Self-belief is your only challenge

April 24, 2022

Self-belief is your only challenge. Every person is born with what they need to manifest a life of their dreams, but not all of you believe that, especially Roger. We will make this message even more revealing, for it will be helpful for him, you, and your world.

We had a live conversation yesterday, and we had him intentionally title it the best time to move beyond your excuses. Roger did not know why we chose that title, which is essential for this message. None of you can “see” who you are meant to become, but you do have inclinations and aspirations, and that is where your self-belief comes in handy. 

Roger listened to the recording last night and was surprised at what he heard. His lack of self-belief seemed to have vanished. Then this morning, to further make the point for all of you, we told him to find the message we gave on this date the year after we provided you “Your Life Operating Instructions.” Hesitantly he looked, and we will place it here as we want him and you to take it seriously, for this is the time you intended to do so for you and your world.

We also want Roger to leave the replay recording of the session as we also advised him to change the program’s cost, which will change tomorrow. None of you know your value at first, but when you discover it as he did, it is only you who will hold yourself back from experiencing extreme happiness and abundance, and now he knows he can do so, and it will help your world as you will when you decide to believe in yourself. Belief in something unknown to you will always be before you. You will be fine.

April 24, 2013

All you ever need to do is become willing to put forth the effort. The word effort is incredibly powerful when you think of it as a verb that can move energy in your physical life experience and cause certain manifestations. 

When you put forth the effort to move in the direction of what you know will cause your expansion, you will begin to notice all manner of help, support, and guidance that shows up for you. Many times this will have a magical feel to it because it was quite unexpected by you. The surprising nature of what shows up is designed to motivate you to move in that direction and the energy that supports that increases.  


Yesterday’s replay:

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