Your probable reality is your choice

August 22, 2023

Your probable reality is your choice. While that is always the case for you while you are on your physical life journey, this incarnation and this time in your life is far more vital.

We provided a message on this date a year ago, and as you view your life and world now, you will be better equipped to integrate the information.

August 22, 2022

You will understand your frustration now. We provided the following message in 2012. If it resonates with you, you are on the right track.

The rapid changes you are experiencing would cause you to become impatient with your endeavors, and you feel more intense to get them done. It is all part of your expansion and the evolution of your world. 

We know it might be challenging to accept we provided this information years ago, but you each have memories you want to move beyond now. The act of forgiving yourself and then deciding to practice patience would aid your progression. 

The result you desire is in sight and accomplished in ways you don’t understand, but you must move to that destination, for this is your life and evolution. 

August 22, 2012

You experience frustration when you recognize that you have given away control of your thinking. Your thinking is what guides and directs your life experience. 

It is how you perceive and interpret your world.

When you give away that thinking to anything outside yourself, you begin to notice your frustration.

You express that frustration in many ways, such as anger, resentment, and depression. Those expressions result in you becoming a victim of your life experience rather than the leader you intended. Change your mind and reclaim your thinking.

– Wilhelm

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Self-acceptance is a destination

August 21, 2023

Self-acceptance is a destination. You are born into the physical world with a divine plan you wanted to fulfill, and that is the life journey you chose. You did so at a time that would serve your eternal evolution and that of your world.

You chose to be alive during the most extraordinary transition on your planet, meaning your life experience and wisdom are essential in forming your new world. Along the way, you might experience resistance in accepting the higher consciousness within you, which is why we have offered guidance.

We did so on this day in 2012, for we knew your life and global events could cause you to panic, but we want you to remember who you are and the strength and creativity within you. Accepting more of yourself each day will ease your anxiety and tendency to fear yourself or panic.

August 21, 2012

Panic is never justified and always helpful. This concept will make more sense for you when you remember the duality that all things physical hold.

Your feeling of panic is not warranted because it relates to something physical that has nothing to do with your eternal spiritual nature, which is never lost and cannot be destroyed. Your experience of panic can be helpful because when it occurs, it alerts you to an area of your physical life experience that you believe, on some level, is in danger or that you can end in some way, which is never true.

You further your expansion when you seek to understand the duality in all things.


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You can choose good

August 20, 2023

You can choose good. When you come into physical form, you have little idea of the words good and bad other than what you have learned from others. You then begin interpreting your life experience based on what you were taught. 

You are now at a place where you can make your own choices, which should be based on how you want to feel. While you don’t know what the result of feeling good in your moment of now can be for you, it is the most vital thing you can do now in your restructuring and planetary ascension. You were never bad.

Please study what we provided in 2012. You have more awareness now to receive it. 

August 20, 2012

You have only two choices in how you think about anything in your physical life experience. You can believe it is either “good” or “bad” for you, and your choice will become your reality.

It is not that you are merely thinking in a particular way, but you are also activating very creative energy that will always provide that reality in your life.

There are times when you think your choice is somewhere in between, but in actuality, that is not the case. If unsure, you decide on a small level that it may be “bad” for you. Your careful thought here will reveal the truth and importance of this concept.


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Now you know why you were born

August 19, 2023

Now you know why you were born. All souls are born to thrive and prosper, and you do so by how much you remember about your innate worth and value. You were born to be alive at this time of great transition in your world, which means you have gifts within you to offer that will manifest the life and world you want.

We gave you a message on this date three years ago and said you can’t forget why you were born, but it does require effort. You will understand what we said then as you view your life and world. You are meant to thrive, and the accelerated energies in your world bring you that awareness. The more relaxed you become, the more you will succeed. 

August 19, 2020

You will not forget why you were born. We thought that title would capture your attention as so many of you during this time are attempting to remember why you were born or, more importantly, why you decided to live during these times. Whether or not you believe you made that choice is irrelevant, but know that you did. 

