You can manifest the future you want

December 31, 2023

You can manifest the future you want. That is the ability you hold individually and collectively, and as you ascend, you will understand there is no difference.

You use lifetimes to reach this awareness, but as we have said, this is your most important. The message we provided on this date in 2012 will serve you well now, and you will witness a very different future if you decide to recognize your importance now. That is and has always been our intention. 

The following message and recording will help you set your typical New Year resolutions, but you might be willing to adhere to them now.

December 31, 2012

Today is the day you have decided to consciously and deliberately release your past and embrace your future. This ability is something that you also have the opportunity to do every moment of your physical life experience. Still, it is much easier for you to notice and appreciate this process today. 

You do indeed create your future and personal reality by what you decide to do physically, but you would also do well to remember that the first and most crucial step of the process begins in the thoughts you choose to hold. These thoughts will allow that future to be made manifest for you. 

It will never be precisely as you imagined, for it will always be better or for your highest good in some manner. 


Here’s the recording.
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You are almost there

December 30, 2023

You are almost there. Our message from last year and a recording will aid you immensely today. 

December 30, 2022

Don’t stop now; you’re almost there. We have said you are restructuring your life and world, and you were given a contribution to offer, and it is within you. None of you could have known you would have this opportunity, so we gave you our work.

December 30, 2020

When you stop running, you find yourself. That statement is accurate for every person, including you, and you decided to be alive during this time to make that discovery.

While we have said you are moving through a massive restructuring, we also refer to your human operating system’s reorganization. That system is always limited, and you wanted to expand. We know that references to your past lives are lost on many, but we will use this current lifetime to make our point.

Each of you has experienced some form of limitation in this life, which means you came to believe you were limited, which you are not. Then, you require some outside force or occurrence to cause you to access more of your true self. The following message will help you more.

December 17, 2017

Stop running from yourself. Please tell your story in detail, as it will help so many.

You uncovered a transcript of a dream you had twelve years ago. In the dream, you witnessed a group of men you deemed to be leaders in some way, and there was a call made for a volunteer, and you stepped up.

Immediately as you did so, you questioned your actions or why you would do such a thing and even asked at the end, “why me”?

Now, in your current time, after discovering the transcript, you attempted to pretend you didn’t see it; now, it can no longer be ignored. You now recognize the conflict. Stop running means letting go of your resistance to becoming your true self.

Everyone does this to a certain degree, and now you can decide if you will stop running.

 – Wilhelm

Here’s the recording:
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The future of your world still depends on you

December 29, 2023

The future of your world still depends on you. We are repeating the message from last year on this date, along with our live conversation. You will appreciate both today.

December 29, 2021

Everything still depends on you. You were born with aspirations and dreams you desired to achieve. You had several experiences as you moved through your life and found yourself in certain circumstances you could not understand. Today, we will explain more of that during our live talk, and more of you will experience a greater sense of calm, which will be the perfect energy to manifest the new world you want.

Your actions now will set the formation of the world you and other generations will experience, so your attention to detail at this critical juncture is essential. We will also make our conversation fun, for far too many of you have suffered and released so much that you deserve to appreciate yourself, and that’s what we will provide. 

Some believe you are fighting forces of evil that account for your world’s condition. If you add your light and do it collectively, there will be no dark forces to fight, and you all will be fine. 


Here’s the recording
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Life mastery and self-acceptance are the same

December 28, 2023

Life mastery and self-acceptance are the same. You come to the physical plane with a mission to fulfill that is within you, and you use linear time to accomplish your unique journey. As you continue, you ascend, and so does your world. You are vital to the creation of all that is.

We provided a message in 2015 on this date that you can utilize to significantly affect your life and world today, for they are the same. 

December 28, 2016

You reach and experience mastery when you know and accept that you only have two choices. The choices are how you interpret and think about anything in your personal life or world.

The first choice is that bad things are happening to you, your world, or others, and you are a victim in your life and all your experiences.

