We have given you everything

April 21, 2022

We have given you everything. We have said you are in the world now to experience a restructuring. But many of you have had difficulty accepting this concept and the importance of your role. We will give you more today leading to our live conversation on Saturday, for you will need time to absorb the information.

Roger did not know why we titled the conversation to be moving beyond your excuses, but you each have used them to hold yourself back from experiencing the unlimited beings you are. You are in the world now because you wanted to change, but it has been challenging, and most of it has been due to your lack of acceptance of yourself which is why you might listen to us.

None of you are in the world accidentally, and you come in with memories of all those beings who came before in physical form. Still, you might not allow that information to be known until it serves your evolutionary journey and that of your world, which is why you are alive now. We have always said that if more of you were to actualize who you are, the world in which you live would manifest different results than many of you are having.

In 1978 we gave Roger a clue about his direction, and you each have had yours. Yesterday while working on a presentation, Roger was relating the story of how he began his communication with us, and he always said he didn’t know how he came up with the name Wilhelm. Still, he did know, but it wasn’t in his conscious memory. The clue we gave him was having him live on a street named Goethe. 

Roger always thought the name was strange and didn’t know how it was pronounced. In 1988 when Roger found himself again changing his life direction, he earnestly decided to seek some guidance, and that is where we came in and offered the name. 

We must do this in small portions; otherwise, it will overwhelm you and him. The spelling of the name we insisted on was purposeful. We said in a live conversation that Roger has ancient memory, as you each do, but he goes back further than he imagined. And more of you will begin to understand why our program produced its results. As we told him, it is far more than a program; it is a philosophy and lifestyle that, if adopted, would aid the restructuring of your world through each individual. 

Goethe wrote several things, but we will begin with this, Wilhelm Meister’s Apprenticeship. “The eponymous hero undergoes a journey of self-realization. The story centers upon Wilhelm’s attempt to escape what he views as the empty life of a bourgeois businessman. After a failed romance with the theater, Wilhelm commits himself to the mysterious Tower Society.” 

We shall speak of Faust at a later time. You will be fine. 


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