You will love yourself more

May 31, 2022

You will love yourself more. You are born to evolve, expand, and add your essence to the world to cause evolution. Your authentic self is what you seek to discover, and it is the gift you bring to the world. 

You and the world are moving through a restructuring. And you are changing and being urged to embrace your new self. When you resist the coming changes in your life and world, you may encounter more difficulty than necessary. Now you understand what Roger has done, and again we use him as an example.

We have said we gave you everything in 2012, but that was challenging for him and many of you to accept. Then we said we knew your resistance might be strong, so we would continue to provide our help in 2013. We gave you numerous messages with references to specific dates to invite you to go beyond your limited thinking to aid you all in the coming year. 
Yesterday we provided a message on ascension, and today we said there would be a new you if you become willing to accept and move through the change occurring in your world. The awareness of this was so strong within Roger that we had him send a broadcast and record a video, for if he had waited until today, he might have talked himself out of it, as many of you have talked yourself out of your self-belief.

After he completed that task, we had him see a documentary called “The Deep End” by Teal Swan. Roger had discovered her years ago but did not watch much, and now he knows why. Teal had a life with similarities, and in the film, she is sitting after a large event and stating that she never wanted to be there.  

Roger has avoided this, and he has suffered financially by holding himself back due to his resistance. And he also knows that is the same behavior others inhabit, and he cannot help them if he does not help himself, and that is the sentiment we want each of you to remember as we leave the message about your new self. 

May 31, 2013

While you have often thought of change as having the ability to bring up a certain amount of fear because it causes you to move into some unknown territory, so to speak, you have thought of that change as external. In other words, you have equated that change as something in your physical world that changes.

The change that causes you to experience the most fear is your internal change or becoming more you. It is more you because you are in the process of evolving. This, too, then, is unknown territory. When you begin to accept and allow that change to occur, as it always does, your journey to that expansion you sought is less fearful and more pleasurable for you. You are constantly becoming a new you.


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