Your mistakes are blessings

August 31, 2023

Your mistakes are blessings. As you contemplate the message we provided ten years ago and apply it to your life and world today, you will discover more of your importance and significance within you that only requires your shift of perception to become the self-actualized being you were meant to become and contribute to the restructuring of your world.

August 31, 2013

There is no greater thing you can do to facilitate your own expansion than to own your mistakes and then become grateful for them. This concept may initially strike you as nonsensical, but the meaning will become clear once you study it. 

Owning your so-called mistakes also means that you, first of all, acknowledge your power and ability to do anything at all. Taking ownership also means you have regained your power to now make new choices with your gained wisdom and knowledge. Owning your mistakes means that you are not blaming others, and then you maintain your own power to guide and direct your life.

The only reason you would not be willing to own what you consider to be a mistake is that your ego is operating, which is that part of you that would rather you not expand at all. Now, you also realize that mistakes never happen and are all stepping stones for you.


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You will manifest the new world

August 30, 2023

You will manifest the new world. We have provided information so you might understand and accept the changes in your lives and world. 

Every soul contributes to the formation of their lives and the planet. Your job is before you, and we gave you something three years ago that you will incorporate now. It is also the reason for our live conversation later today during your full moon. You have the wind at your back.

August 30, 2020

Things can’t be the same, but you could use that belief to keep them that way. Roger was struck by this thought this morning as we pointed out he used it himself yesterday. It is an excuse many of you use to stay where you are in your lives and continually deny your innate power. Of course, we mean you as an individual and the world as a whole, and now we will explain it all.

Yesterday, when Roger had his memories of events in the United States more than fifty years ago, he heard a current video that sounded to him to be the same language and behavior exhibited then. However, you do have the advantage of the history you can see, and if you examine it, the pattern of evolution is more than apparent.

The way you will harness your change and how the United States will lead the way in the world’s restructuring is a redistribution of perceived power. In other words, you must acknowledge and own your strength and ability to create your life in the way you want it to appear, and the more of you who do so, you collectively change and restructure the world. 

We said things couldn’t be the same because when Roger heard those words of decades past, he was no longer willing to allow them to dim his view of his world personally and as a whole. You are doing the same in your life. Because of that, you are creating the world you want, and it all begins with you.


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Your contribution is needed now

August 29, 2023

Your contribution is needed now. Every soul is born onto the physical plane at the right time in their evolutionary journey to develop something unique within them that would aid the evolution of all that is. 

You typically require linear time to accept what you have to offer and who you have become, but we gave you something in 2012 that will make sense today and what we would like you to absorb now. 

When you honor what is within you, that contribution will be made, and you have aided in restructuring your world.

August 29, 2012

As you move through your physical life experience in your effort to continually expand, you will encounter what might best be interpreted by you as resistance.

That resistance will take many different forms, but the goal of all of them is to, in some way, prevent you from expanding or evolving spiritually.

At times, it may be in the form of illness or dis-ease in your physical body. It may show up in the form of mental or emotional depression. It may show up as a lack of motivation. None of the forms are important, but what you do with them is important.

You would do well then to seek to notice and acknowledge the resistance itself and then decide to “do it anyway.”


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Your best is more than enough

August 28, 2023

Your best is more than enough. Every soul is born onto the physical plane with what they need to fulfill their life mission as you each have one. It will allow you to manifest a magnificent life and contribute to your planet.

Your acceptance of what you possess becomes evident to you as you live. You exist at a dynamic time in your world because what you have will aid the ascension of all that is. 

Please do your best to absorb the message we provided in 2012, and your way will be much smoother. We have always said you will be fine, but that depends on your actions and willingness to embrace and utilize your gifts and every aspect of you. 

August 28, 2012

It is not possible for you to fail at anything you attempt to do when your intention is to do your best. Your best is always enough, and in each and every new moment of now, it is more than it was five minutes ago, last year, or years prior.

You are a continually expanding being, so your best is also expanding. Your best, as it is being used here, means the contribution you desire to make to your expansion and all others. When you are focused on your best, you know this is occurring because you feel good.


