You are not in the world accidentally

April 22, 2022

You are not in the world accidentally. You each come to the world at a specific time to facilitate your expansion. You are born with restrictions and limitations that only exist in your thinking, but you use your experience in the world to aid you in moving through more limitations. 

We have said you and your world are moving through a significant transition, so you will be given new information to aid you in expanding, but you are the one who must accept your importance in your life as well as your significance in the world now.  

We said we gave you “Your Life Operating Instructions” to help you during this period, but that was challenging for many of you to believe, especially Roger. We will provide you with much more in our live conversation tomorrow, but we had Roger look at the hermetic principles he had not studied. He had questioned why our work produced such results. If you look up the term ultimate reality as related to the principles, the rest of this may make sense to you.  

None of you have a conscious memory of what you were meant to accomplish in the world, but it is before you now; you must accept it, which is why you wanted to experience a restructuring. 

We will give you a message from “Your Life Operating Instructions.” It is the essence of the program, Roger’s work, and what you may accept for yourself. We can only offer suggestions. You will be fine.  

“Your insecurities are never justified but always valuable. In other words, any particular area of your physical life experience where you feel what you consider to be insecure is an area that you desire to expand.

Those insecurities are not justified because it is merely a belief on your part and not a fact based in Ultimate Reality.You have the ability to develop anything at all and access to all the resources to do so.

So now the insecurities become valuable, for when you allow yourself to notice and acknowledge them, you can get on with the task of expansion as you intended. You only ever experience difficulty in this process when you attempt to ignore those insecurities or pretend they do not exist at times.”


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