Your significance will become known to you

March 31, 2022

Your significance will become known to you. That sentence serves several purposes. It gives you an idea of the information we will deliver in our live conversation tomorrow, and it reveals the intent we have always held for you, Roger, and our work. 

There are no insignificant people ever born, but you can choose to make different choices, which most humans will do. But, it is only in that manner that you discover your significance, and then you are the one who must decide to take ownership of every aspect of yourself and the gifts you discover, for they are within you. 

We said you were moving through a restructuring, and how you thought of yourself and your world would change. You are the one who must accept your new self, for you are far more powerful than ever, and that is why you are more significant in your world now. Thank you for being here. And that is what we will explain tomorrow because nothing occurs accidentally. You will be fine.  


“How to accept the next transition of your life”
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Please suspend your disbelief

March 30, 2022

Please suspend your disbelief. We recognize that you are experiencing uncertainty in your life and world, but it is also what you desired. In this case, we refer to your life individually and your world at large. We also said it was restructuring, and disbelief would be natural. None of you have experienced this period. We continually move Roger beyond his to inspire you. We did so again today, but it will be surprisingly helpful for you.  We told him again to find the message on this date in 2012 and place it here for you each will experience resonance, and it is meant to inspire you to more self-belief before our live conversation this Friday. You will be fine.  

March 30, 2012

Everything you have done until now has been perfect. It was all perfect because it left you in this now position of gaining greater awareness and wisdom. It is not possible for you to go back and change anything in your past; however, it is possible for you to think about it differently, which has an impact on your now. There are no accidents in the Universe, and when you accept that, you avail yourself to everything you desired to gain from your physical life experiences. Simply remain peaceful in your now and everything opens for you. 


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You will believe and trust yourself more

March 29, 2022

You will believe and trust yourself more. That is the awareness you gain as you strive to fulfill your mission. You did have one, and it is before you now and that of your world.

We said you are moving through a restructuring, so your fear and doubt would have been natural, but now is when you meant to come to more understanding. Last night Roger decided to look for a particular phrase he thought he remembered from a live conversation. In his effort, he listened to several of the recordings going back to last year and was surprised to hear how much of what we said is visible in your world now.

Even with that experience, he still, this morning, began to doubt again because we said to him we gave you the message for today on this very date in 2012, and it will be appropriate for all who read it today, and it will apply to the lives of each of you and your world. You will be fine.

March 29, 2012

All limits in the physical world are human-made, and you set any limitations you experience in your personal reality. The word limit is being used purposefully, for it will help you gather the deeper meaning of this concept. Limits here refers to what is generally thought of as possible or impossible by your society or you specifically. 

The process of evolution is breaking limits, meaning proving what was once thought impossible to be possible. This is the same process of evolution you experience in your personal world.

Now you will think there are limits placed upon you by societal laws, but even in this case, you have the choice to obey those laws or not.

The conclusion then must be nothing is impossible. 


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Your Liberation Is A Moment Away –

For your understanding, today, March 28, 2022

For your understanding, today, March 28, 2022

We gave you this almost two years ago.

June 26, 2020

The more you know, the less you understand. This message will illustrate what we wanted to impart to you all. We gave Roger that title, and then we sat here for quite a while before he would deliver the message because he wanted to know first where we were leading him. You have done that in your life because you all share a fear of the unknown. 

We must also say this is not a new predicament for Roger but more of a life-long battle he’s maintained since an early age. However, the big difference now is he’s beginning to understand it. Roger could not hope to offer any form of clarity to himself or the world until he trusted what he heard, as we have been saying to each of you to trust what you hear. 

What we gave him today, which gave him pause, was to speak again on your world’s condition. Currently, there is a restructuring occurring, and given you collectively hold the fear of the unknown, that will become greater as you are in the midst of a profound change. It is not difficult to understand how that energy may impact you personally and the world when you offer resistance to the change because you want to know where things are headed beforehand.

We will tell you that the United States will experience the most significant shift as it was believed they held the most extraordinary power. You will understand how the feminine energy we have spoken of was misplaced because an adjustment was needed to aid the evolution of all that is.

