You might choose success today

July 23, 2024

You might choose success today. You make that choice as you move through your physical life experience, and it requires you to take the next step on your evolutionary journey.

We have given you a guide for years to move through this current restructuring, but each of you holds resistance, as did our messenger.

It’s not about judging yourself, but about moving forward with courage and conviction. This is why we asked Roger to share his vulnerability in a video today. It’s a reminder that embracing your vulnerabilities is a sign of strength, not weakness.

The message we shared with you years ago is still relevant today. It’s a reminder that the guidance you’ve received in the past is a valuable resource for your journey.

July 23, 2019

Success is always a decision you make. First, you need to define what you deem to be success, for it is entirely subjective, and you each concoct your own interpretations.

You could be the most successful person on the planet and have no money because you are experiencing success in the only place where that is possible: your thinking. 

Then, there are physical manifestations you have created in your mind that you think would cause you to feel successful. Those conditions exist right now, which is that part you and others don’t readily accept. Most of you do not realize this because you are focused on why you couldn’t do what you wanted or the obstacles in your way. When you give yourself a respite from those false beliefs, you will see success in the next step you choose to take. 


Please watch the video here.

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The pathway to euphoria

July 22, 2024

Our messenger provides you with the pathway to euphoria so that you can utilize it to manifest the life and world you desire.

We had him create a presentation for you today. When you use it with our conversation yesterday, you can decide whether to find your state of euphoria and positively influence your world during this restructuring, knowing that we are here to support you.

We began with the message below. But today, you might accept it. Our wish has always been for you and your world to live in that state, but it can only come through you.

July 22, 2012

You can experience a state of euphoria when you create what you desire with no regard for expected results.

When you hold your ideas of what results you might receive from your efforts, you will either place limitations on them or project the exact opposite of what you desire and create that instead.

This process will make more sense when you attempt to hold an expected result of what you desire and notice that the unwanted result will also come into your consciousness.

When you hold no expectations, you experience joy, happiness, and access to all your abilities and talents, which is that state of euphoria. It is possible to continue that state with practice and persistence.


Please watch the recording here.

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You desired peace

July 21, 2024

You desired peace. Once you have it, you will have fulfilled your life mission. All we wanted was for you to find it.

You might have looked in the wrong place, but you will know where to find it today. We refer to our live conversation with you today and the message we provided in 2012. Your life has never been more meaningful than today.

July 21, 2013

Peace is always your desired destination. You arrive at that destination when you become satisfied with yourself. You find that satisfaction when you know you have done everything in your power to cause your expansion.

This can be thought of as your ultimate goal when you decide to have a physical life experience. When you are satisfied with all that you have done, nothing that occurs or is done by anyone else can disturb your peace.

This concept is also another way of understanding that you are always attempting to gain and accept full responsibility for your life experience. It occurs when you grant yourself the experience of peace, which is always joyful. Try that today.


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You are more than good enough

July 20, 2024

You are more than good enough. We wanted more of you to accept that statement, and it is also the reason for our live conversation with you tomorrow on your full moon.

We will refer to a message we provided on this date many years ago, but you will be better equipped to accept it today due to your evolution. It is also the reason for your restructuring. The evolution of your planet depends on more of you coming to accept your inherent worth and value.

July 20, 2013

Whenever you attempt to do, be, create, or manifest anything and intend to cause your further expansion and that of all others, whatever you do will always be good enough.

While “good enough” is entirely subjective, it is an idea you have continually placed upon yourself, which has often caused you difficulty.

When you think you have to be good enough, you are operating from some arbitrary idea you have made up in actuality. This pattern has caused you not to attempt to do certain things because you fear not being good enough.

When you recognize that you or anyone else will never know beforehand if what you do is “good enough,” you will realize the concept’s absurdity and give yourself the freedom to create and, therefore, expand. Have fun.


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It is you who must change

July 19, 2024

It is you who must change. We wanted you to understand the experience you might have to today as you are moving through your restructuring but we have given you guidance.

We will give you some excerpts from several years. You’ll only need the first paragraph. We even had our messenger record a video today as he faced his resistance to change, as many of you do.

July 19, 2012

When you find yourself feeling somewhat uncomfortable during those passages of complete peace in your life experience, it will also indicate to you how accustomed and comfortable you have become with chaos. When you are accustomed to that chaos, you begin to believe it is a “normal” state, and therefore you are continually creating the same.