The second choice is that no matter what occurs in your personal life or world, it somehow causes you to expand, helps you to evolve, and causes you and your world to become more.

The choices always exist, and it is always you who chooses. Mastery then will show you that whatever choice you make, you will find.


Here is our audio message for you today
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You can love yourself more

December 27, 2023

You can love yourself more. That is always the answer to any difficulty you experience in your life or witness in your world. It might take you a while before you recognize the importance of your life and accept the contribution you might make to your world; we are not limited by linear time and provided you with a message on this date a year ago you can implement today along with the message we supplied on your full moon. You exist for a grand purpose. 

December 27, 2022

Please do your best to comprehend this message. We gave you the one in 2012, so you might have an easier passage through ascension.

You have had difficulty accepting the changes in your world and how they might affect your life, but if you take our advice and do not resist the changes or yourself, you will thrive and add that energy to your evolving world.

None of you could have known you would be here, and Roger didn’t know how cleverly we arranged it all, including our live conversations with you beginning today. You are on a magnificent mission. 

December 27, 2012

You are entitled to your preferences, and you would do well to seek to know them and follow them. While that might initially seem simple, it can sometimes cause difficulty because you have confused some of your preferences with judgments. Judgments usually

carry some label of “good” or “bad,” and those assessments are typically not easy for you to know because of your current state of limited awareness.

A preference is merely a desire you have, which is usually inspired, meaning that you have it instinctually because it leads you to some manner of expansion in your life. When you eliminate the judgments from your preferences, your way becomes clear.

 – Wilhelm

Here is our audio message for you today
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The Full Moon – This is Your Opportunity 

December 26, 2023

You can reach the next level in your life, and that is a state of total empowerment. To accomplish that goal, you must release your old self and embrace the new self you have become. You are much closer to your evolutionary goal and your planetary ascension. 

Today, we have taken you back a bit further, for you will find reviewing your past and that of your world will aid you in manifesting the life you want and the world you desire to see.

December 26, 2009

Asking is an essential aspect of your creative process that sometimes you fail to examine more closely.

Asking sets in motion, so to speak, the intention of your desires. It also affirms that you can receive whatever you ask for. You set an alignment in place so that the Universe has a manner to deliver your desires.

You will find that when you experience your particular results in that extraordinarily creative process and are disappointed, it may be that your very own asking was not in place.

Remember that asking is quite different from expectations.

December 26, 2010

You are always in the process of going somewhere. This principle applies to every aspect of your being and physical life experience.

Even when you are in a state of confusion, you are in process. Even when you are in a painful emotional state, you are in the process. When you hold this belief in your moment of now, it will always provide you with a sense of comfort that the somewhere place will always be revealed to you.

Now, you will also more fully understand, comprehend, and accept faith and trust. The only reason you would ever think anything different is that you have come to believe some fatalistic outcome. That does not exist.

December 26, 2011

When you realize at certain times in your physical life experience that you desire more for others, even than yourself, you are also reaching a new understanding that you are all one. This awareness is no indication that you are willing to deprive yourself but that you know and affirm that you live in an abundant Universe and there is more than enough.

Another result that occurs when you hold this manner of thinking is that it inevitably creates and manifests more for you. This realization is another manner in which you experience the expansion you sought. Conversely, when you are unwilling to share anything because of a fear of lack, you will produce more lack in your personal experience and reality.

December 26, 2012

All that ever prevents you from experiencing pure joy, happiness, and bliss in your moment of now are your attachments. Attachments come in all forms and are always related to something physical. This process is not the same as what you usually think of as your memories, for those can be fond of and find pleasurable. Attachments, on the other hand, typically cause you some discomfort and, therefore, thwart your experience of now. 

They can be your attachment to how you wished it had been, what you wanted had occurred, or something you believe you lost. These can also be mental or emotional attachments, but nevertheless, they cause you to leave your moment. Joy, happiness, and bliss can only be experienced now.  

