Another mile marker is before you

May 28, 2022

Another mile marker is before you. You each come into the world at specific times to fulfill your evolutionary journey. You do so when you also choose to aid your world’s evolution. You are here now at the right time.

We first mentioned the United States and its importance in restructuring your world precisely two years ago on tomorrow’s date. We did so to show you they would be the model for you to follow. We recognize many did not understand that; however, you will on Monday in our live conversation. 

The United States will celebrate its Memorial Day, and we gave you a paragraph in 2013. We will leave here for, as we said, we knew where you would be in your life and world, and releasing your past will be beneficial for you and the world. 

We entitled the message we gave you then as “progression” because that is what you do on your evolutionary journey, as does your world. We wanted you to be prepared, and the mass shootings in the United States are a part of that preparation. 

May 28, 2013“You can experience your progression on your road to expansion by looking back at things you have done, recognizing your motivation for doing them, and then deciding if that is a quality you desire to keep and help you expand continually. So that this process is the most effective, it becomes important that you do not judge whatever it was but use it as a tool to make choices in your moment of now.”

Yesterday you witnessed mass demonstrations around guns, and it was led mainly by the young who will help usher in your new world as some of you hold on to old ideas and believe nothing changes and that only occurs when you refuse to change.

You have gifts within you that have been withheld by your fear and doubt, which is why we give you everything we do, and again we will use Roger as the example. 

Last night while on a Zoom call with his brothers, he admitted that he had not released several recordings of our live sessions from a year ago, and they all heard things that gave them greater understanding and comfort, and Roger’s regret set in by thinking he might have done more.

Then his associate shows up to provide two products that Roger created years ago. Sometimes others recognize what you possess before you do. Roger knows now they were in preparation for this time in your world. And the meditation course even his brothers did not know he had done. He made the course to demystify our process. You each have done something similar, but now it is time for you to honor what you have been given, which will aid your restructuring.

We will leave both links here: Finding Answers Within

Overcoming Fear.

If more of you believe, you will all be fine. 


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