July 19, 2013

You get better at anything you practice. Many subjective words are being used here so that you might better understand the meaning contained in this message. Better, means that you improve; and that improvement always causes expansion in some manner.

July 19, 2014

You only ever experience what feels to you like anxiety when you attempt to do something while holding a belief in your own inadequacy. You will now attempt to find the truth of that blanket statement, and you will find it in everything you examine where you experience that anxiety.

July 19, 2015

One of the biggest challenges you have during your physical life experience is coming to fully accept that you cannot experience ultimate power in your life without accepting full responsibility. They both must exist together.

July 19, 2016

While it is indeed helpful, inspiring, and at times motivational for you to study the lives of successful people for your own guidance, there is another way that is also effective and maybe more so. That other way is for you to become your own inspiration.

July 19, 2017

The other shoe does not have to drop! Screaming at you. There is an idea that you and so many others hold that signals to you that when things are going well in your life, that must mean that something bad is about to happen. There are so many things inaccurate about that sentence.

July 19, 2018

You had a great deal of information that came through this morning, and we feel you will interpret it efficiently if you allow yourself the time and focus. You have been thinking of a story for days; you have spoken of it previously, but you wondered why you could not let go of it now. The answer is because now you can understand it better, and you could not have received its wisdom before because your awareness had not expanded to this place. You do this throughout your life. 

July 19, 2019

Your point of power is in the present. We will now give you some life-changing advice. Any time you are experiencing discomfort, confusion, depression, or any unwanted emotion, it is due to not understanding and accepting that first sentence. There are no exceptions to that rule.

July 19, 2020

The world you wanted to see is before you. We know those may not be the words many of you wanted to hear at this time while observing your world’s current conditions, but if you study and understand this message, you will feel better. We are also having some challenges with Roger in disseminating this information as we are navigating around his human judgment of what is occurring. You each do this as well, and it will become evident to you.

July 19, 2021

If you continue to move forward, healing will occur. We are speaking to you about why you are in the world now and what you wanted to achieve on your evolutionary journey. And we are speaking of the current restructuring of you and your world.

July 19, 2022

You are the change you wanted to see. Your world is moving through a massive restructuring. You exist to aid that movement through your willingness to move through your evolutionary journey so you might accomplish something your relatives and ancestors did not.

July 19, 2023

The change was necessary. We are giving you information today to explain the recent changes in your life and world. They are the ones we have called your restructuring, and they will all have the most significant effect on you and your world when the change you make is to recognize and own your importance and love who you have become.


Please watch this video.

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Self-acceptance will be your only challenge

July 18, 2024

Self-acceptance will be your only challenge. We know it can be challenging for many, so we have offered guidance during your restructuring.

This day could be difficult for many, including our messenger, so we had him record a video to accompany the message we provided in 2012. When you combine the two, you will become more willing to accept your new self.

January 3, 2012

You are continually “working on” your very own self-acceptance. The term working on is being used so that you might understand that it is something you put forth the effort; it does not always feel like fun, but it pays you great dividends in the end.

As you begin to look at this concept, you should also realize that your judgment of thinking that you should “be there” already or should have met this goal is useless and absurd. It should also give you the idea that you never get it done, and it was precisely your reason and intention for having a physical life experience.

You could do nothing better than continually look in a mirror until you find that self-acceptance.


Please watch this video.

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It is never too late still

July 17, 2024

It is never too late still. We are starting our opening sentence in that manner because it will help you finally understand the message we provided on this date a year ago.

But we also went a step further today, as we have done with many of our messages recently, as we still want you to accept your importance in the world now during your restructuring.

You have never been alone.


July 17, 2012

Perspective is one of the most valuable gifts you will receive as you move through your physical life experience. In other words, every experience that you have causes you to also have greater awareness as a result of that experience. It matters not whether the experience itself was pleasurable or difficult for you; you still maintain that greater awareness which is perspective.

Now with that perspective, you are better able to make choices in your now experience that allow you to create the type of future nows you desire.

When you remember that you are always in the process of creating your own reality, you will use your gift of perspective wisely.


July 17, 2013

In order that you might guide your physical life experience, you need to make the decision of who you will be. It is not necessarily thinking of it as becoming, but as who you will be. While the semantics may not at first seem important to you, they do matter a great deal.

You create your own personal reality, and when you hold the idea of becoming something, you are unintentionally placing that goal outside of, or apart from, yourself. When you decide who you will be, you are making a declarative statement, with the knowledge that this goal is already within you, and you need merely to allow it to manifest.

