Your contribution is needed now

August 29, 2023

Your contribution is needed now. Every soul is born onto the physical plane at the right time in their evolutionary journey to develop something unique within them that would aid the evolution of all that is. 

You typically require linear time to accept what you have to offer and who you have become, but we gave you something in 2012 that will make sense today and what we would like you to absorb now. 

When you honor what is within you, that contribution will be made, and you have aided in restructuring your world.

August 29, 2012

As you move through your physical life experience in your effort to continually expand, you will encounter what might best be interpreted by you as resistance.

That resistance will take many different forms, but the goal of all of them is to, in some way, prevent you from expanding or evolving spiritually.

At times, it may be in the form of illness or dis-ease in your physical body. It may show up in the form of mental or emotional depression. It may show up as a lack of motivation. None of the forms are important, but what you do with them is important.

You would do well then to seek to notice and acknowledge the resistance itself and then decide to “do it anyway.”


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