December 26, 2013

You will exponentially expand when you decide to direct your time, attention, energy, and effort to your next creation. This journey is precisely how you intended to live your life experience while on the physical plane. You can only accomplish this in your moment of now, for when you are there, you hold no thought of the future or what might be the result, and you are not allowing your ideas of the past to keep you from the task at hand.

When you accomplish this, you affirm that the most valuable thing you can do is be in that creation process. You will bring with you all that you have previously gained in terms of wisdom and knowledge, and you will surely experience the joy in that.

December 26, 2014

You only need to become willing to take the next step as you move forward in your life with the intention of expanding or becoming more than you are right now. You have to attempt to take the next step. As you do this, you summon forth all the support of the Universe to help you on your journey.

This concept is not news to you, for if you examine your past or personal history, you will find evidence of this all around, even in those small, inconsequential events. Still, they were all building blocks that allowed you to develop your faith and trust in the process. Everything you do in this life will flow in this manner because you came here to expand.

December 26, 2015

Everything you did was right, and when you start practicing gratitude, you will begin to see this clearly. Subjective words are being used here so you understand the meaning.

You tend to second guess so many things you have done in your life and choices you have made and then end up judging them as somehow wrong, and then you never receive the value and meaning that all of them were designed to bring you. When you become grateful for everything you have done in your life and every choice you have made, you open your consciousness to receive greater awareness and wisdom and then use that in your moment of now to create a brand new future for yourself.

Changing past decisions is impossible, but using them to great benefit now is possible.

December 26, 2016

When you decide to look at anything through the eyes of gratitude, you find appreciation, and then you move into a state of grace. As you continue to practice this in your life, it will become far more natural for you.

There are certain days when this is easier for you to accomplish because you are experiencing some grand celebration or experience of joy. Still, you can even do this with things from your past and, therefore, change your experience of those things and your past.

When you look with gratitude at those things from your past that were challenging, you will begin to notice what you appreciate now from those things because you are removed from them. Then, you move into that state of grace because you recognize that everything always works out for you. Now, you will be free to live in your present moment fully.

December 26, 2017

There are times in your life when it feels to you that certain events that are currently occurring offer very similar, yet not identical, feelings, memories, and emotions of past events. More often than not, those past events were challenging for you. Your second chance is to allow yourself to discover, recognize, and own your gained wisdom now. 

You will know you have utilized this chance quite well because now you will make new choices, see it all differently, and create a different future because you know now what you know and who you are so much more clearly.

The big news is this. You have this second chance daily if you are willing to take hold of it and use it. 

December 26, 2018

Decide who you want to be now. Please examine that sentence again, as it is one of the most important you want to understand. Who you desire to be in your life is always a decision. You don’t always believe that is true, which causes you to halt your progression toward that person.

It is also imperative that you understand why we used the word now. You can only make that decision in your moment of now, which, as you know, is where you have power. But more importantly, when you are “consciously” in your now, you have released your judgments and regrets about your past. Everything you want is in front of you.

We also gave you this message “now” because you are beginning to think of your “new” year. (Our quotation marks are purposeful)

December 26, 2019

Next year will be your best. Yes, this is more of a predictive message but also a forewarning. We provided you with the tools and mental preparation two days ago to make you enjoy your day yesterday. If you heeded our advice, those forecasts proved to be true. 

Roger initially thought we might have been incorrect. After he delivered our words, he received a text message from the host of the day’s events that forewarned them all that the hosts were not feeling their best and not to expect them to be their usual cheerful and welcoming attitudes. Roger attempted to hang on to our words, expect things to go well, and become willing to receive. They proved to be true. Those are the words we are giving you now for next year. 

You all are connected, and every soul will experience this as your world shifts. Then, you may become doubtful or discouraged because it will be vastly different for you, and you are accustomed to hanging on to worn-out beliefs and behaviors. But if you continually remember our advice and prediction, it will materialize. You are the ones who have made change uncomfortable, and you are the ones who can allow it. 

