Shared grief

May 30, 2022

Shared grief. We gave you this in 2012, and we are doing it again for two reasons. The first is so you might appreciate experiencing your suffering, for it allows you to release your guilt, shame, and embarrassment, which often occurs in your tears. 

The second reason is to foster your belief in yourself and your world and encourage you to envision beyond what you can see now as you examine your life and world. 

We also wanted this to lead to our live conversation with you later today. We will answer your questions and lessen your fears. 

February 15, 2012
Shared grief is always valuable and causes healing in some manner. Healing means that you come to know more of the true nature of your being.

When you experience grief shared by many, you recognize your own humanity and feel tremendous gratitude for your life experience. When you share that grief with others, you realize your oneness, which causes you to experience more of your expansion in the form of more extraordinary abilities, wisdom, and awareness.

Shared grief also causes you to stir your motivation to get something done; precisely as you intended.


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