Don’t give up now

May 25, 2022

Don’t give up now. We have said you are moving through a restructuring, which is to have you and your world become more. To accomplish your goal in this lifetime, it will be necessary for you to become honest and vulnerable.  

The person we will begin with is Roger. You each have things you are meant to fulfill in your life, and when you deny your path, you experience challenges, as does your world. Roger has always known his path and feared it at the same time. He believed that if he spoke of his abilities to see things in your world that most miss, he would be judged and ridiculed. Due to this behavior, he never valued what he had and could not allow others to see his value. 

This pattern has been repeated many times in his life, and usually, it shows up for him financially as he wants to take care of others rather than himself, and he is suffering for it now. He tried to help so many through this period with our work, but he couldn’t put a value on it that would compete with others in your world, and he knows he’s done that. His restructuring will be becoming honest and vulnerable.  

We had him find a mission statement last night he wrote in 2016. We will place it here so he can be an example for many as this period of transition is not done, and if he approaches those who desire his counsel, his financial troubles will end. He will no longer attempt to convince others and sell himself short, which many of you do.  

Sunday, January 31st, 2016, at 5:34 p.m. My Personal Mission Statement

“It has become apparent that the biggest gift that I can offer to myself and then to all others is to use my life and experiences as an example. It has always felt that I was given many challenges to heal or move through. But at the same time, I held a deep, albeit not always evident, conviction that all of these things serve a greater purpose I would eventually uncover, own, and then use purposefully.  Even the underlying shame I have experienced with having many of those challenges is also purposeful and might be the most important aspect of my entire journey.
If I can become honest with and authentic about every aspect of my life, it could provide a framework for others to follow. Over the years and with all of my studies and investigations, it has become apparent that my condition or the state of my life is not that solitary but more universal. It has also been revealed to me that venturing into the idea of a program or book entitled overcoming everything is indeed my personal mission, and how it becomes effective and meaningful for me and others is to examine my path chronologically, what I encountered, and what I discovered and used to reach any sense of normalcy or feeling of completeness. 

Now to accomplish that goal, it becomes important for me to own the shame, guilt, and insecurities about all of my experiences and bring as much wisdom and knowledge I have gained now to discuss it all openly. This now feels like the key to the success of my life. If that brings any other riches, all the better, but the main goal is coming to my own peace and understanding of it all.”



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