Doubt is self-perpetuating

April 26, 2022

Doubt is self-perpetuating. Please take your time with this message as we are doing something new. Each of you is meant to do during this restructuring of yourself and your world.  

We have Roger dictating this message as it’s a further progression for him as each of you is finding yours. That is why you exist in the world today.

We sent you something yesterday to help you with your doubt, but many did not pay attention. That is uncomfortable for all of you, but now you meant to move beyond that, which is why we are attempting to aid you.  

We gave you “Your Life Operating Instructions” in 2012 to help you through this. But all of you doubted that especially Roger, and then we told him that we gave you more guidance on this date because we knew you would not be complete, yet he doubted. 

But we will leave that message here for each of you to contemplate, for it will be helpful before our live conversation this Saturday. 

We did not choose that title accidentally either. And if each of you fully accepts what we are giving you now, you will take advantage of that conversation and create a different life for yourself, and the restructuring of yourself and your world will be successful. You will be fine.  

April 26, 2013
Everything about you is completely normal. That statement is meant to grab your attention so that you may better understand this message.

Many subjective words are being used to help make it more clear. You decided to have a physical life experience so that you might expand or become more you in the process.

When you compare yourself to anyone else, you will thwart your own progress. The only comparison that is valuable for you to hold to accomplish your goal of expansion is acknowledging and owning who you are now and then deciding who you want to be or what you want to do or accomplish.

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