You could be ready today

May 29, 2024

You could be ready today. As you review the message we provided last year on this date along with the live conversation we had later that will resonate for you today.

May 29, 2023

Your life can manifest a better life and world. The word better is subjective, and you will find your interpretation as it relates to your life. The word can, will indicate your willingness to use your life to make it better first, and that will become reflected in your world.

Today is the perfect day to reveal this message. Many in the United States and elsewhere celebrate a day of memorializing those who came before and made sacrifices for all. The United States is the one leading the way in this restructuring. You are doing the same and decided to live during this time, so your contribution is enormous.

We gave you a message on this date in 2012 that we wanted you to utilize today.

May 29, 2012

Decide to be better. Be better; those two small words hold unimaginable power when you decide to use them. First, it becomes essential to understand that it is a decision and a mental one. You continually underestimate the power of your thinking to affect your life experience.

Your mental decisions influence what occurs in your experience much more than anything you might do physically. This principle is why many individuals may perform the same acts but have very different experiences of those acts because of how they think about them.

You can decide in every moment to be better in every area of your life.


Here’s the session.

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There is only one mistake you can make

 May 28, 2024

There is only one mistake you can make. We gave it to you last year but also recorded it today, so when you combine them, you will take a bigger leap on your ascension journey.

May 28, 2023

You have never made a mistake. When you judge yourself for every misstep you might have made in your life, you also form the belief that you are a mistake, and that was never true.

You are constantly attempting to access the next version of your higher self, which you could not accomplish without periods of contrast appearing in your life, and some of it is uncomfortable to examine. But that is what you wanted to accomplish, especially during your planetary ascension.

When you examine the message we provided in 2012, you will better relate to your current journey and use this time to create that life you want rather than the one you believe you were handed.

May 28, 2012

Every decision you make is correct. Correct, as it is being used here, means it influences your physical life experience and leads you toward expansion.

The fear of making mistakes brings about the most significant difficulty you have with this idea. It can now be easily seen from your history that every single time you held the thought that you made a mistake in some manner, the actual result was that you gained greater awareness and wisdom, which is the content that comprises expansion.

The greater problem for you would be to allow that fear to prevent you from making any decisions. Remember to move forward.


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You are far more today

May 27, 2024

You are far more today. You will access another level on your ascension journey when you read the message we provided last year on this date. 

May 27, 2023

You are attempting to become more. The more of which we speak is our authentic self. The self within you is a particle of God, the Universe, and all that is. You are never separated from that state of existence; you forget that when you have a physical life experience, as does your world. You exist to aid in the ascension of your planet at this time, which is why we called it your restructuring. 

You each carry the ability to own more of who you are, but that requires you to move beyond what you did not understand before and how you judged and put yourself down.

It is a planetary ascension that can only occur through you. When you decide to love who you are, honor your gifts and bring them to the world. Your planet will accomplish its ascension with your help.

We gave you our information in 2012 because that was another moment when your planet shifted in awareness that each of you was meant to carry forward now. You always exist in an evolution of consciousness. But it is up to you to own your part: to love yourself and understand that everything you have done in your life has meaning and purpose that need to be actualized now.

You will now understand why we said you would never feel you are enough. You are meant to think that now.

May 27, 2012

There will always be some area of your physical life experience, or some part of you, where you feel you never have enough or are not enough. Accepting this condition as a normal and natural part of your expansion process will make you less likely to judge yourself, halting that expansion.

You sought to have some areas of your life where you always felt you could do, be, or become more; that is what you think of as motivation. It can sometimes cause you to feel deflated, so to speak, when you recognize you have received something you desired but lacked the feeling of fulfillment. Begin to acknowledge that feeling as a nudge to do even more.


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You will realize more of your potential today

May 26, 2024

You will realize more of your potential today. You do so gradually as you progress, and the message we provided last year on this date will be beneficial today.

 May 26, 2023

The word potential is meaningless. You heard it your entire life, and you question whether or not you are fulfilling yours. Or you might even wonder what it might be and if you were given one. You were, and it is meant to be actualized now.

