There are no accidents

April 28, 2022

There are no accidents.You are in the world now to help your world evolve and yourself through the current restructuring. We understand that you have difficulty believing in your importance and why you would be in the world now to facilitate this restructuring, but we are saying that you are.  

Roger has had difficulty accepting this, so today, we are doing something a bit different that will aid you all. And we will continue until our live conversation on Saturday, which is far more critical than he or you knew.  

You do not know who you will become when you are born. It happens as you evolve. But it also requires your acceptance. All the events we have given you have been orchestrated in a Divine way, and we will explain more.  

Last night while doing his laundry, we had Roger listen to a video of The Hermetica. He’s never studied that, but he heard the familiarity. You each will have glimpses or clues as to why you are here, but you must accept them also. He is beginning to understand this now because we’ve been doing this for more than 34 years.  

When we told Roger to take our program and make it a higher price, he had difficulty. So then we had him meet someone who could help him with his predicament, and this person knew they were in the correct place as well. They were so excited, and this weekend this person is assisting other entrepreneurs and taking our message a bit further.

Your world will not be the one you want unless you decide to become the person you were meant to be. That is why we created our program. 

Roger could not understand why it was effective, and then when he heard a portion of The Hermetica, he could understand. He has never been able to find any contradictions in our words. When he heard that he had ancient memory, he pushed that away, but now we will make it more real.  

We will leave two videos that each of you will have the opportunity to study. We had mentioned these people before, but now you might be more willing to listen as Roger is.

We told him to change the program’s price because you live in the physical world, and you have adopted physical and human ways of evaluating worth, typically through your money. There will be more, but you will be fine.  


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