You exist to make a difference

May 29,2022

You exist to make a difference. You are born into the world to evolve and become more, and you do so at a time where you could be the most helpful to your world’s evolution, and you chose the time of the restructuring of your world. 

You did that because if you come to recognize and understand the importance of your existence, you will create the world you desire to experience. You will accomplish the goal you set for yourself and the world by deciding to believe in yourself and offer the gifts and talents you possess, and release more of your fear and doubt. 

We provide information that will be explained further in our live talk tomorrow, but we are giving you the needed preparation. We will leave you with a message we offered on this date two years ago. We use dates to stretch your imagination as the events of your world might have caused you to lose some of that belief in yourself. 

Everything we have given you since 2012 and our live conversations have led to this moment. All of it has been to help you foster more belief in yourself and live the life you want. 

May 29, 2020

You were afraid to love. Today, this message took a while to be received by Roger because he was fighting with us. Many of you may do the same. Roger was convinced there were exceptions to what we are about to say, but you will find it challenging to locate them. 

First of all, we are speaking to each person individually and your world collectively. Primarily due to the current world conditions and the events in the United States. We have given you several messages on this subject, but we will summarize them here. Love is the most powerful force that exists. It is powerful because it does not restrict its energy. It does not limit its energy and continues to expand because love is the absence of all judgment. If each of you comes to understand and accept this concept, you and your world will evolve exponentially.

The next thing to understand is you are all born benevolent beings, and when you stray from that understanding, you have conflicts because you have chosen not to be loving. You may get the sense this message will require study, but it will be worth it. If love is the most powerful energy, and you are not feeling powerful, you have been afraid to love yourself. If you think others have more than you, you have been afraid to love yourself. When you judge your life or experiences as bad, you believe yourself bad, so there is no love experience. 

There is so much to give you, but we will leave you with this. Every experience you have in your life, whether or not you label them to be good, bad, right, or wrong, all have the same purpose: to cause you to love yourself and, in turn, all others as you are all one. You and your world are coming to understand this. 


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