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Today while speaking with a client in South Africa, he mentioned he was feeling uncertainty in his life and the world. I think that is a pretty familiar feeling for so many.

I knew I had received information about that, so I decided to search for the word uncertainty in my writings and discovered this one that I had no memory of its contents. I often do that, and I know that it is challenging for many to believe as it was for those I told of my program.

I hope this message helps you as it did both of us when I found it and read it to him. You will understand my optimism more and why I guarantee the results even stated in this message I received after many years of this work. 

November 29, 2021

Your opportunity is now. You decided to be alive at this time in your world’s history because you knew it would be a dynamic time of change. 

You knew it would be filled with uncertainty that could cause fear and doubt. 

You knew there would be heightened displays of contrast and differences that could turn into conflict and violence. 

You knew that you would experience all manner of personal loss and hardship that would lead you to this moment in your life. 

Then you knew you would have the opportunity at this moment to utilize your gift of free will to determine the next portion of your life and that of the world, which would fulfill your life mission this time. 

Some of you recognize the feeling and energy in what we just gave you, and others felt a sense of optimism that maybe you could believe that story was true, and we assure you it is. There is energetic movement in your world that will have added effects then, and your understanding of the events will ease your fear and give you the ability to use the events for your benefit.

You have something you have wanted to do; you have something about you that you wanted to believe. You held an idea of a legacy you wanted to leave the world. You will do so if you use that free will to step into your life purpose, for that is why you are here now, and you have feard and doubted that for longer than you remember, but your memory of that now is not necessary, but your action now will be.

We have used Roger as an example in our conversations, and we will do so again, for it will aid his restructuring and yours. We told him to begin our work with you in a program in December, for if you accomplish the goal we offer, you will start to manifest the life and world you want. 

Roger doubted us when we said we had given him everything in 2012, just as you have questioned your talent, your creative abilities, and the gift you were meant to leave the world.

We would like you to embrace your dream and move forward in your life, and you will more likely accomplish that when you begin to feel more empowered, which is the guarantee of our short program. 

You each have things you have developed, learned, accomplished, overcome, moved through, or conquered. You have yet to comprehend the enormity of your accomplishments as Roger did not, so now you will discover more together.

Those of you who know Roger might wonder the following. 

How is he always in a good mood?

Why does he always see the other side of things? 

Why is he so optimistic? 

Why does he never seem to be ill? 

Why does he seem to see people as all the same? 

Why doesn’t he seem to be fearful? How does he seem so confident?

Everything we mentioned in that paragraph is the opposite of who he was before he did the work we will offer you. We told him to leave the link for those who would like us to guide them through the next month. Please take the plunge into your life as well, and you all will be fine. 


I did start in December and the results were received by all who attened, included me. 

The new-look I mentioned will be carried on to the new site. You can still enroll here until Friday.

I neglected to add my Five for Five Club for my private coaching as I will change the rates next week, but you can take as many as you like until Friday.

Please take care of yourself. As I have mentioned, we are moving through major changes in the world, and many of us do not enjoy change, but it will occur.

We will all need to move beyond our limited thinking to adjust to our new world. 

In love and light, 

– Roger

I’m holding another channeling on Monday. “Your Ascension Process.” You can register here.

You can contact me here: #rogerburnley #wilhelm #personaldevelopment #careerguidance

“Doubt of what you are experiencing or perceiving is one of the most valuable tools you will use because as you continually question who you are, you will ultimately discover the real you.”

Thank you for being in my universe. The world will be better.I remain committed to your success!

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