You fulfill your potential when you deliberately decide to move beyond your personally held lack of belief and fear. You accomplish that goal in your consciousness or mindset, which takes time and effort to develop.

You exist now to fulfill your potential to create the life and world you want. That is why we have given you an ascension guide. We knew these times would be challenging for all of you, as you must release your past and become willing to accept something new. This requires taking that step into the unknown of who you are and what you and your world might manifest, which can only come through you.

We gave a message on this date in 2012, but your consciousness has evolved enough that you will understand it today. You never did anything wrong or missed the boat; your potential awaits your fulfillment. 

May 26, 2012

Blind faith means that as you move through your physical life experience, you hold to the idea that no matter what is occurring, you know it is for your highest good. It is indeed blind as you move through it, for you do not possess the current moment awareness to judge or assess the current circumstances and events.

When you can hold to this idea, you experience the peace you seek and move through any particular fear you may have had. You find out that more and more of your life purpose is moving through fear, which is the way to expansion.


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You were meant to change the rules

May 25, 2024

You were meant to change the rules. Whenever you come into physical form, you intend to bring something new, which would be something within you that is part of your evolutionary journey. 

You forget your intention because you wanted to create something new, and we remind you how. We did so in 2012, but we also reinforced it with a small conversation made for your weekend.

May 25, 2012

You rebel against the notion of rules because a wiser portion of you knows strict adherence to rules will hinder creation. In other words, if you hold firm to the idea that there is only one way to create something, you will never allow a new way to appear.

You always intend to find those new ways, which is the road to the expansion and evolvement you seek. This does not necessarily refer to the particular rules of your society, which are meant to instill a sense of organization and responsibility, but to the rules of your creative ability and what the use of that ability will contribute to all that is.


Here’s the recording.

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You are more valuable today

May 24, 2024

You are more valuable today. That statement is accurate for every soul but also requires your acceptance and acknowledgment.

We have provided both—first in the message we sent you last year on this date and in our live conversation yesterday. But you are the one who must accept both.

May 24, 2023

No person is more valuable than another. You seek to understand and accept that concept individually, and it is one your planet continually attempts to realize. That is the reason for your current restructuring, which is why we have offered guidance.

None of you could have foreseen your importance in the world at this time, and you accept it gradually, which is why we began in 2012. You are always in the process of evolving as a civilization, and you decided to be alive now to aid in that journey for yourself and the world.

Our message on this date in 2012 will require your study, for your consciousness will eventually accept its wisdom. As you do so, not only will your life change, but the life of your planet will be enhanced. We speak in riddles, so you have to do more with your expanding level of consciousness.

May 24, 2012

You continually establish your value and worth as you move through your physical life experience based on how you think about yourself. There is much information to be garnered from that statement, and you will find that more of its gems will be revealed to you each time you read it. Each word was used purposefully for its impact on your understanding.

You are never at the mercy of anything outside of you or even by anything you have experienced. You can attempt to place blame, so to speak, on what you are now because of what has occurred in your history, but here again, you are the one establishing your value and worth now.


Here’s the recording.

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The day for which you have waited

May 23, 2024

The day for which you have waited. While we provided a message last year on this date, it will make far more sense to you today, especially with our live conversation.

 May 23, 2023

The planet could not evolve without your unique contribution. Evolving means moving gradually into becoming more of who you truly are. Each of you is on a personal journey of growth, and this journey is unique to you. It’s a journey that requires you to let go of the limitations you have held in your thinking and the thinking you have believed about others.

The word expansion, which we have continually used, means becoming more inclusive of yourself and all others. You can only accomplish that when you let go of the previously limited thinking you’ve held in your life and society.

We gave you a message on this date in 2012 that will make much more sense to you now, especially on this particular day in your world.

May 23, 2012

Your expectations are only set by you. It becomes vital for you to remember this fact, for you often feel what might be termed as pressure from expectations you believe others have placed upon you or you must live up to. 