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Self-love is the only solution

August 27, 2023

Self-love is the only solution. You might believe that the difficulties you imagine that are before you are problems you are experiencing in your life and world; they are opportunities for you to practice the most valuable asset you possess, which is self-love.

It never matters what you have done in your past or what you have yet to do because it only matters what you choose to do in this moment of now. 

We gave you a message on this date in 2012, and as you apply it to your life and world now, you will be more motivated to practice self-love actively. 

August 27, 2012

Anything that shows up in your physical life experience that you perceive to be a problem only does so to help you. While that might seem like a contradictory statement to you, in fact, it is always true.

You would not need to seek to expand without some motivation continually. All problems also hold the solutions, and your “job” is to allow the solution to come to you.

The operative word here is allow. When you begin to fight against the problem, so to speak, you are also affirming its authenticity, and you begin to believe it is real and no solution is available. When you accept that stance, it will be your reality.

Seek to allow problems to be mere challenges for you.


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No life experience is more valuable than yours

August 26, 2023

No life experience is more valuable than yours. That statement is true for every soul born onto the physical plane, but it is not one you or your world accept easily.

That is the reason for the current restructuring of your world and why we have offered guidance on specific dates for you, which typically require using linear time to accept your importance. 

As you contemplate the message we provided in 2012, you will have more comprehension now, and your acceptance will aid in transforming your life and world. 

August 26, 2012

Everything in your physical life experience is about you. It is important for you to remember this fact, for you will begin to interpret all events, circumstances, and people that come into your life differently.

This is not to be taken as a selfish journey on your part but a path to expansion that benefits you and all others and mass consciousness. This concept allows you to accept responsibility for your life and eliminate the blame and causation you may place on others.

When you feel not acknowledged by another, it is because you desire to acknowledge yourself. When you feel not loved by another, it is because you desire to love yourself. It is all about you.


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Everything you want is in front of you

August 25, 2023

Everything you want is in front of you. We mean those words figuratively and literally. You exist during a time of significant change in your life and world, which we termed your restructuring. 

You also entered an energetic shift in your world meant to provide you more time for introspection but will also bring up the unresolved difficulties in your life and world. The best remedy for this time is to do what is in front of you in your life. Then, envision the life and world you want as you create both. 

We will leave a portion of a message we provided on this date three years ago. It will give you greater awareness over the next several days. We are also leading you to our live conversation on your upcoming full moon, which will provide you with an even more incredible opportunity to thrive, and that will come when you forgive yourself and love who you have become. We mean that for you and your planet as you all ascend. 

August 25, 2020

You will aid in the restructuring of the world in this manner. If you had difficulty believing that you could have anything to do with the creation or formation of your world, you have uncovered the beliefs that have been problematic in your life. 

We will now bring together many of our previous messages for clarity. Attempt to imagine this scenario. You have always existed and experienced many lifetimes. Each one held probable realities you might encounter, which would help your evolvement. Each time you do this, you access and utilize more of your authentic self. You are never done with this process, but you “work” on different aspects of yourself each lifetime. We used those words as you will understand them. 

You did not think you could make a difference, but what will occur now due to your world condition is you will choose to restructure yourself, which means owning and honoring all of you. You will aid that collective in its evolvement by becoming yourself. That is all you desired your entire “this” lifetime. 


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Your birth, this time, is almost complete

October 1, 2020

Your birth, this time, is almost complete. We know that most do not accept or understand our references entirely to your many lives or the eternal nature of your being, but we will still offer this wisdom as unbeknownst to you at this time; it will help you. As we have said, you are moving through a mass restructuring of your world, and the United States is leading the way. You each are in the process of restructuring yourselves, and you will know how well you might be proceeding by how you feel. We will tie this together with Roger’s story, and it is only meant as guidance for you to uncover yours.

On February 1 of this year, we gave Roger one of our cryptic messages, which he has not visited recently, and we told him not to do so but place it at the end of this message, for it will be far more impactful (at least to him). This morning, when Roger awakened, we had him pay attention to that date and noticed that it would have been nine months in November. The typical time of human gestation. We thought that “coincidence” would be fun. Again, our aim here is for you to come to understand you are not living an accidental life.

