Your best is more than enough

August 28, 2023

Your best is more than enough. Every soul is born onto the physical plane with what they need to fulfill their life mission as you each have one. It will allow you to manifest a magnificent life and contribute to your planet.

Your acceptance of what you possess becomes evident to you as you live. You exist at a dynamic time in your world because what you have will aid the ascension of all that is. 

Please do your best to absorb the message we provided in 2012, and your way will be much smoother. We have always said you will be fine, but that depends on your actions and willingness to embrace and utilize your gifts and every aspect of you. 

August 28, 2012

It is not possible for you to fail at anything you attempt to do when your intention is to do your best. Your best is always enough, and in each and every new moment of now, it is more than it was five minutes ago, last year, or years prior.

You are a continually expanding being, so your best is also expanding. Your best, as it is being used here, means the contribution you desire to make to your expansion and all others. When you are focused on your best, you know this is occurring because you feel good.


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