While it may be challenging to separate your individual experience from that of the world, do your best, as it will ease your anxiety. You are finding a new balance in your life where you honor all aspects of yourself, and when you allow your feminine and masculine energies to achieve balance, so will you. You will understand this soon. 


We also said you would run out of excuses

March 28, 2022

We also said you would run out of excuses. We are referring to the information we gave you in 2012 which Roger had difficulty believing he could have received something at that time that could aid you all now as you move through this restructuring, but now he has run out of excuses. 

Before your birth, You were given something birth you wanted to achieve or fulfill in this lifetime, and it has been prominent always in your life but much more evident over the last few years. Roger attended a workshop this weekend where he witnessed everything we had given him over the years demonstrated before his eyes. It was the most exhilarating experience he had ever had. 

He instantly saw his life’s work displayed with great success, and the model he had searched for was now evident. Then he became an overnight success, as it might seem to others, but he knows it was due to his diligence in doing the work we have given him, and we erased his fear and doubt. 

Several others have come to understand that you create a life and world you desire by utilizing all the recent advancements in science, personal development, human development, and the importance of merging your spirituality to affect something new to aid the evolution of all. 

Roger will never be the same, and neither will you if you take advantage of this rare opportunity to shift your life and aid the restructuring. We asked Roger to plan a conversation for April 1, “How to accept the next transition of your life,” as we knew where you would be now and for several months.

Do your best to continue to find all the excuses you’ve used in your life so you might let them go, and you will be fine. 

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Your Liberation Is A Moment Away –

Results produce more belief

March 27, 2022

Results produce more belief. You are sitting at a critical place in your life and world. We do want you to think of them together.
We have said you were moving through a massive restructuring of your life and world, so have certainly is challenging for you to achieve, but we gave you a message on this day in 2012 that will help you. 

We keep doing that because Roger didn’t believe us, but yesterday, he saw more results at the workshop he attended, where he met several who are actively doing the same work as we suggested. They are influencers who are now using their wealth to make a difference in the world. We also said the United States would lead the way, but the message we gave you in 2012 will help you all now. Part of the restructuring we mentioned was in your wealth and income distribution. 

And if that weren’t enough, he then proceeded to ask those he met to give him their birthday, and he searched the date of their birthday for our message on 2012, and every person was surprised and asked him to email them the messages. Your belief is being strengthened. 

March 27, 2012
Picture it as all going well. This is merely another way of thinking about how you use your power of visualization, imagination, and projection. You always project some particular thought or feeling about any upcoming events, circumstances, or situations in your physical life experience. You would do well then to picture the ways that are pleasurable for you and make you feel good.

You always receive what you ask for, but many times you may not recognize that is what is occurring. Everything that shows up is for your highest good, and you always come to know this eventually. Picture it that way now. 


Your Liberation Is A Moment Away –

You have limited your abundance

March 26, 2022

You have limited your abundance. When we use the word abundance, most will think of money, but it can also mean anything else you desire in your life. When you are born, those desires are present, but you may have doubted yourself and not felt deserving of whatever would cause your life to feel abundant.

You are in the world now to experience the restructuring of your world, so you might restructure yourself and stop blocking your abundance, which is the term we had Roger use last night. Roger is currently attending a workshop titled unblinded appropriately. The leader of this group went physically blind at a younger age, but that is what has also allowed him to see. As Roger listened, he heard so many of our words that he could have said them before the presenter. The only difference was the leader was a multimillionaire.

Then Roger felt his regret which we have said many of you might experience at this time for you too will see where you have held yourself back and therefore blocked your abundance only because you could not become yourself entirely.

We had Roger write about the healing of his cluster headaches yesterday. It is another thing he has accomplished and did not talk about and inadvertently held back his abundance and did not make the contribution to others as he intended.

You each have something to use in your life to act as a target to keep striving for evolvement, and Roger’s has been money.  We will leave a portion of one of the several messages we have provided on the subject but now that he has more proof, he will stop blocking his abundance, and you will release something that has held you back, and your world will be better for your effort. We will explain more tomorrow, but you will be fine.

December 14, 2011

“You are never truly seeking money. While you may argue that money is what you need in order to survive, that is purely your physically oriented thinking and was never your intention while on your physical life journey. You seek the value, recognition, and worth that the money represents. That representation itself also becomes the value that you set upon yourself.”


