You know more now

August 14, 2023

You know more now. You came into the world to be alive at this time to offer your essence and thrive. You will do that when you accept who you have become; you could not have known that before now.

We said you are moving through a restructuring in your world, and it might be challenging for many of you, which is why we provided our words and did so on specific days, and this is one.

August 14, 2020

You could not have known who you were before this moment in time. Yes, we are speaking to you personally and your world as a whole. More of you are questioning who you are now. 

We had trouble getting Roger to write this message as it was informed by a question he received from a client, and Roger did not want us to infringe on their work. But Roger is discounting the fact that we do that all the time, and also, he is encountering his own held limitation. Roger thought he could not interpret the information, but we told him he could.

Yesterday, the client sent a question regarding their life purpose. When Roger examined what they presented, the life purpose of this individual was blaring to Roger and went unseen by the client. You each do this, but there is a reason you do. Please pretend to believe the following. Try to remember everything is about perception, and you can adapt any you choose, so choose to look for the nuggets of wisdom in this.

We have said you each are born with aspirations or accomplishments you want to achieve in this lifetime. At your birth, you came into the world with specific abilities, traits, and creative characteristics that were innate, but they were that because you developed them in previous lifetimes. So then you come to this lifetime, and you have “new” accomplishments to achieve, and you will encounter what feels to you to be challenges or difficulties. 

Still, eventually, you move through them because you are utilizing those previously developed skills. Because those skills you did use to navigate your life were natural to you, you take them for granted and never realize their value to you and others.

We know this may be confusing, but now we will tie it together to instill in each of you that there are no accidents in your life. Yesterday, Roger received a request from a magazine to write on a topic, and he was to choose between three options. We want him to post the one he chose here because it will give his client a clue, and also many of you, and we will have performed our job of letting Roger realize he could deliver this information that did not infringe on his client but helps you all. 

“Risk-taking: How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career?”  

Surprisingly, each of you, not only Roger’s client, will find clarity in answering that question. 


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Now is the time to recognize the power within you and boldly step into your soul’s purpose. Together we will shine bright and light the way forward.

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