Your only challenge now will be hypocrisy

Your only challenge now will be hypocrisy. We have said you and your world are moving through a major restructuring to rebalance the world. The hypocrisy exists within you, your country, and your world. It has always existed, and it is the primary factor responsible for the continued evolution of all that is and even your eternal self. We enjoy making those references as more of you will experience memories of existences you have not known but are affecting your experience now.

The restructuring is a shift or rebalancing of your world. You have done this many times, but this one is more significant, which is why you are witnessing the chaos and disruption, which we also said ultimately breeds unity despite present appearances.

You are here now to move through your hypocrisy, and it has been constant throughout your life. You have attended or listened to religious or spiritual teachings that tell you of the innate power you hold. Then you were told that you were granted extraordinary abilities by God or through Jesus, or Christ, or Allah or Gaia or any other name or leader, teacher, or philosopher you can think of who said the same thing. Still, you became a hypocrite by spouting those words you heard to yourself and then acting and thinking differently.

We said the United States would lead the way in this restructuring, which is happening in ways you cannot see now. But we wanted to use their tenet for it will explain the portion of human hypocrisy you wanted to help change.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

You are in the world now to fill out another portion of that pronouncement. It only requires that you stop being a hypocrite. We will continue to help, and you will be fine.


Please Study This Message

Please study this message. We gave you this in 2012, and it is a part of “Your Life Operating Instructions.” You were born to achieve this goal, for it was an integral part of your evolutionary journey. You knew the current restructuring of the world would aid you in accomplishing your goal if you could understand and accept this message. You will be fine.

December 8, 2012

Your truth is always correct. Many subjective words will be used here so you might better grasp the meaning behind the message. In actuality, your personal truth is merely a collection of ideas and beliefs that you have come to accept at this place in your life. There is no correct or right or wrong truth in human experience, but just what you hold as that truth.

It becomes important for you to express that truth, for it will cause you to ask more questions, receive opinions from others, and compare your truth to others. This entire process is what ultimately causes your spiritual expansion. Eventually, you come to know that your truth and that of others are all correct because they cause the evolution of the whole, or mass consciousness.


Now You Have A Choice

We are giving you a preview of our live conversation later today, where we said you might want some help with accepting your new self. You are not the same person you were, and neither is your world.

Despite what you might think, you came into the world to evolve, and this time in your world is the most suitable time for you to accept yourself, for you are typically the last one. But now, things could be different if you become willing to release your self-judgment, and you will be fine.


Confessions From a Reluctant Mystic

We had Roger use that title for two reasons. The first was we wanted to capture your attention. You have been unwilling to acknowledge something in your life about yourself and your importance in the world, especially in light of its current conditions. Now you understand why we wanted your attention.

You decided to be live now to experience the current restructuring of your world, for it was the best time for you to evolve. We know that these times have been troubling for many, and our consistent positive enforcement has aided some of you, but we decided to go a bit deeper today to prepare for our live conversation tomorrow. The subject of which will not come as a surprise to you.

You have been changed by recent times, and it was a part of your evolution, and you are the one who must decide to accept your life mission now, and we know that it is to offer your essence, and that can only happen when you choose to accept every aspect of yourself and your life so far. We gave you our program in 2012 for this purpose, and that is the one element that you and Roger had difficulty accepting, but hopefully, this message will instill a bit more faith and belief.

Yesterday in a meeting where Roger was asked to introduce himself, we had him say, “today, I am a reluctant mystic.” He even explained why he said that even though he wasn’t entirely sure. You each have operated in this manner, for you, too, have been offered guidance and help. That is the second reason we wanted him to use the title of this message.

Then at our usual 3 AM, we awakened him and told him to look up the meaning of the word mystic and decide to embody it as this was when he and you were meant to actualize what you are here to do, which is to help usher in the new world as we said.

Immediately after that, we had him hear a video that mentioned 2012, and it is explained with a type of clarity that none of you will miss if you have attended or listened to our channeling sessions. After that, he heard a video that confused him as he couldn’t figure out how he ended up there, for it was filled with a broad range of conspiracy theories. As he listened in shock, he also knew this was happening in your world but felt there was nothing he could do, as many of you might have thought, which is incorrect, and we will explain more tomorrow.