We will tie together all of our cryptic messages of late. We recently mentioned the law of attraction, which captured Roger’s attention this morning when we led him to a video discussing the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes. Roger studied this information decades ago and wondered why we wanted him to hear it now. When he listened, he was reminded of the law of cause and effect, which is the same as the law of attraction but said differently. The point of that excursion was to alert you all to the fact that information is always available to glean understanding, but then you are to add to that. That is one of the reasons you were born.

You are alive now because you did not believe you could fulfil your mission, but you also knew that living through this time will help you do so. We will continue with more pieces of the puzzle tomorrow, but they all will eventually end up with you accepting yourself. 


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Your time has arrived

August 18, 2023

Your time has arrived. You came to the world at a specific time in your evolutionary journey to use your life experience to offer awareness and wisdom to your planet. You require linear time to come to that awareness; we have used it to aid you.

We gave you a message three years ago, which you will understand today. We will also release our live conversation from your new moon on Wednesday. These events are not accidental, and neither are you. 

August 18, 2020

You will become more of yourself now. Of course, we mean you, for you individually and your world collectively are in a continual state of evolution. At times, it frightens you, but even that is purposeful.

It took a while for Roger to allow this message, for he wasn’t sure where we were going, and he, like you, still holds this fear of the unknown. We will attempt to tie it all together. 

We mentioned the law of attraction yesterday and said we would continue, and now we will. You were each born at a specific time so that you might experience the current conditions of your world, for you knew they would aid you in your personal evolution. You would contribute to the evolution of all that is, as you are all one. That last sentence is what you are all figuring out now.

The bottom line is no matter what action you take personally, the law of attraction is always at work. You may even think of it as being more powerful than your actions, but you will discover those are the same. 

You decided to live at this time so you would recognize who you are and use the law of attraction to accomplish this. You will know when you are doing so because you will feel good. Anything else means you are attempting to do someone else’s job. After you contemplate this, you will be pleased with your discovery. 


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Self-love holds all power

August 17, 2023

Self-love holds all power. That statement is always accurate while you are on your physical life journey, but it is one you come to accept and understand over time. The self that we refer to is the one that remembers your connection to source, or all that is. As you regain more of that memory, you also gain access to everything you have ever desired.

We gave you a message on this date in 2012 that we would like you to absorb now while moving through the ascension of you and your planet. You will create both the life and world you want. Start forgiving yourself for not knowing this before and decide to know it now. It was the reason for our live conversation yesterday. You stand at a pivotal time in your life and world and can have the ones you want. 

August 17, 2012

You will begin to cause the actualization of the real you and your further expansion when you begin to notice the times when you experience resistance to asking for what you truly desire. The prevalence of this habit in your physical life experience does indeed halt or block, if you will, your evolvement.

You can’t become more of that real you while in physical form while simultaneously believing that you somehow do not deserve to have your desires. This applies to every aspect and area of your life.

You never intended to come to the Earth plane merely to experience limitation or lack.


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You are on the right path

August 16, 2023

You are on the right path. You have always been following your divine plan, but your doubt and confusion will not aid you or the restructuring of your world.

We will give you a string of messages here that will instill in you the use of linear time you utilize to self-actualize, for that is your purpose and the reason for all our guidance, including our live conversation with you today.

It will not matter when you view this short course; it will aid your awakening to your value. We have ordered the messages sequentially. 

August 16, 2012

The value of something for you while you are on the physical plane can never be measured or assessed in physical terms. This concept may sound contradictory; however, it will begin to make sense with some examination.

Your intention when you came onto the physical plane was to expand continually. You only expand spiritually, which was your intention. Therefore, the measure of the value of something is felt by you in terms of how it makes you feel.

You can’t bemoan how much you may spend for something physically and then expect yourself to attract more abundance. If you feel good, you attract more, which is expansion.

August 16, 2013

You attain a state of enlightenment when judgment and forgiveness no longer exist. This is precisely what you have come to think of as your quest for expansion.

While you have often thought of the power of forgiveness, the practice of forgiveness is no longer necessary when you hold no judgment. Judgment itself means you have yet to reach a place of understanding where all you see is perfection.

There is always a perfect order and working of all things; it just takes you a while to find, recognize, and own it. You know you have done this when all you experience is Ultimate Peace.

August 16, 2014

The Pavlovian experiments should not be lost on you. 

