Self-love is the only solution

August 27, 2023

Self-love is the only solution. You might believe that the difficulties you imagine that are before you are problems you are experiencing in your life and world; they are opportunities for you to practice the most valuable asset you possess, which is self-love.

It never matters what you have done in your past or what you have yet to do because it only matters what you choose to do in this moment of now. 

We gave you a message on this date in 2012, and as you apply it to your life and world now, you will be more motivated to practice self-love actively. 

August 27, 2012

Anything that shows up in your physical life experience that you perceive to be a problem only does so to help you. While that might seem like a contradictory statement to you, in fact, it is always true.

You would not need to seek to expand without some motivation continually. All problems also hold the solutions, and your “job” is to allow the solution to come to you.

The operative word here is allow. When you begin to fight against the problem, so to speak, you are also affirming its authenticity, and you begin to believe it is real and no solution is available. When you accept that stance, it will be your reality.

Seek to allow problems to be mere challenges for you.


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