Everything you want is in front of you

August 25, 2023

Everything you want is in front of you. We mean those words figuratively and literally. You exist during a time of significant change in your life and world, which we termed your restructuring. 

You also entered an energetic shift in your world meant to provide you more time for introspection but will also bring up the unresolved difficulties in your life and world. The best remedy for this time is to do what is in front of you in your life. Then, envision the life and world you want as you create both. 

We will leave a portion of a message we provided on this date three years ago. It will give you greater awareness over the next several days. We are also leading you to our live conversation on your upcoming full moon, which will provide you with an even more incredible opportunity to thrive, and that will come when you forgive yourself and love who you have become. We mean that for you and your planet as you all ascend. 

August 25, 2020

You will aid in the restructuring of the world in this manner. If you had difficulty believing that you could have anything to do with the creation or formation of your world, you have uncovered the beliefs that have been problematic in your life. 

We will now bring together many of our previous messages for clarity. Attempt to imagine this scenario. You have always existed and experienced many lifetimes. Each one held probable realities you might encounter, which would help your evolvement. Each time you do this, you access and utilize more of your authentic self. You are never done with this process, but you “work” on different aspects of yourself each lifetime. We used those words as you will understand them. 

You did not think you could make a difference, but what will occur now due to your world condition is you will choose to restructure yourself, which means owning and honoring all of you. You will aid that collective in its evolvement by becoming yourself. That is all you desired your entire “this” lifetime. 


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