You are closer than you know

August 13, 2023

You are closer than you know. Every soul comes to the physical plane with a purpose to fulfill and aspects of their evolution they desire to achieve, for if they do so, their lives magnify their essence and contribute to the ascension of your planet. You are that person.

The message we provided on this day three years ago is one we would like you to absorb thoroughly before our live conversation on Wednesday, for then you will be more receptive to accept and appreciate your contribution. 

August 13, 2020

You can unlearn lack. You are doing that now; yes, we mean you individually and the world. When we say lack, we mean money and anything innately inherent to you that you have not allowed yourself to have, such as your talents and abilities.

First of all, it is essential to remember that you were born limited! Yes, we wanted the emphasis because too many of you judge yourselves when you discover things about yourself, especially what you consider to be failings, and you think you should have known this before. If that were the case, there would be little point in you having a life at all. As you study that dialogue, you will find some peace.

Our messenger was introduced to a company by his mentor, which we have mentioned. Because Roger has full belief in his mentor, he jumped in wholeheartedly. Roger then began presenting the information to others as he felt it could aid them during this time. You all are experiencing some form of financial insecurity, personally or from the world. 

Last night, Roger decided to try this fantastic product he has touted but not thoroughly investigated. As he did, he found that it delivered all that was promised and could even provide him with financial savings and a manner of expanding his business. 

At the same time, even after his investigation, he felt that thing many of you do and say, and here it is! “This is too good to be true.” That is the statement, belief, and emotion you must unlearn. 


Please join us for this special New Moon session. Now is the time to recognize the power within you and boldly step into your soul’s purpose. Together we will shine bright and light the way forward.

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