With every birth you’ve experienced, you feared your emergence into the world and your visibility. You felt far safer hidden in the womb. Your world’s current conditions will no longer allow you to do this for you want to evolve as does the world, and you are all one. 

We told you Roger was holding a webinar yesterday, and it would produce excellent results we would speak on today. The results were different than he imagined. While it went well and Roger delivered what he promised. There was still one thing he was unwilling to change, which each of you is feeling now in your way. Roger sent an email replay of the webinar and found the original link he sent didn’t work. Roger’s embarrassment was overwhelming. You each carry certain traits for generations that do not serve your evolvement, and the biggest one is self-judgment. 

Roger told his associate about this, who talked him off the ledge, and he felt a weight lifted. Then we led Roger to a video this morning that said something which might help many of you. We paraphrase, however. “You have just elevated the phrase late-bloomer to a new height.”

Yes, the nine months is pertinent, and it will aid your restructuring, but you must be patient with the world and yourself as you always resist change, and doing it collectively is stressful. The instruction we gave Roger was detailed. Make a detailed schedule and follow it each day. Not only will it allow him to do the work he’s avoided for lifetimes finally, but more importantly, it will help him, and you move through the turbulent times ahead with more ease. 

February 1, 2020
Welcome to your new life. We gave Roger those words several days ago, and he thought they were only to be used for his new program, but it was actually for use on the new him. You each have the potential to create your new life every day, and the only reason you don’t is that it is uncomfortable for you, and you acquiesce to fear.

The funny thing is that the uncomfortable feelings you experience indicate that you are willing to have your new life. We have spoken of this often, but now it will make more sense. You have lived life were you continually developed the fear of the unknown. The unknown is where everything you want lies.


Please take the next step on your evolutionary journey

August 24, 2023

Please take the next step on your evolutionary journey. Every soul is born at the right time in their life and at the correct time in the evolution of the world to develop something within them and is unique and meant to be in the world to cause the shift of all that is. That person is you.

We have guided you for decades, but what we provided in 2012 will be more evident today. You are here to create and offer something of magnificence, and when you move beyond your fear, you will accomplish your goal.

You may think this time in your life is challenging or your world is in disarray, but that is because it is waiting for you to shine. 

August 24, 2012

Every small step you take leads you to great strides in terms of your expansion. Many times, you take your small steps or accomplishments for granted, or they go unnoticed by you. 

When you decide to pay attention to them, acknowledge them, and own them, they build a sort of momentum that not only manifests in your life experience but also adds fuel to your own fire, so to speak.

When you are focused on those steps and accomplishments, you are not focused on that old familiar self-judgment. You will also find over time that you begin to easily break or change unwanted habits and begin to experience the life you desired.


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Your fear is self-imposed

August 23, 2023

Your fear is self-imposed. We gave you a book in 2019 called “Overcoming Fear – a Guide to Freedom”. Every passage was meant to cause an awakening within you so you might move beyond the fear you have held of yourself in this lifetime and also to prepare you for releasing the collective fear held on your planet.

But we also gave you a message on this date in 2012 as you entered a crucial phase of your planetary ascension. We wanted you to add to that ascension by loving who you have become and focusing on what you came to bring to your world, for your gifts are within you. 

As you embrace them more, you will release your self-imposed prison, live the life you want, and help manifest the world you desire to see. The next week on your planet will be the perfect opportunity to relish who you are. 

August 23, 2012

Fear is the root of any limitation you might experience in your life. You may argue that many other reasons or factors are involved; however, when you examine those reasons and factors more closely, you will find they are also ultimately based on some form of fear.

Fear will cause you not to create something because it might not be good enough when, in fact, it could be the key to your abundance. You may not have the relationship you desire because fear has told you it is possible to lose something or experience hurt.

The key to your expansion is becoming willing to recognize your fears and then decide to move beyond them. It is indeed merely a decision. 


Watch the Replay: ➤ You Can Recognize Your Value Today – a Wilhelm Conversation

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