The Reason I Keep Talking About Money

I received an email questioning why I kept talking about money and the price of my course. Now I will explain. It has been challenging for me as that was never my focus with anything I’ve done in my life as I cared more about helping others. All of that information was in my mini-biography and story.

I know where the world is moving, and I know I can make a difference if I work with more people and help them achieve their dreams and manifest the life they were meant to live. That will never happen if I don’t portray the value of my course in human terms, even though I think spiritually.

I have gone bankrupt twice in my life and might do it again if I don’t change. I see the same pattern in others who want to do good in the world, but the world is also changing, as must we all.  

I know other coaches and mentors are charging thousands more for the same work I offer. Still, I have continuously operated from needing to see the value of whatever I have to provide beforehand, and now I know that value. I want to help others understand their importance which happens to us all as we live our lives. 

When I reviewed my life and the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained, it became apparent the value I have. The change in our world will be continuing for at least another year, and I know people will want guidance and support, and they will never have it from me if I maintain a price that others think, “it must not be worth very much if it’s this price.”

If you listened to the Wilhelm recordings, you would hear how much information I received a year ago that could help more now as we move through this restructuring of our world. 

I charge $300 for an hour of vocal training, and many happily pay that. But then I asked for $249 to aid you in transforming your life for a month, and I realize that doesn’t compute, so I’m changing after today.

My heart has always been so big that it caused me to suffer. I have spent hours counseling others, posting messages, and recording inspirational videos to help more keep faith. But I need to make a more significant difference now. 

None of us can make a difference in our lives and the world unless we allow ourselves to become prosperous, which is the same as becoming ourselves. 

In love and light, 

– Roger

The new-look I mentioned will be carried on to the new site. You can still enroll here until Friday.

I’m holding another channeling on Monday. “Your Ascension Process.” You can register here.

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“Doubt of what you are experiencing or perceiving is one of the most valuable tools you will use because as you continually question who you are, you will ultimately discover the real you.”

Thank you for being in my universe. The world will be better.I remain committed to your success!

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