When you make that decision first, all other decisions become easy for you.


July 17, 2014

No tragedy has occurred. That statement refers to a mindset you would do well to adopt when anything occurs in your personal life experience, or your world, that you are tempted to label a tragedy. When you have that mindset, you are also in a place to receive the wisdom and knowledge the event or occurrence was designed to deliver, and then you can use that information in a manner that will propel your life forward, so to speak, and also provide you with the motivation and desire to make a change or improvement in your life, which must then also make a contribution or change in your world.

You only think of most things as being tragedies in the first place when they involve physical death. You are all eternal.


July 17, 2015

Mistakes made by you are always helpful depending on how you choose to view them. A mistake, as it is being used here, merely means something that you did or failed to do that, because of that, did not deliver the result you desired.

You now have two choices. You can decide that you are the mistake or the same as the mistake and then go about berating yourself for it, or you could choose to become grateful for the mistake because now you have greater awareness and can make new choices and decisions in the future. When you simply think about those two choices, you can instantly feel the difference between them in your emotional body. The latter will always fill you with optimism and even newfound energy to move forward.


July 17, 2016

You have used reasons, excuses, and distractions to keep you from reaching your true goals and desires. This message is difficult for you, which is why you hesitated even writing it.

This goes on for most souls, but most continue the game, so to speak, and never come to the reality of what they have been doing. You are now making a conscious decision to move beyond all of your reasons, excuses, and distractions.

It becomes important for you to understand why you have done this in order to move beyond it. It is far easier, so you think, to have the reasons, excuses, and distractions than to attempt to do something with and in your life that you think will be great, and then fail. You move beyond this when you understand it is impossible for you to fail.


July 17, 2017

The most powerful thing you can do today is to focus on only the things you can do, for anything less than that will be disempowering for you. That sentence may seem confusing until you attempt to accomplish this.

You will notice how often you go back to what happened yesterday and try to fix that, and that act itself is disempowering because it takes you away from the momentum you could be establishing in your life that is leading you to your goals.

The things that you can do are not things outside of your control, or what others may do, or even your thoughts about what might occur. You will notice how much fun it becomes for you when you develop this focus.


July 17, 2018

When you began receiving this information this morning, the clarity of its content almost shocked you, and at the same time, you experienced a feeling of guilt and even embarrassment. The embarrassment part was you thought you “should” have known this before now, and also because you so often offer this advice to others.

The awareness that showed up was, yesterday you were doing two distinct activities that you were eager to do and were enjoying, but felt that maybe you “should” have been doing something else that was directly related to bringing you money.

Here is your big answer. You become rich when you are not doing anything for money, but you do what feels natural or fun for you. You only have to believe this, and all else will follow.


July 17, 2019

Refuse to worry, no matter what. We wanted you to use that opening sentence as most of you will think that is an impossible task, and as you hold that thought, you also uncover the source of every difficulty you have ever experienced in your life. As you and others understand this message and decide to accept it, you will unearth your power to create your lives the way you want.

You all do things that go against even your own level of intellect and understanding at this point. You attempt to believe that your thoughts create your reality, but you consciously choose thoughts of worry, which means you are actively creating whatever you worry about, as you place your attention there.

Here is the part we want you all to realize. Many times you used the “practice” of worry to serve as a distraction and a valid reason for you not to become yourself. You will not be able to move through your day now and not notice this, and that act in and of itself will change your life. You’ll see.


July 17, 2020

How your intolerance can serve you. First of all, you need to acknowledge that you have it, and then ask yourself why. That sentence contains the answer you will find in this message. We told you that your world is moving through a restructuring period, and how that occurs is through establishing new norms or ways of being. You do this by making choices of who you each desire to be. The choice you make will aid evolution in some way. The challenge you all have is making those choices while holding on to your ideas of right and wrong. We will tell a story to illustrate.

Yesterday Roger could feel his anger rise as he watched what was occurring in the world, which to him seemed unnecessary. We say to him, because in those moments, he is thinking with his human mind and not ours. You all do this. From an early age, Roger found himself investigating events of the world for understanding. He did not know why he was doing this. When John F. Kennedy was assassinated, Roger felt his world collapse. Even though quite young, he made a scrapbook of all the events to remember what occurred. Soon after, Roger began hearing conspiracy theories emerge as to who might have actually shot Kennedy and if it were some plot concocted by who knows what. Roger questioned why that would matter. What did matter to him was a man who Roger believed expressed the ideas and the hope the country needed was gone.

