Self-love holds all power

August 17, 2023

Self-love holds all power. That statement is always accurate while you are on your physical life journey, but it is one you come to accept and understand over time. The self that we refer to is the one that remembers your connection to source, or all that is. As you regain more of that memory, you also gain access to everything you have ever desired.

We gave you a message on this date in 2012 that we would like you to absorb now while moving through the ascension of you and your planet. You will create both the life and world you want. Start forgiving yourself for not knowing this before and decide to know it now. It was the reason for our live conversation yesterday. You stand at a pivotal time in your life and world and can have the ones you want. 

August 17, 2012

You will begin to cause the actualization of the real you and your further expansion when you begin to notice the times when you experience resistance to asking for what you truly desire. The prevalence of this habit in your physical life experience does indeed halt or block, if you will, your evolvement.

You can’t become more of that real you while in physical form while simultaneously believing that you somehow do not deserve to have your desires. This applies to every aspect and area of your life.

You never intended to come to the Earth plane merely to experience limitation or lack.


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