Now you know why you were born

August 19, 2023

Now you know why you were born. All souls are born to thrive and prosper, and you do so by how much you remember about your innate worth and value. You were born to be alive at this time of great transition in your world, which means you have gifts within you to offer that will manifest the life and world you want.

We gave you a message on this date three years ago and said you can’t forget why you were born, but it does require effort. You will understand what we said then as you view your life and world. You are meant to thrive, and the accelerated energies in your world bring you that awareness. The more relaxed you become, the more you will succeed. 

August 19, 2020

You will not forget why you were born. We thought that title would capture your attention as so many of you during this time are attempting to remember why you were born or, more importantly, why you decided to live during these times. Whether or not you believe you made that choice is irrelevant, but know that you did. 

We will tie together all of our cryptic messages of late. We recently mentioned the law of attraction, which captured Roger’s attention this morning when we led him to a video discussing the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes. Roger studied this information decades ago and wondered why we wanted him to hear it now. When he listened, he was reminded of the law of cause and effect, which is the same as the law of attraction but said differently. The point of that excursion was to alert you all to the fact that information is always available to glean understanding, but then you are to add to that. That is one of the reasons you were born.

You are alive now because you did not believe you could fulfil your mission, but you also knew that living through this time will help you do so. We will continue with more pieces of the puzzle tomorrow, but they all will eventually end up with you accepting yourself. 


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