Please take the next step on your evolutionary journey

August 24, 2023

Please take the next step on your evolutionary journey. Every soul is born at the right time in their life and at the correct time in the evolution of the world to develop something within them and is unique and meant to be in the world to cause the shift of all that is. That person is you.

We have guided you for decades, but what we provided in 2012 will be more evident today. You are here to create and offer something of magnificence, and when you move beyond your fear, you will accomplish your goal.

You may think this time in your life is challenging or your world is in disarray, but that is because it is waiting for you to shine. 

August 24, 2012

Every small step you take leads you to great strides in terms of your expansion. Many times, you take your small steps or accomplishments for granted, or they go unnoticed by you. 

When you decide to pay attention to them, acknowledge them, and own them, they build a sort of momentum that not only manifests in your life experience but also adds fuel to your own fire, so to speak.

When you are focused on those steps and accomplishments, you are not focused on that old familiar self-judgment. You will also find over time that you begin to easily break or change unwanted habits and begin to experience the life you desired.


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