December 26, 2020

If only you could stop believing in accidents, you would prosper. We had to pull those words out of Roger because he knows that many of you may not believe them, as he has not for eons. However, you are all alive now to move through your disbelief.

As we have said, you are moving through a massive restructuring, manifesting first through you and then materializing in your world. You have done this many times, and each time, you move through some of your individual limitations, and then again, that result is reflected in your world.

We know some of this may not make sense to you now, which also occurs for Roger. As most of you do, he usually only understands his life in hindsight. But this time, due to the massive shifts, you each have more energy available for you to use to break through your previously held limitations, but that will be challenging for you to accomplish if you believe things are occurring accidentally. That line of thinking is what contributed to your feeling of inadequacy. 

Each of you was born to fill a particular role in your world’s evolution, and your part is unique. None of you have the same one; all are essential, and none are more important than another. That crazy sentence is one you have trouble with, including Roger, due to your judgment. You will judge others as wrong, so you may find some sense of belief that you are right, but you were right when you were born, but believing in accidental occurrences blocks your awareness.

Roger has opened up so much information that we cannot put it all here, but we will give you one point. You are alive now to accomplish something you hadn’t done in one lifetime or another. We cannot tell you what that is for you, but we can tell you what that was for Roger. We gave him a message a year and a half ago, and he understands and accepts it now. You will do the same in your life, but we will leave the transcript. 

No matter how you may judge your world and your life now, we still say you will be fine, and you will know that sooner when you stop believing in accidents.

May 17, 2019

We may have broken you, finally. Please transcribe this message without censorship; it will help you and others.

You have often been aware of our communication while at the same time doubting its accuracy. You then pretend that the conversations never occurred; you can forget them and disregard some voice you hear in the distance directing you to do something or be someone. But you never believe that any of this could be true. 

Then you create situations in your life that fall far outside of what is deemed “normal” by others, and you know on a deep level why you have done this, but you deny what you intuitively feel because of what you think others might think.

This morning, you took arbitrary actions that brought you outside of your routine, and you heard recordings discussing the coming Scorpio full moon and how powerful it is, and all the descriptions you heard described how you felt. How could that be an accident? How could you be an accident? How could you now ignore what you are to do in your life? Now you know how we broke you; now help break others.  

December 26, 2021

You wanted to change. In this message, we are accomplishing several things. We will explain your experiences of the last several days or even many years for many of you. It will explain the restructuring of your world and life and how you may aid in the transformation of all.

You are moving through some limitations in your life, which are expressed in your world. We told you how you might feel in our 2012 work on this date. And again, we bring it up to move you beyond your disbelief in yourself, which is the purpose of your life experience.

We will give you one example and the message from this date, and you will find your part in it. Roger was tardy again for his group this morning, and there were many good reasons he could attach to that, and he would be justified. But he also knows he is still moving through his experiences of guilt and shame, so for today, this message is appropriate for him and you. 

The more of you who decide to actualize the following message will understand your role in restructuring your life and the world. You all will be fine. 

December 26, 2022

It would be best if you detached from your old self. As we have said, you and your world are moving through what we have termed a restructuring. We have also said it is a planetary ascension, and you exist now to offer your essence.

You each do so when you embrace and embody who you have become; when you do so, you reconnect to the source, which is love.

We understand this concept is challenging for many due to your prior reliance on third-dimensional reality. Your world is moving to a new one. Your roles are individual; it is time to own yours and cause your life to become what you want. The love you emit will alter your life and world trajectory. 

We were clever enough to guide you on specific calendar days so the synchronicity of events will awaken you to your value and worth; that is what we did today. 

December 26, 2012

Your attachments prevent you from experiencing pure joy, happiness, and bliss in your moment. Attachments come in all forms and are always related to something physical. This process differs from what you usually think of as your memories, for those you can be fond of and find pleasurable. On the other hand, attachments typically cause discomfort, thwarting your current experience.