Your Liberation Is A Moment Away –

You are the hero

March 25, 2022

You are the hero. As you examine your world today and begin to think something has gone wrong and you look for the person who will make things better, you will discover it is you. Now you know the intention of our work. 

When you examine your life now and wonder how it could become any better, you will discover your answer in what we gave you in 2012. We will place it below, for we will continue to operate this way so more of you develop self-belief, for it will be challenging for you to not find yourself in the message we will leave, for it is operating in your life now.

We told Roger not to read the entire message but place it below. He, like you, has had difficulty believing in his gift as you have, but that is also why we are here. You will be fine. 

March 25, 2012
You are always enough, and self-doubt is good. While that statement may feel to you that it holds conflict, the subjective phrasing of it will help you understand your physical life journey on a deeper level.

Your intention when you decided to come onto the physical plane was expansion. Every moment you are on the planet causes this to happen because you continually have new experiences. Every experience, whether you enjoy it or not, holds that every expansion.

When you have the feeling of self-doubt, that is a call for greater expansion. Your asking for that expansion means that it is always answered. It would help if you simply looked for it. 


Your Liberation Is A Moment Away –

Trust yourself more

March 24, 2022

Trust yourself more. You are in the world now, so you might experience this time on your evolutionary journey moving through the restructuring of your world. It would be challenging for you not to notice the multitude of events in your world that none of you have experienced.  We have continually referred to 2012, for it was another pivotal shift in your world. We told Roger we gave him everything that any of you would need to know, but that was an intellectual understanding. It only becomes valuable to your soul when you come to understand it while in physical form as Roger did today. We have used the term the integrity of your physical life experience for decades that he only understood entirely today. We had him hear a video from another channel that offered similar information but used different words.

It was evident to Roger that they had more access to information on an intellectual basis through formal education. That is one thing Roger has used not to trust himself because he did not possess that formal education, yet he understood it all as you might understand the message we left for you in 2012 that would help you understand your world a bit more and decide to trust yourself more. You have that integrity operating in your life now. You will be fine.  

July 13, 2012

The timing of all events, circumstances, and situations that show up in your physical life experience is always perfect for you. It is perfect because it provides you with clues, so to speak, of the Divine Plan that is laid for you. 

You often do not notice this, for you have learned the habit of being impatient and lacking trust. Yes, they are indeed habits that have been reinforced for many years throughout your life.

When you make an honest attempt to notice the timing, its perfection will become evident for you. It can even be in the smallest situations or moments, but that is enough for you to begin to trust the integrity of your physical life journey. 


Your Liberation Is A Moment Away –

What we told you

You are using your current experience of fear to evolve

August 27, 2020

You are using your current experience of fear to evolve. We are speaking to you individually, the world at large, and the United States in particular. You might wonder how we know that we know it is you who is doing that, and unlike you, we know that you never end up in accidental places, and if you were not meant to read this message, you wouldn’t be here. It is challenging for many to accept this, for you have spent significant portions of your life denying who you are or that you have guidance. 

First of all, it might ease your fears if we tell you how it all turns out. You will evolve, recognize, and own your gifts, become abundant, and come to love and accept yourself more. We know this because you have done it before, so the only question you have to answer is how long you will allow that to take? The current times of your world are urging you to answer that question. Most times, you resist the information, which causes physical illness, depression, and lack. Roger felt his resistance yesterday and convinced himself he might be sick, which at the same time he knew wasn’t’ the case, just like you have done when you have recognized your distractions.

We said the United States would lead the world in its restructuring, which you will witness more of tonight. You are asking one question of yourself, the world, and specifically the United States. That question is, do I choose love or fear? We have given this message to Roger for decades, but his current conditions allow him to understand and accept it, as will you, eventually. 

The repeated message. 

“While it may seem to you at times that you have many different choices to make when presented with any situation, circumstance, or event in your life, the fact is you only have two choices, and those are love or fear.

We are not referring to any relationship outside of yourself; it is merely referring to the choices you make regarding you. You choose love when you decide to be precisely, and you choose fear when you attempt to hide or discount who you are.”