your benefit. Still, you do not always understand the importance of those events, so you have not seen your value fully. But others might. 

You each are born with dreams of what you might accomplish, but you also carry distorted versions of yourself that your life experience is meant to have you resolve, so you evolve and aid your world. Yesterday during an event, Roger’s nephew commented he had a vision that he felt maybe he had made up or was an illusion. Still, Roger knew that wasn’t the case, for it is the same person who alerted Roger to his gift and communication with us, or you probably would not be reading us now. 

The vision his nephew had this time was Roger speaking to large audiences and making a difference, but that didn’t make sense to Roger, for he’s carried erroneous beliefs about what he might accomplish just as you have. We asked Roger to find one paragraph we gave him in 1989 that he has now resolved. We will explain more tomorrow in our live conversation, but in preparation, you each need to release your old self to accept the new one you will be manifesting. 

Feb. 19, 1989
“Yes, it is indeed wise for you to realize how powerful you are and also to acknowledge the innate benevolence of your being. You seem to consistently maintain a subtle fear that somehow you would use your power in an ego-oriented way to the detriment of others. The truth for you is exactly the opposite, for the more you gain, you give away. The anger you sense or hostility at times reflects your inner frustration of your intellectual knowledge of your power and your simultaneous restriction of that power, which causes friction. It is everyone’s power to do with as they please, and your unique way is becoming more clear and purposeful for you. Be careful of the instilled limitations that would not have you own your worth. Relax and enjoy.” 

Roger resolved the conflict, so now he can aid others. You are meant to do for this in your life for this restructuring to fulfill its purpose and yours. You will be fine.  

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