Those experiments exemplify the results of conditioning. You have been and will continue to condition yourself as long as you are in physical form, and you would be wise to use it to your advantage.

A particular conditioning you have set up is to experience fear and anxiety whenever you attempt something new or decidedly change what you do in your life or your choices. How you change the conditioning and begin implementing conditioning that will serve you well is to associate any change or to embark on something new as an exciting adventure you fully embrace.

You know you desire to expand, which only occurs when you embrace and achieve the change through self-conditioning.

August 16, 2015

Finding happiness and finding yourself are precisely the same thing. You have had many moments of this experience during your life, and when you think back on them, they always occurred when you realized that you were being yourself, as it were. 

This is the goal of all souls, and when you experience that for yourself, you also pave the way for others to do the same. The physical life experience can be confusing for you at times because you come to believe you desire and, therefore, seek certain material things, or you want to accomplish specific physical goals you have set for yourself. You always realize that none of that causes you to experience or find happiness until you have first sought to find your true self and are willing to live that.

August 16, 2016

Where you are in your life right now is precisely where you desired to be.

Where you are right now, with all the current conditions in your life, you can recognize their importance and what you can create and manifest from this place.

Where you are right now, you can recognize the wisdom you have gained from everything you have experienced and everything your past provided you, so now you get to decide how to use that to move your life forward.

Where you are right now provides you the hindsight to know how particular incidents of your life were valuable and can be used for a greater purpose that benefits you and all others.

That is where you are right now.

August 16, 2017

Bravado and confidence are not the same things; they do not exist together, and the experience or use of them will produce different results in your life. 

You should first study the definition of bravado.

Confidence is a state of being acquired through experience, wisdom, and knowledge. Once that state is attained, it is never necessary to broadcast or prove it to others. 

On the other hand, bravado is a request for confidence and an immediate admission that a state of confidence has yet to be achieved. When paying attention to your feelings, you always know which is operating or what you are experiencing. 

August 16, 2018

As you move through your life, you genuinely seek momentary bliss. This idea will not leave you because it is vital to consider what you desire to exemplify and share with others while on your journey.

It can be felt viscerally by you yesterday while engaging in an activity with no other concern but what you were doing at that moment and felt nothing but good. Please examine that last sentence because as you decide to heed its direction, you will have everything you want in life.

August 16, 2019

You created the difficulty. That sentence may feel harsh to you. However, you will only know your power once you accept it as accurate. A few days ago, we reminded Roger of the story of the manifestation of his car in the hopes it would spark your understanding of manifestation. You still won’t believe it until you pull off the same stunt. 

Then we placed someone in his experience for him to observe who seemed to allow whatever they wanted to come to them. You each can feel your envy at that realization. But now we have brought you to an even greater awareness. You have eliminated your difficulty so that you will sit in the place we gave you some time ago of allowing.

August 16, 2020

You were correct, and every idea you ever held about who you thought you were meant to be in this lifetime was accurate. It was only you who didn’t believe that. Now, the belief level you have or have allowed is also correct, and the timing when it shows up is also timely. 

We know that more of you are questioning who you are and if you are following the right direction in your life. And many of you think you completely missed the mark, which is never true. What we meant about timing is that you have set forth things you want to accomplish during your eternal journey, and you do it a bit at a time and are never finished.

Here is a story to aid your understanding. Last night, Roger received a text from a fellow coach of a missive from Neville Goddard. Roger immediately sent a text stating how surprised he was as he had just listened to this a few days ago. Then Roger remembered that he had begun to listen and then stopped. Roger stopped listening as he heard something with which he resonated and, at the same time, was unnerving. 

The information affirmed what Roger had believed somewhat hesitantly and definitely inconsistently. Then Roger again saw the names of all the other leaders we had mentioned bunched together. Why was he seeing it now? It was because his soul family, as we have said, were giving him guidance and reassurance, precisely as yours have done.

You each have those “voices” you can hear now as we said those words, but you believe what you hear is an illusion. The bottom line is you would not have a “vision” of yourself that you were not meant to fulfill. What you are doing, however, is continually proving yourself right as you live this life. Trust us, and you will rediscover yourself. 

