We are still forging your belief

April 27, 2022

We are still forging your belief. As you examine your world today and reflect on your life, what we gave you in 2020 might resonate. We told you how you might change the conditions of them both, but your lack of belief was substantial, just like Roger. But he has changed. We will leave just a portion. 

When Roger witnessed the meeting in Germany today where the United States orchestrated a meeting of forty nations, we told you in 2012“Conflict and unity always coexist in physical life experience and are necessary for expansion and evolvement. This is true in your personal experience and your world at large.”

He knew the truth of our words even though, at the time, his disbelief was rigid. But that was before he did our program. Most beliefs about who he thought he was have evolved as yours are meant to, for it is the only reason you are alive. 

July 2020 

“You each have held ideas about who you thought you were to be in this life, but now you are awakening to the truth of who you are. The conditions of the world are aiding you in your quest. Now we will explain our statement about the restructuring and the United States.

If you take time to study the history of your world over the centuries of which you possess records you might read, you will discover a pattern of evolution. Humans individually begin to awaken to who they are. Upon that realization, they begin to expect and even demand more for themselves. As we have said continually, you are all connected, so what you do individually adds to the collective.

We will not make this a book today, for we will continue this conversation for a while, as your world will remain in this manner until you see the outcome you desire. Please make no mistake; we are using the collective you here. Each global shift you have made, you uncover more of your goal, which is unconditional love. The United States proclaimed itself the leader of the free world, and you will restructure yourselves to achieve that goal. We told you; you would be fine.” 


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