When the pandemic began, and the controversy over wearing masks erupted, Roger could not understand that as well because to him, whatever choice would be for the common good, that would be the one he would make. Roger’s intolerance emerged when he could not accept that his choice would not be the one all would make.

We will leave with a message we gave him years ago, which might have informed him earlier in his life of who he was to be. But before that, we will tell you all that the choices you each make now that are not in some way to aid the common good will be restructured. You will witness the truth of our words eventually, but attempt to believe them now.

October 14, 2017

Just stay in your lane. Attempt to go with this stream of thought for a bit. You saw a performance last night, and what stood out to you were two particular pieces the artist performed that moved you so much that you told them it was their lane. You said and felt that because you experienced authenticity through their performance.

Every soul can do this, including you. This does not mean you would not explore other areas of your life experience to find value and to define further who you are, but it does say that you will find that particular lane you feel is indeed yours when you don’t judge it or compare it to anyone else. What creates your world and continues to cause it to expand is the willing contributions of unique people like you.


July 17, 2021

A continual effort to accept more of your gifts at this time will be beneficial. You were born to offer a contribution to the world in the form of the gifts you possess. At times they do not

seem like gifts to you, but they certainly are, and at this time in your world, it is imperative that more of you accept that and then offer them for your good and the good of all others.

Your willingness to do this adds to your expansion and that of your world. This practice of seeking to offer more of your gifts allows you to acknowledge and recognize them, but it also moves you beyond your fear and into your purpose. When you accept this, you also understand that you are constantly given more gifts.


July 17, 2022

You possess an abundance of gifts. We are beginning this message in this manner as we want you to accept its truth and that is why we will also give you the same message on this date. You have each been born with an abundance of gifts that are meant to be utilized during your time of transition.

What is occurring is you have not become willing to accept the gifts you possess, for to do so would cause you to own your power and be responsible for the evolution of your planet.

Today is also the day that you have become willing to see this.


July 17, 2023

It is the continual process of seeking to love yourself that will help you recognize the gifts you possess. There is so much going on in your world now that has caused many of you to question whether or not you matter in any way, and we assure you that you do. But more than that, you matter more now than ever, and you will be of great value to the world when you decide to embrace the gifts you possess and utilize them now.

When you seek to love yourself more, you uncover more of your gifts. You may have held beliefs that your gifts were not that valuable or important because you were attempting to measure them against those of others, and that is never possible. Each of you only recognizes your gifts when you decide to love yourself more.


Here’s is the session held a year ago on this date:

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You could be more willing today

July 16, 2024

You could be more willing today. We refer to a message we provided in 2012 and a video our messenger recorded for you today. Because of them, your awareness and acceptance of yourself will grow.

July 16, 2012

Become willing to guide and live the physical life experience you always desired.

When you become willing, you are giving yourself permission to acknowledge and let go of the barriers and blockages you have put up that prevent you from experiencing that life.

When you become willing, you acknowledge and let go of all the thoughts, actions, and behaviors that you know are keeping you from that life experience.

When you become willing, you recognize that it is only you who can make those choices.

When you become willing, you give yourself access to all the talents and abilities that are inherently yours which you have previously not acknowledged, owned, and utilized.


Please watch the video here

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There are still no limits

July 15, 2024

There are still no limits. We have said you are moving through a restructuring, which would have felt to most of you as a rapid ascension, and we can assure you it is.

However, we also said we have guided you on this part of your journey since 2012. We created an eBook for today as your world makes more dramatic, energetic shifts, and the work we provide will have you fortified and prepared for your expansion.


July 15, 2012

There is no limit to what you might become except the one that you set. The idea of limit itself does not exist, except in your thinking.

Your entire purpose for having a physical life experience was to live fully with no limits. The harsh truth is that whenever you feel that you have not achieved something that you desire, it is because of your own unwillingness to do so.

This is not a good or bad thing, but simply something for you to become aware of so that you know it is only you who is making that choice. Understanding this allows you to make all your choices consciously.

July 15, 2013

You are always in the process of creating something. You do so through your thoughts, deeds, words, and actions. All of them hold your creative process. When you begin your process, you would do well to seek to know the contribution you desire to make.

The truest contribution will always be one that you know will cause not only your expansion but that of all others who come in contact with that creation. This is the desire of every soul that comes onto the physical plane. This does not need to be something that you think of as having a grandiose nature, because even if that creation touches only one other soul, you have made your contribution.

