Your mistakes are blessings

August 31, 2023

Your mistakes are blessings. As you contemplate the message we provided ten years ago and apply it to your life and world today, you will discover more of your importance and significance within you that only requires your shift of perception to become the self-actualized being you were meant to become and contribute to the restructuring of your world.

August 31, 2013

There is no greater thing you can do to facilitate your own expansion than to own your mistakes and then become grateful for them. This concept may initially strike you as nonsensical, but the meaning will become clear once you study it. 

Owning your so-called mistakes also means that you, first of all, acknowledge your power and ability to do anything at all. Taking ownership also means you have regained your power to now make new choices with your gained wisdom and knowledge. Owning your mistakes means that you are not blaming others, and then you maintain your own power to guide and direct your life.

The only reason you would not be willing to own what you consider to be a mistake is that your ego is operating, which is that part of you that would rather you not expand at all. Now, you also realize that mistakes never happen and are all stepping stones for you.


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