Your time has arrived

August 18, 2023

Your time has arrived. You came to the world at a specific time in your evolutionary journey to use your life experience to offer awareness and wisdom to your planet. You require linear time to come to that awareness; we have used it to aid you.

We gave you a message three years ago, which you will understand today. We will also release our live conversation from your new moon on Wednesday. These events are not accidental, and neither are you. 

August 18, 2020

You will become more of yourself now. Of course, we mean you, for you individually and your world collectively are in a continual state of evolution. At times, it frightens you, but even that is purposeful.

It took a while for Roger to allow this message, for he wasn’t sure where we were going, and he, like you, still holds this fear of the unknown. We will attempt to tie it all together. 

We mentioned the law of attraction yesterday and said we would continue, and now we will. You were each born at a specific time so that you might experience the current conditions of your world, for you knew they would aid you in your personal evolution. You would contribute to the evolution of all that is, as you are all one. That last sentence is what you are all figuring out now.

The bottom line is no matter what action you take personally, the law of attraction is always at work. You may even think of it as being more powerful than your actions, but you will discover those are the same. 

You decided to live at this time so you would recognize who you are and use the law of attraction to accomplish this. You will know when you are doing so because you will feel good. Anything else means you are attempting to do someone else’s job. After you contemplate this, you will be pleased with your discovery. 


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