Your contribution is your personal mark, if you will, that you desire to leave with the world. You will inevitably do this, and you will find great joy when you decide to do it deliberately.

July 15, 2014

Everything you have done, everything that has occurred for you, and everything that has happened to you throughout your entire physical life experience have been the right things. Subjective words need to be used here so you understand the meaning intended.

There have been many things you have done in your life, and many things you have experienced, which you initially judged as bad, wrong, difficult, or challenging. When you place those labels on yourself or those events, you may miss receiving the wisdom and knowledge they were all designed to deliver to you.

In order to accept this, you must believe that there is what you can think of as built-in integrity of your life experience that is unique to you, and all of it occurs so that you can fulfill your desire for expansion. When you label all of it as right, you will gain so much more.

July 15, 2015

Your physical life experience was meant to be joyful, and you will experience it in that manner as you continue to seek your purpose. All souls come to the physical plane with the same intention, and that is to find, experience, and own their purpose.

You will know you are doing this when you also experience joy. While there are many things you may do in your life that feel obligatory or necessary to maintain your life, there are also many elements of whatever you do, even in arduous tasks, where you still experience joy. In that moment, you have experienced your purpose. There is no purpose more important than another, and when you fully own yours, you make a contribution, and all others benefit.

It is important that you pay attention to how you “feel” when doing anything, and then you are guided to your purpose.

July 15, 2016

You can indeed change the world when you decide to take that second step. The first step was when you recognized that the source or cause of violence and rebellion within yourself and all others is due to feeling disempowered, less than, or marginalized in some way. Apply this to your own life for it to become a visceral experience for you. You know you only act out or yell in anger when you feel this, and it is the same for all others.

The second step then is for you to first do everything in your power to cause yourself to feel powerful, empowered, capable, and important, and then decide to do what you can to encourage anyone in your presence to feel the same. This is how you change the world.

July 15, 2017

The answer to the question you seek is, you no longer want to be controlled. When you examine the things in front of you right now and see them as challenges or obstacles, they are there because you desired to move beyond them, so they no longer control your life.

You no longer want your happiness to be dependent on the actions, thoughts, or words of others. You had a goal of experiencing autonomy, and there was no better manner in which you might achieve this than the particular path you are on.

None of this then is accidental, but always asked for by you to help you achieve your original goal of freedom or not being controlled.

July 15, 2018

There have been many times in your life when you have questioned why you would allow yourself to become involved in certain situations or circumstances. Then you will begin to look for those reasons and think they may be hidden away or buried so deep within you that they can never be uncovered.

In nearly every case, the answer is because you wanted to know you could do whatever it is; you wanted to do it yourself, and you wanted to know and experience empowerment.

Empowerment means that you can make choices because you desire to do so, and you are not being directed by anything but you.

July 15, 2019

Ask for what you want today. If that felt like a directive, it was meant to be just that, and we will be more specific. Over the years, we have given you several messages on entitlement. You can review any of them to understand this point. You and most others accept conditions in your lives and don’t change them because you don’t want to ask for what you want due to not feeling entitled or deserving.

We will be even more specific because you are still resistant. Look at every area of your life, decide what you want, actively do something to create that, and don’t try to explain it to anyone else. You will now feel deserving.

July 14, 2020

You are responsible for the current conditions of your world. If you do not understand or reject that statement, it will help you understand this message and reveal the root cause of every difficulty you have experienced.

Again, we are speaking of the individual and collective you, and the more of you who understand this, the more you aid the evolution of your world. We will put together a story to illustrate our point, and we will attempt not to make it lengthy, but we will say more of you will have extra time on your hands. Weeks ago, we told you and Roger what you might witness today due to your actions as the collective whole, but just as you have never believed the guidance you have received in your life, you would not so readily accept ours. Please don’t beat yourself up though; Roger has such trouble accepting our advice.

You are born to contribute to the evolution of all that is, and every one of you is essential and necessary in that process. But when you have not placed importance on your life personally, you don’t trust yourself. Roger was walking yesterday to return a camera he inadvertently ordered believing he needed it. We have often said you already have everything you need to create the life you want, but Roger, like you, didn’t believe that, so he thought he had to find other gadgets to help him. We will tell you that was another excuse he used to avoid being himself. Roger has stated that he feels his role is to bring spiritual awareness, personal development, and practical application together to aid humanity in its evolution. Even writing those words seems ridiculous to him just as it has to you. But it is an accurate statement for you all.