You can, however, use those feelings as the impetus for you to do something, but it is never mandatory, for you are the one guiding your physical life experience.

Your goal in this lifetime is to continually expand or evolve, and if accepting those outside expectations as motivation helps you do so, so be it. 

However, it’s important to remember that no one is forcing you to do so but you. You are the one responsible for your own growth and evolution.


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Self-mastery is at hand

May 22, 2024

Self-mastery is at hand. That is what you each seek, but you require linear time before fully accepting that you can achieve that. 

We said you can, and we gave you a message last year on this date, but we will also explain it even further in our live conversation tomorrow. You are meant to thrive now. 

May 22, 2023

Self-mastery and your personal legacy are intertwined. From the moment you were born, you were equipped with a unique blueprint that, when followed, would enable you to leave a legacy you can be proud of. This can only happen when you fully embrace your life journey, accepting all that you are and all that you have experienced. It’s through this acceptance that you can find the beauty and value in your experiences, enriching your evolutionary journey and the world around you. 

Everything we have given you is to lead you to self-mastery, which can only occur when you love who you are and understand your entire journey.

We provided a message in 2012 as we knew you would utilize it during this time of restructuring in your world. But please take your time as you study it because the clarity of the information we want you to receive now will require your contemplation. You are alive to usher in a new world and will do so when you allow yourself to have a new life.

May 22, 2012

Seek to know what you desire to accomplish with anything you attempt to do, and your way is made easier. Accomplish, is being used here rather than a goal, as you might think of it, for the word accomplish can hold the idea of contribution. Contribution is what you desire to give to yourself and all others.

You can think of it as a legacy if that helps make it easier to remember, but all of it involves the expansion you have always sought. When you become distracted by other superfluous goals, it can be easy to lose your way. When you remain focused on the contribution, your vision is clear.

 – Wilhelm

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Love yourself even more today

May 21, 2024

Love yourself even more today. We refer to a message we provided last year on this date, but you will find it more usable today. The energy you emit as you absorb it will aid your evolution and planetary ascension.

May 21, 2023

Love yourself more today. While you have recently experienced an upset in your life and world, it was all for a grand purpose. You are alive to aid in your planet’s ascension, and you will accomplish that when you decide to love who you are and your entire life journey.

We have said you were moving through a restructuring, and if you honor the message we provided on this date in 2012, you will help accomplish the goal of your ascension and that of your world.

The following message is not a reprimand but a powerful reminder of the immense power and potential that resides within you. You possess more strength and ability than you could ever imagine.

May 21, 2012

You have indeed grown up now. That provocative statement is meant to bring your attention to the fact that you have gone through your adolescent phase as a human being and matured into an adult. Many

times, however, you still maintain the mental age of a child where you believe you need to ask for permission, so to speak, to guide your own experience.

This practice becomes an insidious habit, mostly hidden from your conscious awareness because you needed it as a child, but it was also meant to be outgrown as you mature. This process will also make you aware of how often you feel a child’s chronological age. However, you would be wise to accept the actions and behaviors of an adult.

 – Wilhelm

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You have only ever abandoned yourself

May 20, 2024

You have only ever abandoned yourself. However, you may have felt that somehow you were abandoned and couldn’t find your rightful place in your life or world; that was all a part of your ascension journey.

You might have especially felt that way during the current restructuring of your life and world, but we provided aid. We did so in 2012, but you will utilize it today.

May 20, 2012

During your physical life, you may experience periods that you perceive as abandonment. However, these are not moments of neglect but purposeful intervals you have orchestrated. They are opportunities for you to delve into solitude, discover your inner strength, and claim it as your own.

When you view these periods in this manner, you will also come to value them and use them better. You never intended to feel dependent on anything in the physical world, so having moments where you think some of this is taken from you allows you to connect with your trustworthy source.

Take a moment to reflect on how you aspire to grow and evolve during these precious times of solitude. Your desires and intentions will shape your journey and lead you to the next phase of your spiritual evolution.


Our recording from last year was not accidental.
Here’s the recording.

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