Your Life Was Not Accidental

February 27, 2022 Part Two

This message will be a treat for some of you today, for you might have thought you were in the world accidentally. We’ve been attempting to tell you that you intended to be here now, but you might have forgotten your mission. We even put the messages in chronological order to indicate how you come to understand yourself. You each uncover who you are as you live, which is evolution. You sometimes need reminders, so we had Roger hide this away years ago to bring it to you today. You will be surprised by how much it helps you now. 

We also asked Roger to send this broadcast to his entire list, for he has kept his superpower hidden from many and separate from himself, as each of you has. That is the process of evolving. 

March 2, 2008

Everything you desire to be, do and have in this life is available for you when you first believe that it is true and then open yourself to receive it. Your impatience in any situation will halt its production, for, at that moment, your doubt and fear have taken over. If you believe you already consciously have the information you desire, again, you effectively cut off whatever may be coming your way in the same way you do when your particular expectations are not met. Your very own expectations could be quite limiting. Think bigger and allow the way and the form of the manifestation to come to you. This is truly giving up the struggle.

March 3, 2008

You may look back at past events in your life that at the time you judged as difficult, challenging, or hard, and later see the value and what you gained from those experiences. At times, you will quickly allow that awareness into your consciousness, and sometimes it takes a while. However, they always show up. It would be much more beneficial for you in the midst of your current experiences to accept that reality, knowing you are in the process of gaining something that you desired. Allow yourself to open to the awarenesses “now,” and they show up much quicker.

March 4, 2008

You are always in a state of becoming more; or expanding, and even though certain life situations may feel to you at the moment that you have experienced them prior, there is much more for you to gain now as your awareness grows. This explains why you may read a book you’ve previously read and receive more information or watch a movie and become aware of things you had missed in the previous viewing. This should indicate that your life is an ongoing, never-ending process of unfoldment. You never “get it all,” for there is always so much more, and in this, you should rejoice and welcome more. It is always for your benefit.


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