You might believe us more now

May 26, 2022

You might believe us more now. We have given you all the tools you might require to move through this restructuring, but you have more fear than belief. We gave you “Your Life Operating Instructions” in 2012.

We knew you would judge some of the events, so we gave you two messages on tragedy. Then we knew where you be today, so we gave you a message on this calendar date in 2013 to help.

We use examples such as these that seem unbelievable to alert you to your disbelief about yourself.  

You wanted to be in the world now to aid your world, and you do that by aiding yourself and deciding to believe in yourself. And we wanted you courageous.  

July 3, 2012

Benefit exists for you in all events. All events mean what occurs in your personal experience and all events of your world. You benefit from all of them just like all other souls because you are all one and therefore connected. What may happen to you that you would term a tragedy will provide hope and inspiration for another and vice versa.

What you observe as a tragedy in another part of your world that you believe does not affect you does cause you to experience some form of empathy or compassion, and therefore you benefit. You could do nothing better than seek to know, own, feel, and experience the benefits of all events. 

July 20, 2012

Any tragedy, as you might call it, that you experience personally or observe in your world can cause you to live more. All events that occur have meaning and also carry a duality if you will.

When you first remember that all events are of a physical nature and occur for you and in your world, as merely a tool for you to further your spiritual development or expansion, you gain a different perspective.  

Since tragedies are all physical, they are also illusions or not real. As you move to heightened states of awareness, when you experience or observe so-called tragedies, you will instantly look for your own value to be gained from them. The ultimate result is that you always choose love over fear. 

May 26, 2013

Some of your most unpleasant situations offer you the greatest opportunity for expansion. It is not that you need unpleasant situations to expand, but you can use them to your advantage when they do occur. 

Most likely, you find yourself in the situation because of a choice you made, but many times because of choices you failed to make.

The contrast that you experience between what you desire and what you do not desire provides you with the wisdom and knowledge to make new choices and create future pleasant experiences. This process is only effective for you when you accept full responsibility for your current situation and resist the temptation to blame anyone else.


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