Self-acceptance is a destination

August 21, 2023

Self-acceptance is a destination. You are born into the physical world with a divine plan you wanted to fulfill, and that is the life journey you chose. You did so at a time that would serve your eternal evolution and that of your world.

You chose to be alive during the most extraordinary transition on your planet, meaning your life experience and wisdom are essential in forming your new world. Along the way, you might experience resistance in accepting the higher consciousness within you, which is why we have offered guidance.

We did so on this day in 2012, for we knew your life and global events could cause you to panic, but we want you to remember who you are and the strength and creativity within you. Accepting more of yourself each day will ease your anxiety and tendency to fear yourself or panic.

August 21, 2012

Panic is never justified and always helpful. This concept will make more sense for you when you remember the duality that all things physical hold.

Your feeling of panic is not warranted because it relates to something physical that has nothing to do with your eternal spiritual nature, which is never lost and cannot be destroyed. Your experience of panic can be helpful because when it occurs, it alerts you to an area of your physical life experience that you believe, on some level, is in danger or that you can end in some way, which is never true.

You further your expansion when you seek to understand the duality in all things.


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