What Roger heard while walking was someone giving a TED Talk, and they mentioned something that occurred in their lives in 2005 that caused them to awaken in some way. You might remember we told you Roger discovered a folder of his writings from 2005 that recounted a dream where Roger was clearly shown what he might do to have his life blossom, but he didn’t believe it. Then the person said at the end of the talk, “It is never too late to be who you were meant to be.” Roger later discovered he was listening to the actress Rita Wilson, who had already been famous and successful at that time but now was suddenly waking up to who she wanted to be. You are doing that now. You might be doing it because you are frightened, and that is what we told Roger some time ago, and again, he didn’t believe us. We will post that message at the end.

As you study this message and become willing, you will discover yourself.

February 15, 2011
While fear can be a motivator you use in order to accomplish something, your ultimate goal in gaining mastery over your physical life experience is to no longer have fear as part of the equation in your decision-making process to do anything.

This long statement holds valuable keys for you to use in living your happy, fulfilled, and prosperous life. The questions then that would be useful for you to ask in attempting to do anything are: Am I doing this because I am afraid of something occurring, or am I doing this because I desire to create something to occur? The difference in those questions is quite powerful and will serve you well when you decide to employ them.

July 15, 2021

How to save a life. We wanted Roger to use a provocative title so more might hear our words, for they will be helpful during

your current restructuring. Again, we speak of you as the collective, and the more of you who come to understand this, the easier you will move through this time of awakening, which is what you wanted.

The idea of saving a life is one you each hold, but sometimes you only think of it in terms of others, and you forget yourself. We continually use Roger as an example because he didn’t believe he held any relevance in the world, just as you might not. You each were born with that significance.

The events in your world are your creation, but they also offer you an opportunity to become the highest version of yourself, which you sometimes ignore.

If you think about this, as Roger did, if you knew you had been given the ability to help, heal, and uplift others, would you not want to do that? You each have that ability. We know this is true because of how we delivered the message today.

Roger didn’t want to post this message because he feared judgment and criticism, as many of you have, but after reading the message, he knew he had to post it. You each have a role to play, and none is more important than another. Roger questioned if he could use the TED Talk story because he didn’t know if it was right. But then he discovered it was right for him because we led him there, and as we do for you.

You will accomplish what you want and cause the world to change as you want by deciding to love yourself. When you have done that, you will want to do as we said and save a life, and you will see that life you save is yours.

July 15, 2022

The key to your success is to stop ignoring yourself. That simple phrase holds the key to everything you desire, and we will explain how it works and the importance of this day for you, individually and collectively.

You always have had free will and choice in every life circumstance and situation, but you each held a fear that could be linked to a lack of confidence or self-belief, but they are the same.

On this day in 2020, you created what you are now experiencing. Many of you were given guidance, information, or insights that could aid you in creating the life you wanted, but you ignored those.

The best example we can use is Roger, who discovered a note from 2020 where we laid out his life and his work, but he didn’t believe us. You each have done that, which is why we gave you our work to cause you to believe in yourself.

We know more will understand, accept, and love themselves and your world now. It is the restructuring.

July 15, 2023

Your purpose is what you are meant to accomplish, but most of you never discover it until later in life. The message we gave you in 2012, which Roger did not understand, was for now. You are meant to be something more, but you must let go of the fear of becoming yourself, and that is what your world is doing now.

You each come to the world at a time of transition, which is what the restructuring is, and we have told you, Roger, and everyone they were given their life during this time for that reason. You are to evolve.

When you do not feel good about your world, it is because you have not decided to become yourself, which will change everything.

We will continue to offer guidance as we have for your life, but you must study it and use it. Roger didn’t believe all we gave him because he couldn’t believe in himself, but we have helped that. You must do the same, and your world will become what you want it to be.


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You matter more now

July 14, 2024

You matter more now. We are referring to the current restructuring of you and your world and the message we provided on this date in 2012.

But we went further today and had our messenger record a video that will bring everything together in your awareness.

July 14, 2012

It is not possible for you to measure your own contribution. In other words, what you desire to contribute to your world at large is already known to you, so you will also have the tendency to take it for granted. What is natural to you may offer tremendous benefit to another, precisely as you intended.

Each and every soul comes to the earth plane with their own unique gift, as do you. When you attempt to measure or judge your own contribution, your own estimation of that gift will not necessarily be felt by you, so it becomes a futile exercise for you to do so. Simply give the gift. 


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Watch the video here.

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