You are moving into a collaborative time, and we asked Roger to share the video for more incredible credulity.

Then we led him to a video on bio-neurology as that is an integral part of the construction of our program, and what more of you will come to understand and you will better understand your changing life and world. You will be fine.


Here is the video:

You Never Win a Human Fight

We are giving you information today to which some of you will relate, and the others can choose to think of it as another fairytale. Still, regardless of which path you take, your attempt to accept this information will help you traverse the next steps of your restructuring and that of your world.

We have said, as many of your religions have also said, you are eternal spiritual beings. You come into the world at specific times, so you might future expand and evolve on your evolutionary journey. When you incarnate into the world, you do so in particular places and within specific human existence frameworks. You do that because that place you chose offered you the best opportunity to fulfill some aspect of your being that you previously restricted or did not believe you possessed.

During these life visits, you will attach yourself to particular beliefs and ideologies that you feel resonate for you and, in some way, represent who you are or at least who you aspired to be. As you move along, you begin to form a sense of belonging or acceptance with your group, which may be ethnic, political, religious, spiritual, or some nationalistic formation. You rely on those institutions and structures for your sense of purpose and power.

You have often done this by making countries wrong, races, bad, and even the gender of a person was wrong because if you could accomplish that feat, then magically, you would be more powerful. Then you die or leave your physical form and discover that you could not win the fight because you were fighting with yourself.

You discover in every incarnation you decide to have that you were not better than others. Others were not better than you, and the only way you evolve individually and collectively is to decide on oneness, for there is more power in the whole.

Study that cryptic message, but we will say you have only been fighting with yourself during this restructuring. You wanted to own every aspect of yourself, for when you do so, your restructuring will be successful, and the new world that will begin to manifest will be the one you all desired. You will be fine.


Fear and Doubt are Tools You Were Given

We have said you and your world are moving through a restructuring, and it would be natural for you to experience those emotions now as you examine your life and that of your world, but we told you this would occur in 2012 to help prepare you for this transition.
You have done many of these before, but you may not have any memory of that, which is why we awakened more of Roger’s memory. Still, he too had to move through his fear and doubt, and we must say that after more than forty human years of trying, we finally succeeded in having him see beyond that veil many of you seek or at least hope exists.

This morning we led him to a video of Kryon, which Roger knows he heard years ago, but it made more sense today. The 2012 change we mentioned was discussed, and the harmonic convergence of 1987. They were pivotal times in the shift in trajectory on your planet as is this time, and you are here to usher in a new world if you own who you are now.

We will give you a bit more each day as we come to our live conversation on Saturday. You each will hear things in our words that will spark your memory, as Roger experienced when he listened to Kryon for the dates we have mentioned were shared, so Roger took greater comfort in accepting our information, as will you.

You would be reading and following us if you desired to move beyond your fear and doubt and feel a greater sense of your power and purpose. But you needed first to become more empowered. You would have had some difficulty believing in your dream and talent, and you have been heavily influenced by the opinions of others and never allowed yourself to feel the essence of who you are. You will now, which is why you are here, and you will be fine.


Your Struggle is Internal

We will give you some of this information each day as we come to our live conversation with you this Saturday. We have said your world is moving through a massive restructuring, and we also mentioned it was occurring within you, for that is why you wanted to be alive at this time.

Some of the events in your world will seem confusing. Many of you might begin to believe your world is falling apart but what is occurring is you are being aided in your healing. You will be the only one who will allow that to happen, which is why you are struggling.

There is explosive energy in your world that is coming to a breaking point, but it will be different than most think, and this is where you come in. The balance of power in your world needs to be readjusted. Too many of you had forgotten your goal of oneness. It is not something that occurred suddenly, for it has been in the works for eons, which is why we also said this is the most consequential lifetime you will have.

