There is a reason that you are perfect

April 29, 2022

There is a reason that you are perfect. We will not make this long today as we have given Roger so much information, and we will give you a bit more tomorrow morning and then in our live conversation. You don’t want to miss that.  

Whatever your definition of perfect might be, ours is that you are needed in the world now. You each come to the world with something valuable to offer that would cause your world to evolve, and if you did that, you would not have a war in Ukraine as you do now. The challenge for Roger is that he has known this, but he could not explain it to you because he, like you, could not believe himself. 

Well, we worked on that so hard, and we must say that that has stopped, and we have finally convinced him even though it took so much effort. We have done this for decades, but the time of the restructuring of your world and him, caused him to release his resistance and move forward. 

When we gave you “Your Life Operating Instructions” in 2012, which many of you still find challenging to believe, especially Roger, we said on January 1st, 2012, that you all possess infinite intelligence. And all you have to do is open your belief to accept that.  Everything that has existed before is within you, and you were meant to use it now to cause your world to become better.

We even told you who we used in the program, but Roger held back and didn’t look until we had him see the Adlerian theory last night. We will leave one message that we gave you in our program, and you can put that meaning with your understanding of Adlerian theory and understand the progression of you and your world.  

There is a splitting apart, as we have said in your world. Roger feels, and he knows the urgency of him getting on with delivering our work to all of you. That is why we had him bring someone else in to make this more valuable in a monetary sense so that it reaches more people. Roger would not charge you more until he knew, and now he does.

He went so far, which he has done many times, as to borrow money from his brother rather than ask anyone else to pay more unless he knew the value. You live in a world where you base worth on the amount of money you have or pay for something, and that is the split and the difficulty that your world is experiencing now, which is why we said you need a shift in your wealth and income inequality.  

You each form beliefs about yourself for various reasons. Roger created his restrictions because he received information differently than others that he knew. That caused him to hold back and think something was wrong. Yesterday to break that spell, we had him in a meeting with a medium and also a shaman. They read one of our messages and said this is pure wisdom. Roger could never have seen that, just as you have not seen what is within you. You will be fine.  

Your Life Operating Instructions

Your uniqueness, or individuality, is what you desire to celebrate, own, and contribute when you come onto the physical plane. However, you have often sought conformity or what you think is normal, which is in stark contrast to your original intention. 

You knew that contributing your uniqueness would make the greatest impact on your expansion and all that is. You would do well then to seek to understand fully, own, accept, and celebrate every element of you that is different and unique. There is no greater gift you can offer, and it is your most assured path to happiness and joy while on your journey.


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