August 16, 2021

Doubting yourself now will become even more uncomfortable. We are continuing with the information we gave you all in our live talk yesterday, which Roger has yet to hear the recording. It is on his YouTube channel, and we advise those who have not heard it to listen to it to help you better understand your restructuring, which is that of your world.

As we explained, you each come into the world at a time that would best facilitate your evolution, which coincides with your world’s evolution at the precise time. That time, as we said, is now. This will explain why many feel called to step into some new version of themselves, but the old doubt and fear continue to emerge. As we also said, that scenario is purposeful; otherwise, you would not know you have evolved and accomplished what you intended on your life journey.

We will continue with more live talks, as we said yesterday, for they will be helpful to you all. The current restructuring will take time due to the massive nature of this planetary shift, which will become a monumental shift for you if you do not allow your doubt to get in the way. 

But even if you do, you will know the only way to move forward is to love and embrace yourself fully, for that is the essence you intended to deliver to the world, and when you do, you will understand without a doubt why we continually say you will be fine. 

August 16, 2022

Stop resisting money. We wanted that to be a command. For many of you, that would be the best plan for your life at this time of your evolution. We have said you are moving through a restructuring in your world, and part of that is a redistribution of wealth and income in your world, so you move closer to the nature of your being. That nature is oneness or coming to accept you are all one. 

Everything we gave you in 2012 was to aid you in the manifestation of your new world, and we knew you would not be where you desired yet as you hold fear and resistance, which is of yourself. There would be no other reason for lack of money. You are all born with equal ability to manifest anything of a physical nature. 

Still, you also carry restrictions and limitations you were born with that you want to break through, so you aid evolution. 

You each will use the energy of money in your way to aid your expansion. Some of you will accumulate and seek as much as possible to feel worthy, powerful, and essential. In that case, you would be adjusting for some other time in your evolutionary experience where you felt deprived and less than you could be. 

Then others keep money from you due to memories you have of not deserving of having abundance. Everything is in your thinking, but those ties sometimes are challenging for you to recognize. Roger had spoken of his early years when he witnessed his father collect money for his boss and hand it over in front of Roger, and the impression gained was only certain people who looked a certain way should have the money. 

That is part of this restructuring, and you each play a role. 

Yet, there is still another aspect. Many of you who held spiritual awareness, like Roger, have been divorced from the need for money, but that is old behavior. You will not aid this restructuring by denying yourself the material gifts of this world while you are in physical form that would make your life more comfortable. You use all things physical to expand your soul, and when you know your value, all things come to you quickly. 

You have moved into another phase of your restructuring, and we asked Roger to hold a live conversation on Thursday. Then we asked him to find the message we provided on this date in 2013, and as you study the entirety of this message, our meaning will make sense. 

Roger did not know why we had him advise others to join our program by the 18th, but now he knows it is because he must be an example of the abundance you all deserve if you are to usher in that new world you want. Take your time studying this information, for it will help you. 

The patterns you each have carried must be broken now for expansion to occur, and for many, it is allowing yourself to have the money you attract reflect the worth and value you have gained and can offer.

August 18, 2013

The decision you made when you decided to have a physical life experience was to become the best person you could be. Many subjective words will be used here so that you might better understand the meaning.

This was your decision, and it is not necessarily the decision others might make. Whenever you decided to make choices that did not align with that goal, you experienced difficulty. This was designed to inform you that you had chosen your goal. Now, with the advantage of hindsight, this will make much more sense to you.

When you decide to embark on any endeavor to gain more money or acquisitions, you experience difficulty. When you entered a relationship with the sole purpose of thinking it would cause you to feel more whole, you experienced difficulty.

Whenever you decided that the well-being of another was more important than your own, you experienced difficulty.

Being the best person then involves making choices that cause you to expand and benefit all others or mass consciousness.


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You have one life purpose

August 15, 2023
You have one life purpose
. It has always been the same, but you keep discovering it as you live your physical experience.

Your life purpose has become more meaningful now due to the restructuring of your world. You have taken a new step, and the importance of our message on this date in 2012 should not be lost on you. The most potent energy you possess is self-love.