We understand some of you will not understand that paragraph which is why we have revealed more to Roger because he became more willing to believe himself. He has accomplished that because we kept showing him the efficacy of the program we gave you all in 2012 because he carried that lack of belief as each of you has, which is why you wanted to be here now to evolve more, and that occurs when you own and love yourself.

We will give you one tip to use this week. When you examine the events of your world, you must separate yourself from any group thinking and then ask yourself what is true for you and decide to make and own that decision and live it this time. If you still have fear and doubt, that is what you want to heal. We have thrown in some cryptic words; some will understand, but you all will be fine.


Fear and Vulnerability Are Your Gifts

And then, when you add in uncertainty, you have a winning combination for greatness. Now you understand what is before you and why you wanted to be alive now. You wanted to face all those things and know why they were in your life. You wanted to achieve your original goal of self-actualization, which is why you desired this restructuring.

We know the challenges you are facing now, and we will also say it is not accidental, just as reading our words now was not a random event that occurred in your life. When you come into the world, you don’t know what you will accomplish or what you might experience, but your higher-self, your guides, your gods, or God are always offering you guidance which you alternately listen to believe, doubt, and most times fear. That, too, is what you wanted.

You were given everything you needed at birth to create whatever version of success you wanted to experience. Still, you must accept who you have become at each juncture of your life journey for that to occur. You are given examples along the way to help you. They are your historical figures, but they are also those here now who have experienced a part of the journey you have yet to know, and they will provide you that guidance and comfort.

We told you we compiled our program in that manner. Roger has come to know this on a deep level but still needs further confirmation to continue to move through his fear and doubt. We had Roger send a broadcast and video yesterday where he revealed more of his life, for he felt that others did not understand the significance of what he has accomplished with our guidance. Roger still seeks examples from others to feel secure as you each do and you were meant to do so. Then we led him to an interview Will Smith had with Oprah, and we have mentioned them both before for their impact on Roger’s life. Both Will and Oprah understand the title of this broadcast.

Roger never completely understood why he continually used Will’s speech on skydiving to explain the experience of moving beyond fear. Will has experienced a similar spiritual integration. Will’s many revelations might be shocking to most, but not to Roger. Will explained his process, and it was identical to ours, and Roger and Will know why they are here now, as will you. You will be fine.


No One is Better Than You

We are using a subjective human term to explain the purpose of this restructuring and what you wanted to discover. In your process of self-discovery, you also come to understand that you are no better than any other.

You will find it challenging to find your definition of the word better, so to prove our point, we had Roger ask a question on Facebook last night, and we’ll give it to you here for it will help you understand the intent of this message. What we asked was which cat was better? Then we said your answer could not include something about the cat you like personally. When you discover there is no answer to that question, you can question yourself and ask why you have made yourself less than others?

Roger has often said that he doesn’t talk about things he can’t prove, and that is a part of his path and why we gave him a program that would aid him and everyone. Still, he has difficulty accepting it entirely as you have had trouble accepting what you believe you were born to do, but it will be before you now due to the changes in your world.

You each must become more vulnerable now, for it is how you fulfill your goal and help heal your world. Yesterday we had Roger record a video that said he coaches from his beliefs. But today, to prove the point and cause him to be more vulnerable, we asked him to attach the document he found from 2016 where he knew the path forward but needed the “right” time. You may read it, for it will also give you hints to follow on your journey. None of this is new. You will be fine.


Your Past Was Perfect

We are giving you what you will understand after our live conversation with you later today. It is not possible for your past not to have been perfect. You set it up in a manner so that you could come to understand your history and let go of your judgment so you might recognize how valuable you have become.

Now you will know why we entitled the talk today with that subject matter, but we gave it to you in 2012. We keep referring to that year because it touches on the lack of belief in yourself due to your lack of understanding of why you had the life you have had so far and what you are meant to do with it now, for that is also something you orchestrated.

We said that your world is restructuring, and for it to be successful and create the world you want, it becomes necessary for more of you to realize the greatness you have now, which could only have been accomplished through every experience you have had. We had Roger look at the registration list, so we do know the collective energy you carry, and when you understand more of your past and recognize your value, your life will blossom and that of your world. We will aid you, and you will be fine.