You have one life purpose

August 15, 2023
You have one life purpose
. It has always been the same, but you keep discovering it as you live your physical experience.

Your life purpose has become more meaningful now due to the restructuring of your world. You have taken a new step, and the importance of our message on this date in 2012 should not be lost on you. The most potent energy you possess is self-love.

August 15, 2012
Magic happens when you decide to take over directing your physical life experience. While that statement may seem to you to be unnecessary, it becomes vitally important when you pay attention to how many times you give away control of your experience to other people, situations, or events.

In those instances, you feel at the mercy of all things outside your control. All power occurs in your thinking realm, and you always maintain and choose how to use it.

It never matters what occurs in your physical experience, but how you decide to think about it does matter. Magic is changing your mind.


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