August 15, 2012
Magic happens when you decide to take over directing your physical life experience. While that statement may seem to you to be unnecessary, it becomes vitally important when you pay attention to how many times you give away control of your experience to other people, situations, or events.

In those instances, you feel at the mercy of all things outside your control. All power occurs in your thinking realm, and you always maintain and choose how to use it.

It never matters what occurs in your physical experience, but how you decide to think about it does matter. Magic is changing your mind.


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Now is the time to recognize the power within you and boldly step into your soul’s purpose. Together we will shine bright and light the way forward.

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You know more now

August 14, 2023

You know more now. You came into the world to be alive at this time to offer your essence and thrive. You will do that when you accept who you have become; you could not have known that before now.

We said you are moving through a restructuring in your world, and it might be challenging for many of you, which is why we provided our words and did so on specific days, and this is one.

August 14, 2020

You could not have known who you were before this moment in time. Yes, we are speaking to you personally and your world as a whole. More of you are questioning who you are now. 

We had trouble getting Roger to write this message as it was informed by a question he received from a client, and Roger did not want us to infringe on their work. But Roger is discounting the fact that we do that all the time, and also, he is encountering his own held limitation. Roger thought he could not interpret the information, but we told him he could.

Yesterday, the client sent a question regarding their life purpose. When Roger examined what they presented, the life purpose of this individual was blaring to Roger and went unseen by the client. You each do this, but there is a reason you do. Please pretend to believe the following. Try to remember everything is about perception, and you can adapt any you choose, so choose to look for the nuggets of wisdom in this.

We have said you each are born with aspirations or accomplishments you want to achieve in this lifetime. At your birth, you came into the world with specific abilities, traits, and creative characteristics that were innate, but they were that because you developed them in previous lifetimes. So then you come to this lifetime, and you have “new” accomplishments to achieve, and you will encounter what feels to you to be challenges or difficulties. 

Still, eventually, you move through them because you are utilizing those previously developed skills. Because those skills you did use to navigate your life were natural to you, you take them for granted and never realize their value to you and others.

We know this may be confusing, but now we will tie it together to instill in each of you that there are no accidents in your life. Yesterday, Roger received a request from a magazine to write on a topic, and he was to choose between three options. We want him to post the one he chose here because it will give his client a clue, and also many of you, and we will have performed our job of letting Roger realize he could deliver this information that did not infringe on his client but helps you all. 

“Risk-taking: How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career?”  

Surprisingly, each of you, not only Roger’s client, will find clarity in answering that question. 


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Now is the time to recognize the power within you and boldly step into your soul’s purpose. Together we will shine bright and light the way forward.

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You are closer than you know

August 13, 2023

You are closer than you know. Every soul comes to the physical plane with a purpose to fulfill and aspects of their evolution they desire to achieve, for if they do so, their lives magnify their essence and contribute to the ascension of your planet. You are that person.

The message we provided on this day three years ago is one we would like you to absorb thoroughly before our live conversation on Wednesday, for then you will be more receptive to accept and appreciate your contribution. 

August 13, 2020

You can unlearn lack. You are doing that now; yes, we mean you individually and the world. When we say lack, we mean money and anything innately inherent to you that you have not allowed yourself to have, such as your talents and abilities.

First of all, it is essential to remember that you were born limited! Yes, we wanted the emphasis because too many of you judge yourselves when you discover things about yourself, especially what you consider to be failings, and you think you should have known this before. If that were the case, there would be little point in you having a life at all. As you study that dialogue, you will find some peace.

Our messenger was introduced to a company by his mentor, which we have mentioned. Because Roger has full belief in his mentor, he jumped in wholeheartedly. Roger then began presenting the information to others as he felt it could aid them during this time. You all are experiencing some form of financial insecurity, personally or from the world. 

Last night, Roger decided to try this fantastic product he has touted but not thoroughly investigated. As he did, he found that it delivered all that was promised and could even provide him with financial savings and a manner of expanding his business. 

At the same time, even after his investigation, he felt that thing many of you do and say, and here it is! “This is too good to be true.” That is the statement, belief, and emotion you must unlearn. 


Please join us for this special New Moon session. Now is the time to recognize the power within you and boldly step into your soul’s purpose. Together we will shine bright and light the way forward.

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