They can be your attachment to how you wished it had been, what you wanted to have occurred, or something you believe you lost. These can also be simply mental or emotional attachments, but they cause you to leave your moment of now. Joy, happiness, and bliss can only be experienced now.

 – Wilhelm

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Your awakening is occurring

December 25, 2023

Your awakening is occurring. You will now be able to receive the message we provided in 2012, but this year, you will recognize its importance in your life and world. 

December 25, 2012

Now. Now, you can let go. Now you can be grateful. Now, you can appreciate your accomplishments. Now you can notice your loved ones. Now, you can celebrate your physical life experience. Now, you can release worry, fear, and anxiety. Now, you can choose to think differently. 

It is usually easier to do these things on a day you have set aside and designated as special. Now, it is also vital for you to realize that it is something you can do in every moment of your life. Now, you can rejoice in that. Now, your awareness has brought you to what is truly important and matters. 


Our live conversation of a year ago will aid you more now
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Pure love is all that will remain

December 24, 2023

Pure love is all that will remain. You attempt to move to a higher state of understanding and acceptance whenever you are in physical form. It must begin with you and is a process in which you engage over time.

The message we provided many years ago on this date will aid you now and inspire you to make the most of whatever holiday you may celebrate. Remember, it is a recognition of you. 

December 24, 2014

Pure love is the experience of beholding anything of a physical nature and having no judgment. You may think of this as unconditional, but you also rarely truly experience love being unconditional unless you first seek the experience of pureness.

The first place to begin to activate this experience and feel it more frequently in your own life is with yourself. You know you accomplish this when you can behold yourself and have no judgment.


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Self-love eases self-doubt

December 23, 2023

Self-love eases self-doubt. You might believe your life might have been better if you never encountered self-doubt, but then you would not have been able to choose self-love, which is what you wanted and is needed in your world now.

Please view some of the messages we provided a year ago on this date, and you will be able to absorb more of it now as it is precisely the process of ascension. 

December 23, 2022

Please stop doubting yourself. It is a natural part of your physical life experience, but if you continue to do so, you halt your progression and that of your world. 

You begin to doubt yourself when you are younger, but at some point, you must take control of guiding your life, and it is what you were given at birth to develop, nurture, and bring to the world. But your doubt has slowed that progression.

We know you have done so because the conditions of your world are still in process, and you are moving to aspects of yourself and the world that are new and unfamiliar. Still, we provided guidance just as your guides have, but prevailing doubt has prevented you from believing in your unique gift.

Please consider the message we gave you on this date in 2012. It will help you move through this doubtful period of your life and world. When you decide to love yourself, you will also end your doubt. 

December 23, 2012

The word relax is one of the most powerful in your vocabulary. You can use it as a command in your personal experience to return to your moment of now or state of peace.

While you may argue that you can’t relax with your current state of affairs or situations, the process of relaxation occurs in your mind or the thoughts you choose to hold, and that is something over which you always have control.

When you decide to relax, you trust the integrity of your physical life experience, knowing that whatever will occur or show up in your experience is for your highest good. When you accept this belief, you also create that personal reality for yourself.  

– Wilhelm

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You will still feel less than

December 22, 2023

You will still feel less than. That statement is not a judgment but one of hope and inspiration. You are an unlimited being, and as long as you are in physical form, you can evolve to higher states of being and understanding.

There has never been a more critical time in your life and world to do so, and the message we provided on this date in 2012 will aid you during your restructuring and planetary ascension. Forgive yourself first and love yourself more. 

December 22, 2012

You will always feel less than as long as you are in physical form. The term less than, as it is being used here, means that in some way you feel inadequate, not complete, not enough, or whatever term may help you grasp the concept. This feeling means that you are still coming into acknowledgment and acceptance of the real you, which is precisely the journey of expansion or evolving. 

You would do well then to seek to embrace this feeling rather than judge yourself for having the feeling in the first place. When you embrace it, you can use it as a motivating factor to become more and make changes or improvements that you feel are leading to the person you desire to be. 


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