Your fear is self-imposed

August 23, 2023

Your fear is self-imposed. We gave you a book in 2019 called “Overcoming Fear – a Guide to Freedom”. Every passage was meant to cause an awakening within you so you might move beyond the fear you have held of yourself in this lifetime and also to prepare you for releasing the collective fear held on your planet.

But we also gave you a message on this date in 2012 as you entered a crucial phase of your planetary ascension. We wanted you to add to that ascension by loving who you have become and focusing on what you came to bring to your world, for your gifts are within you. 

As you embrace them more, you will release your self-imposed prison, live the life you want, and help manifest the world you desire to see. The next week on your planet will be the perfect opportunity to relish who you are. 

August 23, 2012

Fear is the root of any limitation you might experience in your life. You may argue that many other reasons or factors are involved; however, when you examine those reasons and factors more closely, you will find they are also ultimately based on some form of fear.

Fear will cause you not to create something because it might not be good enough when, in fact, it could be the key to your abundance. You may not have the relationship you desire because fear has told you it is possible to lose something or experience hurt.

The key to your expansion is becoming willing to recognize your fears and then decide to move beyond them. It is indeed merely a decision. 


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